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Bessie Smith In COLUMBIA (1926-33)

1926年録音曲 (7)

NO.01_I Want Every Bit Of It
NO.02_Jazzbo Brown From Memphis Town
NO.03_Baby Doll
NO.04_Lost Your Head Blues
NO.05_Honey Man Blues
NO.06_One And Two Blues
NO.07_Young Woman's Blues

1927年録音曲 (17)

NO.01_Preachin' The Blues
NO.02_Back Water Blues
NO.03_After You've Gone
NO.04_Alexander's Ragtime Band
NO.05_There'll Be A Hot Time In Old Town Tonight
NO.06_Trombone Cholly
NO.07_Send Me To The 'lectric Chair
NO.08_Them's Graveyard Words
NO.09_Hot Springs Blues
NO.10_Sweet Mistreater
NO.11_Lock And Key Blues
NO.12_Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
NO.13_A Good Man Is Hard To Find
NO.14_Homeless Blues
NO.15_Lookin' For My Man Blues
NO.16_Dyin' By The Hour
NO.17_Foolish Man Blues

1928年録音曲 (15)

NO.01_Thinking Blues
NO.02_Pickpocket Blues
NO.03_I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama
NO.04_I'd Rather Be Dead And Buried In My Grave
NO.05_Standin' In The Rain Blues
NO.06_It Won't Be You
NO.07_Spider Man Blues
NO.08_Empty Bed Blues
NO.09_Put It Right Here
NO.10_Yes Indeed He Do
NO.11_Devil's Gonna Git You
NO.12_You Ought To Be Ashamed
NO.13_Slow And Easy Man
NO.14_Poor Man's Blues
NO.15_Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind

1929-33年録音曲 (10)

NO.01_I'm Wild About That Thing
NO.02_You've Got To Give Me Some
NO.03_I've Got What It Takes
NO.04_Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
NO.05_It Makes My Love Come Down
NO.06_On Revival Day
NO.07_Hustlin' Dan
NO.08_Do Your Duty
NO.09_Gimme A Pigfoot
NO.10_Take Me For A Buggy Ride

1926年録音7曲 (Performer)
141770-2:Bessie Smith (v), Clarence Williams (p)
141819-2:Bessie Smith (v), Buster Bailey (cl), Fletcher Henderson (p)
142147-2:Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Fletcher Henderson (p)
142149-4:SAME Member
142875-3:Bessie Smith (v), Fletcher Henderson (p)
142876-2:Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Buster Bailey (cl), Fletcher Henderson (p)
142878-3:SAME Member

1927年録音17曲 (Performer)
143490-2:Bessie Smith (v), James P. Johnson (p)
143491-1:SAME Member
143567-2:Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Jimmy Harrison (tb), Buster Bailey (cl), Charlie Dixon (bj), Fletcher Henderson (p)
143568-1:Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Jimmy Harrison (tb), Coleman Hawkins (cl), Charlie Dixon (bj), Fletcher Henderson (p)
143570-2:Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Jimmy Harrison (tb), Buster Bailey (cl), Charlie Dixon (bj), Fletcher Henderson (p)
143575-3:Bessie Smith (v), Joe Smith (c), Charlie Green (tb), Fletcher Henderson (p)
143576-2:SAME Member
143583-2:SAME Member
143584-2:SAME Member
143735-3:Bessie Smith (v), James P. Johnson (p)
143736-3:SAME Member
144796-3:Bessie Smith (v), Porter Granger (p), Lincoln M. Conaway (g)
144797-3:SAME Member
144800-3:Bessie Smith (v), Ernest Elliott (as), Porter Grainger (p)
144801-3:SAME Member
144918-1:Bessie Smith (v), Tommy Ladnier (c), Fletcher Henderson (p), June Cole (bb)
144919-3:SAME Member

1928年録音15曲 (Performer)
145626-2:Bessie Smith (v), Demas Dean (c), Charlie Green (tb), Fred Longshaw (p)
145627-2:SAME Member
145628-1:SAME Member
145650-2:Bessie Smith (v), Ernest Ellott (cl), Bob Fuller (cl), Porter Grainger (p)
145670-1:Bessie Smith (v), Demas Dean (c), Charlie Green (tb), Fred Longshaw (p)
145671-1:SAME Member
145783-2:Bessie Smith (v), Abraham Wheat (cl,ss), Bob Fuller (cl), Porter Grainger (p)
145785-3:Bessie Smith (v), Charlie Green (tb), Porter Grainger (p)
145787-3:SAME Member
146887-2:Bessie Smith (v), Porter Grainger (p), Bob Fuller (cl), Ernest Elliott (cl)
146888-2:SAME Member
146889-3:Bessie Smith (v), Porter Grainger (p), Bob Fuller (as), Ernest Elliott (ts)
146894-2:SAME Member
146895-1:SAME Member
146896-2:Bessie Smith (v), Joe Williams (tb), Porter Grainger (p)

1929-33年録音10曲 (Performer)
148485-3:Bessie Smith (v), Clarence Williams (p), Eddie Lang (g)
148486-2:SAME Member
148533-2:Bessie Smith (v), Ed Allen (c), Garvin Bushell (as), Greely Walton (ts), Clarence Williams (p), Cyrus St. Clair (bb)
148534-3:SAME Member
148904-1:Bessie Smith (v), James P. Johnson (p)
150574-4:SAME Member
150657-1:Bessie Smith (v), Ed Allen (c), Steve Stevens (p)
152577-2:Bessie Smith (v), Chu Berry (ts), Bobby Johnson (g), Frank Newton (c), Billy Taylor (sb), Jack Teagarden (tb), Buck Washington (p)
152578-2:SAME Member add Benny Goodman (cl)
152579-2:SAME Member