BestWeb-Link レイ・ノーブル楽団 78 RPM RECORDS 1931-34


Ray Noble And His Orchestra 78 RPM RECORDS 1931-34 / VICTOR
【レイ・ノーブル楽団 78 RPM RECORDS】(ビクター盤)の1931-34年録音アルバム

Ray Noble And His Orchestra

NO.01_Got A Date With An Angel
NO.02_Lights Of Paris
NO.03_Hold My Hand
NO.04_Pied Piper Of Hamblin
NO.05_Sailing On The Robert E. Lee
NO.06_With All My Love And Kisses
NO.07_We've Got The Moon And Sixpence
NO.08_Looking On The Bright Side Of Life
NO.09_Butterflies In The Rain
NO.10_Lying In The Hay
NO.11_What More Can I Ask
NO.12_Love Is The Sweetest Thing
NO.13_The Old Spinning Wheel
NO.14_Hang Out The Stars In Indiana (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.15_Stay On The Right Side Of The Road
NO.16_If You'll Say Yes, Cherie
NO.17_Love Locked Out
NO.18_Song Without Words (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.19_You Oughta See Sally On Sunday (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.20_On A Steamer Coming Over (V=Al Bowlly)

NO.01_Tiger Rag
NO.02_Who Walks In When I Walk Out
NO.03_That's What Life Is Made Of
NO.04_Oceans Of Time
NO.05_The Moment I Met You
NO.06_My Hat's On The Side Of My Head
NO.07_The Very Thought Of You
NO.08_Midnight The Stars & You
NO.09_Over My Shoulder (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.10_When You've Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.11_It's All Forgotten Now
NO.12_I'll Follow My Secret Heart
NO.13_Isle Of Capri
NO.14_Dreaming A Dream (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.15_It's Bad For Me
NO.16_How Can We Be Wrong
NO.18_Goodnight Sweetheart
NO.19_Mad About The Boy
NO.20_The Younger Generation (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.21_By The Fireside (V=Al Bowlly)
NO.22_It's Great To Be In Love
NO.23_Roll Up The Carpet (V=Al Bowlly)