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ムード音楽 Ⅲ パーシー・フェイス楽団

Percy Faith And His Orchestra / パーシー・フェイス楽団

NO.01_I Cross My Fingers (V=Russ Emery) 1950
NO.02_All My Love 1950
NO.03_Christmas In Killarney (V=Shillelagh Singers) 1950
NO.04_Too young (V=Toni Arden)1951
NO.05_Mixed Emotions (V=Rosemary Clooney) 1951
NO.06_On Top Of Old Smoky (V=Burl Ives) 1951
NO.07_Deep Purple (V=Sarah Vaughan) 1951
NO.08_I Want To Be Near You 1951
NO.09_When The Saints Go Marching In 1951
NO.10_Half As Much (V=Rosemary Clooney) 1952
NO.11_Tenderly (V=Rosemary Clooney) 1952
NO.12_Be Anything (V=Champ Butler) 1952
NO.13_I'm Yours (V=Toni Arden) 1952
NO.14_Kiss Of Fire (V=Toni Arden) 1952
NO.15_Blues In The Night (V=Rosemary Clooney) 1952
NO.16_When I Fall In Love (V=Doris Day) 1952
NO.17_Delicado 1952
NO.18_The Song from "Moulin Rouge"
NO.19_Who Kissed Me Last Night? (V=Rosemary Clooney) 1953
NO.20_If I Had A Penny (V=Rosemary Clooney) 1953

NO.01_Swedish Rhapsody 1953
NO.02_A Lover's Quarrel (V=Sarah Vaughan) 1953
NO.03_Return To Paradise 1953
NO.04_Many Times 1953
NO.05_Until Yesterday (V=Tony Bennett) 1953
NO.06_The Bandit 1954
NO.07_Baubles, Bangles And Beads (from ''kismet'') 1954
NO.08_And This Is My Beloved (from ''kismet'') 1954
NO.09_Stranger In Paradise (V=Tony Bennett) 1954
NO.10_Please Driver (V=Tony Bennett) 1954
NO.11_I Won't Cry Anymore (V=Tony Bennett) 1954
NO.12_Because Of You (V=Tony Bennett) 1954
NO.13_Take Me Back Again (V=Tony Bennett) 1954
NO.14_Dream, Dream, Dream 1954
NO.15_Not As A Stranger (V=Tony Bennett) 1954
NO.16_White christmas (V=Rosemary Clooney) 1954
NO.17_Funny Thing (V=Tony Bennett) 1954
NO.18_We All Need Love 1956
NO.19_Valley Valparaiso 1956
NO.20_With A Little Bit Of Luck 1956
NO.21_La Golondrina 1957