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Stan Kenton And His Orchestra
''Artistry in Rhythm (リズムの名手)'' スタン・ケントン率いるフル・オーケストラ楽団の演奏曲集。

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Artistry In Rhythm

Stan Kenton (p), Buddy Childers, Chico Alvarez, (tp), Bart Varsalona, Kai Winding, (tb), Bob Cooper, Vido Musso (ts), Bob Gioga (bs), Eddie Safranski (b), Shelly Manne (d), June Christy (v) and Others

1947_A1 - Come Back To Sorrento
1947_A2 - Fantasy
1947_A3 - Opus In Pastels
1947_A4 - Artistry In Percussion
1947_A5 - Soothe Me
1947_A6 - Cocktails For Two
1947_B1 - Ain't No Misery In Me
1947_B2 - Safranski (Artistry In Bass)
1947_B3 - Willow Weep For Me
1947_B4 - Artistry In Bolero
1947_B5 - Santa Lucia

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Progressive Jazz
Stan Kenton (p), Laurindo Almeida (g), Eddie Safranski (b), Rene Touzet (cuban rhythm), Jack Costanzo (bongos), Shelley Manne (d) and Others

1947_C1 - Monotony
1947_C2 - Lonely Woman
1947_C3 - Elegy For Alto
1947_C4 - Fugue For Rhythm Section
1947_D1 - This Is My Theme
1947_D2 - Impressionism
1947_D3 - Lament
1947_D4 - Cuban Carnival

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Others
Stan Kenton (p), Ray Wetzel, Ken Hanna (tp), Kai Winding, Skip Layton (tb), Bart Varsalona (tb), Boots Mussulli, Eddie Meyers (as), Red Dorris, Bob Cooper (ts), Bob Gioga (bar), Bob Ahern (g), Eddie Safranski (sb), Shelly Manne (d), Jose Mangual (bgo) Pedro Allendo (maracas) and Others

1947_E1 - She's funny that Way
1947_E2 - The Peanut Vendor
1947_E3 - His Feet's Too Big For De Bed
1947_E4 - Across The Alley From The Alamo
1947_E5 - Curiosity
1947_E6 - Metronome Riff
1947_E7 - Journey to Brazil
1947_E8 - Artistry Jumps
1947_E9 - Peg o' My Heart

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Stan Kenton Classics
Stan Kenton (p), John Carroll, Buddy Childers, (tp), Harry Forbes, George Faye (tb), Dave Matthews, Stan Getz (ts), Morey Beeson (bar), Bob Ahern (g), Gene Englund (sb), Jesse Price (d), June Christy (v) and Others

1948_A1 - Tampico
1948_A2 - Machito
1948_A3 - After You
1948_A4 - Harlem Holiday
1948_B1 - And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (v=Anita O'Day)
1948_B2 - Unison Riff
1948_B3 - There Is No Greater Love
1948_B4 - How High The Moon

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Innovations In Modern Music
Stan Kenton (p), Buddy Childers, Maynard Ferguson (tp), Milt Bernhart, Bill Russo (tb), Bud Shank (as, fl), Art Pepper (as), Bob Cooper (ts), Bart Caldarell (ts, bs), Bob Gioga (bs, b-clar), John Graas , Lloyd Otto (fhn), Gene Englund (tuba) Laurindo Almeida (g), Don Bagley (b), Shelly Manne (d), June Christy (v) and Others

1950_A1 - Trajectories
1950_A2 - Theme For Sunday
1950_A3 - Conflict
1950_A4 - Incident In Jazz
1950_B1 - Lonesome Road
1950_B2 - Mirage
1950_B3 - Solitaire
1950_B4 - Cuban Episode

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Lush Interlude
Stan Kenton (p), Bob Fitzpatrick, Jim Amlotte, Kenny Shroyer (tb), Bud Shank (fl), Laurindo Almeida (g), Armand Kaproff, Eleanor Slatkin, Joseph Saxon (cello) and Others

1958_A1 - Interlude
1958_A2 - Collaboration
1958_A3 - Opus in Pastels
1958_A4 - A Theme for My Lady
1958_A5 - Artistry in Bolero
1958_B1 - Concerto to End All Concertos
1958_B2 - Machito
1958_B3 - Lush Waltz
1958_B4 - Artistry in Rhythm

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - The Stage Door Swings
Stan Kenton (p), Frank Huggins, Al Sunseri, Jack Sheldon (tp), Archie LeCoque, Bob Olsen, Kent Larson (tb), Bill Perkins, Lennie Niehaus, Bill Trujillo, Bill Robinson (ts, as), Red Kelly (b), Jerry McKenzie (d) and Others

1959_A1 - Lullaby Of Broadway (solo: Archie LeCoque)
1959_A2 - The Party's Over (solo: Bill Trujillo & Jack Sheldon)
1959_A3 - Baubles, Bangles And Beads (solo: Lennie Niehaus)
1959_A4 - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (solo: Jack Sheldon)
1959_A5 - Whatever Lola Wants (solo: Bill Robinson)
1959_A6 - Bali Ha'i (solo: Bill Perkins)
1959_B1 - Hey There (solo: Lennie Niehaus)
1959_B2 - Younger Than Springtime (solo: Jack Sheldon)
1959_B3 - On The Street Where You Live (solo: Jack Sheldon)
1959_B4 - I Love Paris (solo: Kent Larson)
1959_B5 - I've Never Been In Love Before (solo: Jack Sheldon)
1959_B6 - All At Once You Love Her (solo: Bill Perkins)

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra - Adventures in Jazz
Stan Kenton (p), Dalton Smith, Bob Behrent, Marv Stamm, Bob Rolfe, Norman Baltazar (tp), Bob Fitzpatrick, Dee Barton, Newell Parker, Jim Amlotte, Dave Wheeler (tb), Gabe Baltazar, Buddy Arnold, Sam Donahue, Paul Renzi, Allen Beutler, Joel Kaye (ts, as), Pat Senatore (b), Keith La Motte, Carl Saunders (Mellophoniums), Jerry McKenzie (d) and Others

1961_A1 - Turtle Talk
1961_A2 - Stairway to the Stars (solo: Gabe Baltazar)
1961_A3 - Limehouse Blues
1961_A4 - Malaguena
1961_B1 - Misty
1961_B2 - Waltz of the Prophets (solo: Marvin Stamm)
1961_B3 - Body And Soul (solo: Sam Donahue)