BestWeb-Link ポール・ホワイトマン楽団 78 RPM RECORDS 1928-30


Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra 78 RPM RECORDS 1928-30 / Columbia
ポール・ホワイトマン楽団 78 RPM RECORDS (コロンビア盤)の1928-30年録音アルバム

Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra

NO.02_Get Out And Get Under The Moon (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.04_I'm On The Crest Of A Wave
NO.05_Because My Baby Don't Mean "maybe" Now!
NO.06_Out-o'-town Gal
NO.07_Let's Do It - Let's Fall In Love
NO.08_Makin' Whoopee!
NO.09_Chinese Lullaby
NO.10_Lover, Come Back To Me
NO.11_Blue Hawaii
NO.13_I'm In Seventh Heaven
NO.14_When My Dreams Come True
NO.15_China Boy
NO.16_Your Mother And Mine
NO.17_At Twilight
NO.18_Waiting At The End Of The Road (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.19_When You're Counting The Stars Alone (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.20_Love Me (V=Bing Crosby)

NO.01_Gay Love (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.02_Nobody's Sweetheart (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.03_Great Day (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.04_Without A Song (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.05_I'm A Dreamer - Aren't We All? (V=Bing Crosby, Chorus Al Rinker, Jack Fulton And Boyc)
NO.06_If I Had A Talking Picture Of You (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.07_Should I
NO.08_A Bundle Of Old Love Letters (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.09_After You've Gone (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.10_Happy Feet (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.11_It Happened In Monterey
NO.12_Song Of The Dawn (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.13_Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.14_A Bench In The Park (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.15_I Like To Do Things To You (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.16_You Brought A New Kind Of Love (V=Bing Crosby)
NO.17_Sittin' On A Rainbow
NO.18_Old New England Moon
NO.19_New Tiger Rag
NO.20_Body And Soul
NO.21_Choo - Choo
NO.22_Moonlight And Roses Medley (chorus=Al Rinker, Jack Fulton, Bing Crosby)
NO.23_Southern Medley (V=Bing Crosby)