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初期の大ヒット曲、''Tiger Rag (1931)'' や ''Dinah (1932)'' から ''Paper Doll (1942)'' ''I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (1949)'' ''Lazy River (1952)'' など各年代の代表曲102曲

★ Mills Brothers Hit Songs 1931 - 1933

No.001-1931_Tiger Rag
No.002-1931_Nobody's Sweetheart
No.003-1931_Gems From George White's Scandals (with Bing Crosby & Boswell Sisters)
No.004-1932_Dinah (with Bing Crosby)
No.005-1932_Can't We Talk It Over? (with Bing Crosby)
No.006-1932_You Rascal, You
No.007-1932_Baby Won't You Please Come Home
No.008-1932_I Heard
No.009-1932_Good-bye, Blues
No.010-1932_Rockin' Chair
No.011-1932_Shine (with Bing Crosby)
No.012-1932_Chinatown, My Chinatown
No.013-1932_St. Louis Blues
No.014-1932_Sweet Sue
No.015-1932_Bugle Call Rag
No.016-1932_It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
No.017-1932_Loveless love
No.018-1932_Dirt Dishin' Daisy
No.019-1932_Git Along
No.020-1932_Diga Diga Doo (with Duke Ellington Orchestra)
No.021-1932_Coney Island Washboard
No.022-1933_Fiddlin' Joe
No.023-1933_Smoke Rings

★ Mills Brothers Hit Songs 1934 - 1936

No.024-1934_Sweet Georgia Brown
No.025-1934_Old Fashioned Love
No.026-1934_Miss Otis Regrets
No.027-1934_Sweeter Than Sugar
No.028-1934_Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider
No.029-1934_My Gal Sal
No.030-1934_Limehouse Blues
No.031-1934_There Goes My Headache
No.032-1934_I've Found a New Baby
No.033-1934_Swing It, Sister
No.034-1934_Money In My Pockets
No.035-1934_Sleepy Head
No.038-1935_Sweet Lucy Brown
No.039-1935_Don't Be Afraid To Tell Your Mother
No.040-1935_Since We Fell Out Of Love
No.041-1935_Moanin' For You
No.042-1935_What's The Reason
No.043-1936_Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (with Louis Armstrong)
No.044-1936_Darling Nelly Gray (with Louis Armstrong)
No.045-1936_Rhythm Saved The World
No.046-1936_Shoe Shine Boy
No.047-1936_Long About Midnight

★ Mills Brothers Hit Songs 1937 - 1945

No.048-1937_Dedicated To You (with Ella Fitzgerald)
No.049-1937_Big Boy Blue (with Ella Fitzgerald)
No.050-1937_Swing For Sale
No.051-1937_The Love Bug Will Bite You
No.052-1937_Rockin' Chair Swing
No.053-1937_In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree (with Louis Armstrong)
No.054-1937_The Old Folks At Home (with Louis Armstrong)
No.055-1938_Flat Foot Floogee (with Louis Armstrong)
No.057-1938_Funiculi, Funicula
No.058-1938_Asleep In The Deep
No.059-1938_Side Kick Joe
No.060-1938_Julius Caesar
No.061-1938_Sixty Seconds Got Together
No.062-1938_Just A Kid Named Joe
No.063-1938_The Yam
No.064-1938_The Lambeth Walk
No.065-1939_Sweet Adeline
No.066-1939_You Tell Me Your Dreams, I'll Tell You Mine
No.067-1939_Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
No.068-1940_Moonlight Bay
No.069-1940_W.P.A. (with Louis Armstrong)
No.070-1942_Paper Doll
No.071-1942_I'll Be Around
No.072-1944_You Always Hurt the One You Love
No.073-1944_Till Then
No.074-1945_I Wish
No.075-1945_Put Another Chair At the Table

★ Mills Brothers Hit Songs 1946 - 1956

No.076-1946_Don't Be a Baby, Baby
No.077-1946_I Don't Know Enough About You
No.078-1946_There's No One But You
No.079-1946_I Guess I'll Get the Papers and Go Home
No.080-1947_Across the Alley From the Alamo
No.081-1947_When You Were Sweet Sixteen
No.083-1948_Is It True What They Say About Dixie (with Al Jolson)
No.084-1949_I Love You So Much It Hurts
No.085-1949_I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
No.086-1949_Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)
No.087-1950_Daddy's Little Girl
No.088-1950_Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)
No.089-1951_A Carnival In Venice (with Sy Oliver Orchestra)
No.090-1952_Be My Life's Companion
No.091-1952_The Glow-Worm (with Hal Mcintyre Orchestra)
No.092-1952_Lazy River
No.093-1953_Twice as Much
No.094-1953_Pretty Butterfly
No.095-1953_Who Put the Devil In Evelyn's Eyes
No.096-1954_The Jones Boy (with Sy Oliver Orchestra)
No.097-1954_She Was Five and He Was Ten (with Sy Oliver Orchestra)
No.098-1954_You Didn't Want Me When You Had Me (with Sy Oliver Orchestra)
No.099-1954_How Blue? (with Sy Oliver Orchestra)
No.100-1955_Suddenly There's a Valley
No.101-1956_All the Way 'Round the World
No.102-1956_Standing On the Corner