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Glenn Miller & His Orchestra 78 RPM RECORDS 1939 / BLUEBIRD

【グレン・ミラー楽団 78 RPM RECORDS】(ブルーバード盤)の1939年録音アルバム!
1939年 78 RPM RECORDS

Leigh Knowles, Clyde Hurley, and Others (tp), Glenn Miller, Paul Tanner, Al Mastren (tb), Hal McIntyre, Wilbur Schwartz (cl, as), Tex Benneke, Al Klink (ts), Gabriel Gelinas (as, bar), J.C. McGregor, Chummy McGregor (p), Arthur Ens, Dick Fisher (g), Rowland Bundock (sb), Maurice Purtill (dm)

NO.01_Gotta Get Some Shut Eye
NO.02_Cuckoo In The Clock (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.03_And The Angels Sing (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.04_The Chestnut Tree (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.05_Moonlight Serenade
NO.06_Sunrise Serenade
NO.07_Three Little Fishies
NO.08_Wishing Will Make It So
NO.09_My Last Goodbye (V=Tex Benneke)
NO.10_The Lady's In Love With You (V=Tex Benneke)
NO.11_But It Didn't Mean A Thing
NO.12_Runnin' Wild
NO.13_Stairway To The Stars (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.14_To You (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.15_Little Brown Jug
NO.17_Blue Evening (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.18_The Lamp Is Low (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.19_Back To Back (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.20_I'm Sorry For Myself (V=Marion Hutton, Tex Benneke)
NO.21_Cinderella (Stay In My Arms) (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.22_Moon Love (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.23_Rendezvous Time In Paree (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.24_We Can Live On Love (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.25_Guess I'll Go Back Home
NO.26_Ain'tcha Comin' Out Tonight? (V=Marion Hutton, Tex Benneke)
NO.27_Oh! You Crazy Moon (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.28_I Wanna Hat With Cherries (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.29_The Day We Meet Againhe Day We Meet Again (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.30_Pagan Love Song

NO.31_The Little Man Who Wasn't There (V=Tex Benneke)
NO.32_The Man With The Mandolin (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.33_Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.34_Over The Rainbow
NO.35_Baby Me (V=Kay Starr)
NO.36_Blue Orchids (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.37_An Angel In A Furnished Room (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.38_Love With A Capital U (V=Kay Starr)
NO.39_Glen Island Special
NO.40_Twilight Interlude (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.41_My Isle Of Golden Dreams
NO.42_Blue Moonlight
NO.43_My Prayer (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.44_I Want To Be Happy
NO.45_In The Mood
NO.46_Last Night (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.47_Melancholy Lullaby (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.48_Out Of Space (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.49_So Many Times (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.50_Can I Help It? (V=Ray Eberle)

NO.51_I Just Got A Letter (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.52_Bless You (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.53_Speaking Of Heaven (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.54_Bluebirds In The Moonlight (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.55_Faithful Forever (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.56_Blue Rain (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.57_Who's Sorry Now (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.58_Farewell Blues
NO.59_Indian Summer (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.60_It Was Written In The Stars (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.61_Johnson Rag
NO.62_Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh (V=Marion Hutton)
NO.63_Careless (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.64_Vagabond Dreams (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.65_On A Little Street In Singapore (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.66_This Changing World (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.67_It's A Blue World (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.68_In An Old Dutch Garden (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.69_Starlit Hour (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.70_I Beg Your Pardon
NO.71_Ooh! What You Said