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''Satchmo Dixieland Revival''

Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra 1940-47
ルイ・アームストロング & ヒズ・オーケストラの1940-47年演奏曲集!

NO.01_1940-03-14_Harlem Stomp
NO.02_1940-03-14_Hep Cats' Ball
NO.03_1940-03-14_Wolverine Blues
NO.04_1940-03-14_You've Got Me Voodoo'd
NO.05_1940-04-10_Boog-It (And The Mills Brothers)
NO.06_1940-04-10_W.P.A. (And The Mills Brothers)
NO.07_1940-04-11_Cherry (And The Mills Brothers)
NO.08_1940-04-11_Marie (And The Mills Brothers)
NO.09_1940-05-01_Cain And Abel
NO.10_1940-05-01_Cut Off My Legs And Call Me Shorty
NO.11_1940-05-01_You Run Your Mouth, I'll Run My Business
NO.12_1940-05-27_2;19 Blues
NO.13_1940-05-27_Coal Cart Blues
NO.14_1940-05-27_Perdido Street Blues
NO.15_1941-03-10_Ev'rything's Been Done Before
NO.16_1941-03-10_I Cover The Waterfront
NO.17_1941-03-10_In The Gloaming
NO.18_1941-03-10_Long, Long Ago
NO.19_1941-04-11_Hey Lawdy Mama
NO.20_1941-04-11_I'll Get Mine Bye And Bye
NO.21_1941-04-11_Now Do You Call That A Buddy
NO.22_1941-04-11_Yes Suh
NO.23_1941-11-16_I Used To Love You
NO.24_1941-11-16_Leap Frog
NO.25_1941-11-16_When It's Sleepy Time Down South
NO.26_1941-11-16_You Rascal, You

NO.01_1942-04-17_Among My Souvenirs
NO.03_1944-12-07_Confessin' That I Love You (The V-Disc All-Stars)
NO.04_1945-01-14_I Wonder
NO.05_1945-01-14_Jodie Man
NO.06_1946-01-10_Long, Long Journey (Esquire All-American 1946 Award Winners)
NO.07_1946-01-10_Snafu (Esquire All-American 1946 Award Winners)
NO.08_1946-10-17_Where The Blues Were Born In New Orleans (Dixieland Seven)
NO.09_1947-06-10_Fifty-Fifty Blues (The All Stars)
NO.10_1947-11-30_Body and Soul (The All Stars)
NO.11_1947-11-30_Boff Boff (The All Stars)
NO.12_1947-11-30_How High the Moon (The All Stars)
NO.13_1947-11-30_I Cried for You (The All Stars, Velma Middleton)
NO.14_1947-11-30_Lover (The All Stars)
NO.15_1947-11-30_Muskrat Ramble (The All Stars)
NO.16_1947-11-30_On the Sunny Side of the Street (The All Stars)
NO.17_1947-11-30_Royal Garden Blues (The All Stars)
NO.18_1947-11-30_Since I Fell for You (The All Stars, Velma Middleton)
NO.19_1947-11-30_Stars Fell on Alabama (The All Stars)
NO.20_1947-11-30_Steak Face (The All Stars)
NO.21_1947-11-30_Tea for Two (The All Stars)
NO.22_1947-11-30_That's My Desire (The All Stars, Velma Middleton)

''ルイ・アームストロング タウン・ホール・コンサート 1947''は、別途下記にて公開しています。
Town Hall Concert 1947