BestWeb-Link ランディ・ウェストン 初期5アルバム


ランディ・ウェストン 初期5アルバム
エリントンと並ぶジャズ界屈指の作曲家で、ワルツの名手としても知られるピアニストのウェストンの初期 5アルバム
ウェストンのソロ・ピアノとトリオ演奏にスポットを当てた「Cole Porter In A Modern Mood」、「Trio And Solo」, 若き日の彼を代表するアルバム「With These Hands」、「The Modern Art Of Jazz」、「Jazz A La Bohemia」

Randy Weston - ''Cole Porter in a Modern Mood''

Recorded - April 27, 1954, New York City
Randy Weston (piano), Sam Gill (bass).

■ A1_Get Out of Town
■ A2_I Get a Kick Out of You
■ A3_I Love Her
■ A4_In the Still of the Night
■ B1_Just One of Those Things
■ B2_Night and Day
■ B3_What Is this Thing Called Love
■ B4_I've Got you under my Skin

Randy Weston - ''Trio And Solo''
Recorded - January 25, 1955 (A1 - B3), September 1, 1956 (C1 - C4)
Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey
Randy Weston (piano), Sam Gill (bass), Art Blakey (drums).

■ A1_Zulu
■ A2_Pam's Waltz
■ A3_Solemn Meditation
■ B1_Again
■ B2_If You Could See Me Now
■ B3_Sweet Sue, Just You
■ C1_Little Girl Blue
■ C2_We'll Be Together Again
■ C3_Softness ■ C4_Lover

Randy Weston Trio Plus Cecil Payne - ''With These Hands...''
Recorded - NJ, March 14 & 21, 1956
Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey
Cecil Payne (baritone saxophone -1,3,5/8), Randy Weston (piano), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass), Wilbert Hogan (drums).

■ A1_The Man I Love
■ A2_Serenade In Blue
■ A3_I Can't Get Started With You
■ A4_This Can't Be Love
■ B1_These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
■ B2_Lifetime
■ B3_Do Nothing till You Hear From Me
■ B4_Little Niles

Randy Weston Trio With Cecil Payne - ''Jazz A La Bohemia''
"Cafe Bohemia", NYC, October 14, 1956
Cecil Payne (baritone saxophone -1,2,4,5,7,8), Randy Weston (piano), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass -1/5,7,8), Al Dreares (drums -1,2,4,5,7,8).

■ A1_Theme (Solemn Meditation)
■ A2_Just A Riff
■ A3_You Go To My Head
■ A4_Once In A While
■ B1_Hold 'Em Joe
■ B2_It's All Right With Me
■ B3_Chessman's Delight
■ B4_Theme (Solemn Meditation)

Randy Weston - ''The Modern Art Of Jazz''
Recorded - November 21, 22, 1956, New York City
Ray Copeland (trumpet), Cecil Payne (baritone, alto saxophone), Randy Weston (piano), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass), Wilbert Hogan, Willie Jones (drums).

■ A1_Loose Wig
■ A2_Run Joe
■ A3_A Theme For Teddy
■ A4_In A Litle Spanish Town
■ B1_Don't Blame Me
■ B2_J, K Blues
■ B3_You Needn't
■ B4_How High The Moon