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Bessie Smith In COLUMBIA (1923-25)

1923年録音曲 (25)

NO.01_Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
NO.02_Down Hearted Blues
NO.03_Gulf Coast Blues
NO.04_Keeps On A Rainin All Time
NO.05_Aggravatin' Papa
NO.06_Beale Street Mama
NO.07_Baby Won't You Please Come Home
NO.08_Oh Daddy Blues
NO.09_Mama's Got The Blues
NO.10_Outside Of That
NO.11_Bleeding Hearted Blues
NO.12_Yodeling Blues
NO.13_Midnight Blues
NO.14_If You Don't, I Know Who Will
NO.15_Nobody In Town Can Bake A Jelly Roll Like My Man
NO.16_Jail House Blues
NO.17_St Louis Gal
NO.18_Sam Jones' Blues
NO.19_Graveyard Dream Blues
NO.20_Cemetery Blues
NO.21_Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time
NO.22_My Sweetie Went Away
NO.23_Any Woman's Blues
NO.24_Chicago Bound Blues
NO.25_Mistreatin' Daddy

NO.01-04, 07, 08
 Bessie Smith (v), Clarence Williams (p)
NO.05, 06
 Bessie Smith (v), Ernest Elliot (cl), Clarence Williams (p), Buddy Christian (bj)
 Bessie Smith (v), Fletcher Henderson (p)
NO.16, 18
 Bessie Smith (v), Irving Johns (p)
NO.17, 19, 20
 Bessie Smith (v), Jimmy Jones (p)
NO.21, 22
 Bessie Smith (v), George Baquet (cl), Jimmy Jones (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Fletcher Henderson (p), Coleman Hawkins (ts)
NO.24, 25
 Bessie Smith (v), Don Redman (cl), Fletcher Henderson (p)

1924年録音曲 (25)

NO.01_Frosty Mornin' Blues
NO.02_Haunted House Blues
NO.03_Eavesdropper Blues
NO.04_Easy Come Easy Go Blues
NO.05_Sorrowful Blues
NO.06_Pinchbacks, Take 'em Away
NO.07_Rocking Chair Blues
NO.08_Ticket Agent Easy Your Window Down
NO.09_Boweavil Blues
NO.10_Hateful Blues
NO.11_Frankie Blues
NO.12_Moonshine Blues
NO.13_Louisiana Low Down Blues
NO.14_Mountain Top Blues
NO.15_Work House Blues
NO.16_House Rent Blues
NO.17_Salt Water Blues
NO.18_Rainy Weather Blues
NO.19_Weeping Willow Blues
NO.20_Follow The Deal On Down
NO.21_Sinful Blues
NO.22_Woman's Trouble Blues
NO.23_Love Me Daddy Blues
NO.24_Sing Sing Prison Blues
NO.25_Dying Gambler's Blues

NO.01, 04
 Bessie Smith (v), Jimmy Jones (p), Harry Reser (g)
NO.02, 03, 13, 14
 Bessie Smith (v), Don Redman (cl), Fletcher Henderson (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Robert Robbins (vn), John Griffin (g)
NO.06, 09, 12
 Bessie Smith (v), Irving Johns (p)
NO.07, 08, 10, 11
 Bessie Smith (v), Robert Robbins (vn), Irving Johns (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Charlie Green (tb), Fletcher Henderson (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Charlie Green (tb), Fletcher Henderson (p)
NO.20, 21
 Bessie Smith (v), Fred Longshow (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Buster Bailey, Don Redman (cl), Fred Longshaw (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Charlie Green (tb), Fred Longshaw (p)

1925年録音曲 (17)

NO.01_St. Louis Blues
NO.02_Sobbin' Hearted Blues
NO.03_Cold In Hand Blues
NO.04_Cake Walkin' Babies
NO.05_Dixie Flyer Blues
NO.06_Nashville Women's Blues
NO.07_Careless Love
NO.08_J.C. Holmes Blues
NO.09_He's Gone Blues
NO.10_Nobody's Blues But Mine
NO.11_I Ain't Got Nobody
NO.12_My Man Blues
NO.13_New Gulf Coast Blues
NO.14_Florida Bound Blues
NO.15_At The Christmas Ball
NO.16_Red Mountain Blues
NO.17_Lonesome Desert Blues

 Bessie Smith (v), Louis Armstrong (c), Fred Longshaw (harmonium, p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Fletcher Henderson's Hot Six)
 Bessie Smith (v), Buster Bailey (cl), Charlie Green (tb), Fred Longshaw (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Louis Armstrong (c), Charlie Green (tb), Fred Lonshaw (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Fred Longshaw (p)
NO.10, 11
 Bessie Smith (v), Bob Fuller (cl), Isadore Myers (p), Elmer Snowden (bj)
 Bessie Smith (v), Clara Smith (v), Stanley Miller (p)
NO.13, 14
 Bessie Smith (v), Clarence Williams (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Charlie Green (tb), Fletcher Henderson (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Don Redman (cl), Fletcher Henderson (p)
 Bessie Smith (v), Shelton Hemphill (c), Fred Longshaw (p)