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Lionel Hampton / Label: DECCA:ライオネル・ハンプトン

Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra
DECCA: 1941 - 1949

NO.01_Just For You
NO.02_Southern Echoes
NO.03_My Wish
NO.05_Flying Home
NO.06_In The Bag
NO.07_Loose Wig
NO.08_Chop, Chop
NO.09_Flying Home NO.2
NO.10_Hamp's Boogie Woogie
NO.11_Million Dollar Smile
NO.12_The Lamplighter
NO.15_Beulah's Boogie
NO.16_Punch And Judy
NO.17_Slide, Hamp, Slide
NO.18_Hey, Ba-ba-re-bop
NO.19_Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (Bing Crosby)
NO.20_On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Bing Crosby)
NO.21_Rockin' In Rhythm Part 1
NO.22_Rockin' In Rhythm Part 2
NO.23_Gay Notes
NO.24_Air Mail Special Part 1
NO.26_Cobb's Idea
NO.27_Tempo's Birthday
NO.28_Adam Blew His Hat
NO.29_The Pencil Broke
NO.30_Empty Glass

NO.31_Hamp's Walkin' Boogie
NO.32_Don't Let The Landlord Gyp You
NO.33_I'm Mindin' My Business
NO.34_Dig Those Vibes
NO.35_Reminiscing Mood
NO.36_Robbins In Your Hair
NO.37_Double Talk
NO.39_Jack The Fox Boogie
NO.40_Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (Bing Crosby)
NO.41_Hamp's Got A Duke
NO.42_Gone Again
NO.43_Three Minutes On 52nd Street
NO.44_Goldwyn Stomp
NO.45_Red Top
NO.46_Giddy Up
NO.47_Hawk's Nest
NO.48_Mingus Fingers
NO.49_Muchacho Azul
NO.50_Midnight Sun
NO.51_Hamp's Boogie Number 2
NO.52_Beulah's Sister's Boogie
NO.53_Wee Albert
NO.54_What's Happening Baby
NO.55_Drinking Wine Spo-dee-o-dee
NO.56_Moonglow (Coral, 622421)
NO.57_The Hucklebuck
NO.58_Baby, You're Great (Brunswick, 82619)
NO.59_Lavender Coffin
NO.60_Rag Mop
NO.61_For You My Love
NO.62_Sky Blue (Coral, 622421)

Lionel Hampton Septet
DECCA, Brunswick: 1943 - 1949

NO.01_Royal Family
NO.02_I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
NO.03_Salty Papa Blues (Dinah Washington (vo) / KEYNOTE)
NO.04_Doublin' With Dublin
NO.05_Ribs And Hot Sauce
NO.06_Blow Top Blues
NO.07_Two Finger Boogie
NO.08_One Little Tear Is Like An Ocean
NO.09_I Miss You So
NO.11_No.2 Re Bop And Re Bop
NO.12_Zoo Baba Da-oo-ee
NO.13_Chicken Shack Boogie
NO.14_New Central Avenue
NO.15_Benson Boogie

Lionel Hampton Quintet (Quartet)
DECCA: 1946

NO.01_Tempo's Birthday
NO.02_Hamp's Salty Blues
NO.03_Ridin' On The L And N
NO.05_Limehouse Blues
NO.06_I Want To Be Loved
NO.07_How High The Moon


Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra
【1941-42】Karl George, Ernest Royal, Joe Newman (tp), Fred Beckett, Sonny Craven, Harry Sloan (tb), Marshall Royal (cl, as), Ray Perry (as, vn), Dexter Gordon, Illinois Jacquet (ts), Jack McVea (bar), Milton Buckner (p), Irving Ashby (g), Wendell Marshall (sb), George Jenkins (dm), Lionel Hampton (vib)

【1944】Lionel Hampton (p), Cat Anderson, Lamar Wright, Roy McCoy, Joe Morris (tp), Al Hayes, Michael "Booty" Wood, Fred Beckett (tb), Earl Bostic, Gus Evans (as), Al Sears, Arnett Cobb (ts), Charles Fowlkes (bar), Milt Buckner (p), Eric Miller (g), Vernon King (sb), Fred Radcliffe (dm)

【1945】Joe Morris, Wendell Culley, Dave Page, Jimmy Nottingham, Lammar Wright, Jr. (tp), Jimmy Wormick, Mitchell "Bootie" Wood, Andrew Penn, Al Hayse (tb), Bobby Plater, Ben Kynard (as), Arnett Cobb, Johnny Griffin (ts), Charlie Fowlkes (bar), Milt Buckner (p), Billy Mackel (g), Charlie Harris, Ted Sinclair (sb), George Jenkins (dm)

【1946-47】Lionel Hampton (vib dir), Joe Wilder, Richard ''Duke'' Garrette, Leo Sheppard, Joe Morris, Wendell Culley, Jimmy Nottingham (tp), Jimmy Wormick, Booty Wood, Andrew Penn, Al Hayse (tb), Bobby Plater, Ben Kynard (as), Arnett Cobb, Johnny Griffin (ts), Charlie fowlkes (bar)

【1949】Benny Bailey, Duke Garrette, Wendell Culley, Leo Shepherd, Walter Wiliams (tp), Lester Bass, Al Grey, Benny Powell, Jimmy Wormick(tb), Johnny Board, Bobby Plater (as), Gene Morris, Johnny Sparrow, Billy Williams (ts), Ben Kynard (bar), Albert Ammons (p), Lionel Hampton (vib)

Lionel Hampton Septet
Wendell Culley (tp), Herbie Fields (cl, as), Arnett Cobb (ts), Lionel Hampton (vib, p), John Mehegan (p), Billy Mackel (g), Charleie Harris (sb), George Jones (dm)

Lionel Hampton Quintet (Quartet)
Lionel Hampton (vib), Milt Buckner Dan Burley (p), Billy Mackel (g), Charles Harris (b), George Jenkins (dm)