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Dave Brubeck Quartet Collection
デイヴ・ブルーベックの代表曲 ''Take Five'' が収録された名盤「Time Out」やヨーロッパ~アジア・ツアーで訪れた様々な土地の印象をジャズ化した58年の異色作「Jazz Impressions Of Eurasia」、ポール・デスモンドとの共演音源の中でも評価の高いオバーリン大学におけるライヴ録音盤など4アルバム

★ Dave Brubeck Quartet ''Time Out''

June 25, (B1 - B3), July 1, (A2, A3), August 18, (A1, B4), 1959
Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York
Paul Desmond (as), Dave Brubeck (p), Gene Wright (sb), Joe Morello (dm).

■ A1_Blue Rondo a la Turk
■ A2_Strange Meadow Lark
■ A3_Take Five
■ B1_Three to Get Ready
■ B2_Kathy's Waltz
■ B3_Everybody's Jumpin'
■ B4_Pick Up Sticks

★ Dave Brubeck Quartet ''Jazz Impressions Of Eurasia''
NYC, July 25, 1958, (A1,B2)
Warsaw, Poland, August 23, 1958, (A2, A3, B1, B3)
Paul Desmond (as), Dave Brubeck (p), Joe Benjamin (sb), Joe Morello (dm).

■ C1_Nomad
■ C2_Brandenburg Gate
■ C3_The Golden Horn
■ D1_Thank You
■ D2_Marble Arch
■ D3_Calcutta Blues (Oriental Rag)

★ Dave Brubeck Quartet ''Jazz at Oberlin''
Oberlin College in Ohio, March 2, 1953
Paul Desmond (as), Dave Brubeck (p), Ron Crotty (sb), Lloyd Davis (dm).

■ E1_The Way You Look Tonight
■ E2_How High the Moon
■ F1_These Foolish Things
■ F2_Perdido
■ F3_Stardust

★ Dave Brubeck Quartet ''Jazz at the College of the Pacific''
College of the Pacific, Stockton, December 14, 1953
Paul Desmond (as), Dave Brubeck (p), Wyatt Ruther (sb), Joe Dodge (dm).

■ G1_I'll Never Smile Again
■ G2_Laura
■ G3_Lullaby in Rhythm
■ H1_For All We Know
■ H2_All the Things You Are
■ H3_I Remember You