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Glenn Miller & His Orchestra 78 RPM RECORDS 1941 / BLUEBIRD

【グレン・ミラー楽団 78 RPM RECORDS】(ブルーバード盤)の1941年録音アルバム!
1941年 78 RPM RECORDS

Leigh Knowles, Clyde Hurley, R.D. McMickle, John Best, and Others (tp), Glenn Miller, Paul Tanner, Jimmy Priddy, Frank D'Annolfo (tb), Hal McIntyre, Wilbur Schwartz (cl, as), Jimmy Abato, Ernie Caceres (as, bar), Tex Benneke, Al Klink (ts), J.C. McGregor (p), Dick or Richard Fisher, Jack Lathrop (g), Rowland Bundock (sb), Maurice Purtill (dm)

NO.01_Ring Telephone, Ring
NO.02_A Stone's Throw From Heaven (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.03_Ida (sweet As Apple Cider) (V=Tex Benneke)
NO.04_Song Of The Volga Boatmen
NO.05_The One I Love
NO.06_You Stepped Out Of A Dream
NO.07_I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem
NO.08_Sun Valley Jump
NO.09_When That Man Is Dead And Gone (V=Tex Benneke, Paula Kelly)
NO.10_The Spirit Is Willing
NO.12_It's Always You
NO.13_Spring Will Be So Sad
NO.14_Boulder Buff
NO.15_Booglie Wooglie Piggy (V=Tex Benneke, Paula Kelly, Modernaires)
NO.16_Chattanooga Choo Choo (V=Tex Benneke)
NO.17_I Know Why And So Do You (V=Paula Kelly, Modernaires)
NO.18_Don't Cry Cherie
NO.19_Cradle Song (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.20_Sweeter Than The Sweetest (V=Paula Kelly)
NO.21_I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest (V=Ray Eberle, Modernaires)
NO.22_Take The A Train
NO.23_The Angels Came Thru (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.24_Under Blue Canadian Skies
NO.25_The Cowboy Serenade (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.26_You And I
NO.28_It Happened In Sun Valley (V=R.Eberle, T.Benneke, P.Kelly, Modernaires)
NO.29_I'm Thrilled (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.30_The Kiss Polka

NO.01_Delilah (V=Tex Benneke, Paula Kelly, Modernaires)
NO.02_From One Love To Another (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.03_Elmer's Tune (V=Ray Eberle, Modernaires)
NO.04_Says Who? Says You, Says I
NO.05_Orange Blossom Lane (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.06_Dear Arabella
NO.07_The Man In The Moon (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.08_This Time The Dream's On Me (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.09_Humpty Dumpty Heart
NO.10_Everything I Love
NO.11_String Of Pearls
NO.12_Baby Mine
NO.13_Long Tall Mama
NO.14_Day Dreaming
NO.15_The White Cliffs Of Dover
NO.16_We're The Couple In The Castle (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.17_Moonlight Sonata
NO.18_Slumber Song (V=R.Eberle, T.Benneke, P.Kelly, Modernaires)
NO.19_Moonlight Cocktail (V=Ray Eberle, Modernaires)
NO.20_Happy In Love
NO.22_Chip Off The Old Block
NO.23_Story Of A Starry Night (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.24_It Happened In Hawaii (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.25_Dreamsville, Ohio (V=Ray Eberle)
NO.26_Papa Nicolini
NO.27_Jingle Bells (V=The Modernaires, Tex Benneke, Ernie Caceres)
NO.28_This Is No Laughing Matter (V=Ray Eberle)