BestWeb-Link ルイ・アームストロング・アンド・ヒズ・オーケストラ 1932-36


''Satchmo Swinging Thirties Ⅰ''

Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra 1932-36
ルイ・アームストロング & ヒズ・オーケストラの1932-36年演奏曲集!

NO.01_1932-12-08_Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train
NO.02_1932-12-08_I Hate To Leave You Now
NO.03_1932-12-08_That's My Home
NO.04_1932-12-08_You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born
NO.05_1933-01-26_I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
NO.06_1933-01-26_I've Got The World On A String
NO.07_1933-01-27_Basin Street Blues
NO.08_1933-01-28_Mahogany Hall Stomp
NO.09_1934-10-07_On The Sunny Side Of The Street
NO.10_1934-10-07_Song Of The Vipers
NO.11_1934-10-07_St. Louis Blues
NO.12_1934-10-07_Tiger Rag
NO.13_1934-10-07_Will You, Won't You Be My Baby
NO.14_1935-10-03_Got A Bran' New Suit
NO.15_1935-10-03_I'm In The Mood For Love
NO.16_1935-10-03_La Cucaracha
NO.17_1935-10-03_You Are My Lucky Star
NO.18_1935-11-22_Falling In Love With You
NO.19_1935-11-22_I'm Shooting High
NO.20_1935-11-22_I've Got My Fingers Crossed
NO.21_1935-11-22_Old Man Moze

NO.01_1935-12-13_Red Sails In The Sunset
NO.02_1935-12-19_I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
NO.03_1935-12-19_Shoeshine Boy
NO.05_1935-12-19_Thanks A Million
NO.06_1936-01-18_Rhythm Saved The World
NO.07_1936-01-18_The Music Goes Round And Round
NO.08_1936-02-04_I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
NO.09_1936-03-18_Lyin' To Myself
NO.10_1936-03-18_Mahogany Hall Stomp
NO.11_1936-03-18_Red Nose
NO.13_1936-04-28_Somebody Stole My Break
NO.14_1936-04-29_If We Never Meet Again
NO.15_1936-08-07_Dipper Mouth Blues (With Jimmy Dorsey Orch)
NO.16_1936-08-07_Hurdy Gurdy Man (With Jimmy Dorsey Orch)
NO.17_1936-08-07_Skeleton In The Closet (With Jimmy Dorsey Orch)
NO.18_1936-08-07_Swing That Music (With Jimmy Dorsey Orch)
NO.19_1936-08-07_When Ruben Swings The Cuban (With Jimmy Dorsey Orch)
NO.20_1936-08-17_Pennies From Heaven Medley (Frances Langford, Bing Crosby)
NO.21_1936-08-18_On A Cocoanut Island (With The Polynesians)
NO.22_1936-08-18_To You, Sweetheart, Aloha (With The Polynesians)