BestWeb-Link ポール・ホワイトマン楽団 78 RPM RECORDS 1931-36


Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra 78 RPM RECORDS 1931-36 / VICTOR
ポール・ホワイトマン楽団 78 RPM RECORDS (ビクター盤)の1931-36年録音アルバム

Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra

NO.01_A Faded Summer Love
NO.02_When It's Sleepy Time Down South (V=Mildred Bailey)
NO.03_Can't You See (V=Mildred Bailey)
NO.04_Cuban Love Song
NO.05_By The Sycamore Tree
NO.06_All Of Me (V=Mildred Bailey)
NO.07_The Voice In The Old Village Choir
NO.08_We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye
NO.09_Three On A Match
NO.10_I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans (V=Ramona Davies)
NO.11_Let's Put Out The Lights (V=Ramona Davies)
NO.12_I'll Follow You (V=Ramona Davies)
NO.13_How Deep Is The Ocean (V=Jack Fulton)
NO.14_Willow Weep For Me (V=Irene Taylor)
NO.15_Rise N Shine
NO.16_Eadie Was A Lady (V=Ramona Davies)
NO.17_You're An Old Smoothie (V=Ramona Davies)
NO.18_Farewell To Arms (V=Jack Fulton)
NO.19_What Have We Got To Lose
NO.21_Raisin The Rent
NO.22_My Moonlight Madonna (V=Jack Fulton)
NO.23_Are You Making Any Money (V=Ramona Davies)
NO.24_You Excite Me
NO.25_Come Up And See Me Sometime
NO.26_It's Only A Paper Moon (V=Peggy Healy)
NO.27_Sittin' On A Backyard Fence (V=Rhythm Boys)
NO.28_Ah The Moon Is Here
NO.29_Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More
NO.30_Let's Begin (V=Ramona Davies)

NO.01_Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (V=Bob Lawrence)
NO.02_If I Love Again
NO.03_Wagon Wheels
NO.04_Fare-Thee-Well to Harlem (V=jack Teagarden)
NO.05_Christmas Night In Harlem (V=Johnny Mercer)
NO.06_Love In Bloom
NO.07_I'm Counting On You
NO.08_I Saw Stars
NO.09_I Get A Kick Out Of You
NO.10_You're The Top
NO.11_Anything Goes (V=Ramona Davies)
NO.12_Now I'm A Lady
NO.13_I'm In The Mood For Love
NO.14_I'm The Echo
NO.15_Saddle Your Blues To A Wild Mustang
NO.16_What's The Name Of That Song?
NO.17_My Romance (V=Gloria Grafton)
NO.18_There's A Small Hotel
NO.19_Gloomy Sunday
NO.20_Grand Canyon Suite - On The Trail Part 1
NO.21_Park Avenue Fantasy