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Sammy Davis, Jr. With Sy Oliver (1954-56)

Sammy Davis, Jr. (v), Sy Oliver Orchestra (acc)

No.01 - Hey There
No.02 - Because Of You
No.03 - That Old Black Magic
No.04 - Love Me Or Leave Me
No.05 - Something's Gotta Give
No.06 - Five
No.07 - The Red Grapes
No.08 - New York's My Home
No.09 - Earthbound
No.10 - I'll Know

注-No.03 - No.05: Sam Taylor (ts)
注-No.07 - No.08: Morty Stevens' Orchestra (acc)
注-No.09 - No.10: Jack Pleis' Orchestra (acc)

Sammy Davis, Jr. "Boy Meets Girl" (1957)
Sammy Davis Jr, Carmen McRae (v), Jack Pleis' Orchestra (acc)
No.01 - Happy To Make Your Acquaintance
No.02 - Tea For Two
No.03 - They Didn't Believe Me
No.04 - You're The Top
No.05 - Cheek To Cheek
No.06 - Baby, It's Cold Outside
No.07 - People Will Say We're In Love
No.08 - There's A Small Hotel
No.09 - A Fine Romance
No.10 - The Things We Did Last Summer
No.11 - Two Sleepy People
No.12 - Who Cares
No.13 - I Go For You

Sammy Davis, Jr. "Porgy And Bess" (1959)
Sammy Davis, Jr. (v), Jack Pleis' Orchestra (acc), Carmen McRae (v No.28), The Bill Thompson Singers (v ,No.27,No.29,No.31)
No.01 - A Woman Is A Sometime Thing
No.02 - I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
No.03 - Bess, You Is My Woman
No.04 - It Ain't Necessarily So
No.05 - I Loves You Porgy
No.06 - There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York
No.07 - Oh Bess, Where's My Bess
No.08 - Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way

Dean Martin
Dean Martin (v)

No.01 - Memory Lane 1948
No.02 - Powder Your Face With Sunshine 1948
No.03 - Santa Lucia 1948
No.04 - That Certain Party 1948
No.05 - One Foot IN Heaven 1949
No.06 - I'll Always Love You 1950
No.07 - If 1951
No.08 - Good Night 1951
No.09 - Meanderin' 1951
No.10 - You Belong To Me 1952
No.11 - Love Me, Love Me 1953
No.12 - That's Amore 1953
No.13 - I'd Cry Like A Baby 1954
No.14 - Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket 1954
No.15 - Sway 1954
No.16 - Innamorata 1956
No.17 - Memories Are Made Of This 1956
No.18 - Standing On The Corner 1956
No.19 - Watching The World Go By 1956