BestWeb-Link V-DISC,V-ディスク 001-099


V-Disc ("V" for Victory) NO.001 - 099, October 1943 - January 1944


Release - October 1943 - January 1944

NO.01_1943-10-001A1_Bea Wain with Orch. - Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer
NO.02_1943-10-001A2_Bea Wain with Orch. - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
NO.03_1943-10-001B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch., with Vocal Refrain by Frank Sinatra and Chorus - Blue Skies
NO.04_1943-10-002A1_Dinah Shore and Bing Crosby - It Ain't Necessarily So
NO.05_1943-10-002B1_John Charles Thomas - Home On The Range
NO.06_1943-10-002B2_John Charles Thomas - Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle
NO.07_1943-10-003AB_Andre Kostelantz Orch. - Oklahoma Medley Pt 1&2
NO.08_1943-10-004A1_Eddie Cantor - In My Arms
NO.09_1943-10-004A2_Marion Hutton and the Modernaires - Johnny Zero
NO.10_1943-10-004B1_Dinah Shore with Orch. - Murder He Says
NO.11_1943-10-005A1_Mark Warnow with Murray Singers - Che Li
NO.12_1943-10-005A2_Mark Warnow with Murray Singers - Meadowland
NO.13_1943-10-005B1_Mark Warnow with M. Singers - I've Got Sixpence & When The Yanks Go Marching In
NO.14_1943-10-006A1_Fred Waring and the Fort Slocum Band - Man To Man
NO.15_1943-10-006B1_Alvino Rey Orch. - The Army Air Corps
NO.16_1943-10-006B2_Fort Slocum Band - The Caissons Go Rolling Along parody
NO.17_1943-10-007AB_Benny Goodman Orch. - Sing, Sing, Sing Pt1&2
NO.18_1943-10-008A1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. with the Four Lee Sisters - Let's Get Lost
NO.19_1943-10-008A2_Vaughn Monroe Orch. with the Four V's - The Corporal Told The Private
NO.20_1943-10-010A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
NO.21_1943-10-010B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Warm Valley
NO.22_1943-10-013A1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Begin The Beguine
NO.23_1943-10-013B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Nightmare
NO.24_1943-10-016A1_Teddy Wilson - How High The Moon
NO.25_1943-10-016B1_Teddy Wilson - Russian Lullabye
NO.26_1943-10-022A1_Sgt. Ace Goodrich with Orch. - Hup! Tup! Thrup! Four!
NO.27_1943-10-022A2_Sgt. Ace Goodrich with Orch. - The Little Brown Suit My Uncle Bought Me
NO.28_1943-10-022B1_Cpl. Ziggy Lane with Orch. - Love Sometimes Has To Wait
NO.29_1943-10-023A1_Cpl. Ziggy Lane with Orch. - Jumping To The Jukebox (From Stars and Gripes)
NO.30_1943-10-023B1_Cpl. Ziggy Lane with Orch. - My Pin-Up Girl (From the Stars and Gripes)

NO.01_1943-10-024A1_Bing Crosby - You Are My Sunshine
NO.02_1943-10-024A2_Dinah Shore - You'll Never Know
NO.03_1943-10-024B1_Dinah Shore and Bing Crosby - It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary
NO.04_1943-10-024B2_Kate Smith - Wait For Me Mary
NO.05_1943-10-027A1_Army Air Forces Orch. - Stairway To The Stars
NO.06_1943-10-027B1_Army Air Forces Orch. - A Handful Of Stars
NO.07_1943-10-030A1_Hazel Scott - People Will Say We're In Love
NO.08_1943-10-030B1_Hazel Scott & Sidney Catlett - Honeysuckle Rose
NO.09_1943-11-031A1_Arturo Toscanini & the NBC Symphony - Garibaldi's War Hymn
NO.10_1943-11-031B1_Arturo Toscanini & the NBC Symphony - Stars and Stripes Forever
NO.11_1943-11-032A1_Fats Waller - Ain't Misbehaving & Two Sleepy People
NO.12_1943-11-032B1_Fats Waller - Slightly Less Than Wonderful & There's A Gal In My Life
NO.13_1943-11-034A1_Count Basie Orch. - G.I. Stomp
NO.14_1943-11-034A2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - I've Got Rhythm
NO.15_1943-11-034B1_Count Basie Orch. - Dance Of The Gremlins
NO.16_1943-11-037A1_Duke Ellington Orch., scat vocal Cootie Williams - Ring Dem Bells
NO.17_1943-11-037B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Perdido
NO.18_1943-11-038A1_Benny Goodman - Bugle Call Rag
NO.19_1943-11-038B1_Benny Goodman - Sometimes I'm Happy
NO.20_1943-11-039A1_Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade
NO.21_1943-11-039B1_Glenn Miller, with vocals by Tex Beneke - My Melancholy Baby
NO.22_1943-11-041A1_Andre Kostelantz Orch. - I've Got You Under My Skin
NO.23_1943-11-041B1_Andre Kostelantz Orch. - La Golindrina & Mexican Hat Dance
NO.24_1943-11-042A1_Goldman Band - On The Campus
NO.25_1943-11-042A2_Goldman Band - With Trumpet and Drums
NO.26_1943-11-042B1_Goldman Band - Korcoran Cadets
NO.27_1943-11-042B2_Goldman Band - Southern Melodies
NO.28_1943-11-043A1_Harry James Orch. - Caprice Viennois
NO.29_1943-11-043B1_Harry James Orch. - Feet Draggin' Blues
NO.30_1943-11-044B1_Josh White - Blues In Berlin

NO.01_1943-11-044B2_Josh White - The Lass With The Delicate Air
NO.02_1943-11-045A1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Stardust
NO.03_1943-11-045B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Moonglow
NO.04_1943-11-046A1_Dorothy Kirsten and Felix Knight with Orch. and Chorus - My Hero
NO.05_1943-11-046B1_Dorothy Kirsten and Felix Knight with Orch. and Chorus - One Alone
NO.06_1943-11-047A1_Richard Dyer-Bennett - The Keeper Of The Eddystone Light
NO.07_1943-11-047A2_Richard Dyer-Bennett - Venezuela
NO.08_1943-11-047B1_Richard Dyer-Bennett - Foggy, Foggy Dew
NO.09_1943-11-048A1_Bing Crosby, Chorus, and Orch. - Silent Night
NO.10_1943-11-048A2_Chorus and Organ - Joy To The World
NO.11_1943-11-048B1_Chorus and Organ - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
NO.12_1943-11-050A1_Richard Crooks With Organ - Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
NO.13_1943-11-050B1_Chorus With Organ - As With Gladness Men Of Old & Hark The Herald Angels Sing
NO.14_1943-11-051A1_Kenneth Spencer - Head Like A Rock & Lindy Lou
NO.15_1943-11-051B1_Paul Robeson - Deep River
NO.16_1943-11-051B2_Paul Robeson - I'm Goin' To Tell All My Troubles To God
NO.17_1943-11-052A1_Boston Pops Orch. (Arthur Fiedler, conductor) - Jalousie
NO.18_1943-11-052B1_Boston Pops Orch. (Arthur Fiedler, conductor) - El Capitan
NO.19_1943-11-052B2_Boston Pops Orch. (Arthur Fiedler, conductor) - Washington Post March
NO.20_1943-11-054A1_Loumell Morgan Trio - Blues In The Night
NO.21_1943-11-054A2_Loumell Morgan Trio - Hit That Jive, Jack!
NO.22_1943-11-054B1_Loumell Morgan Trio - Slender, Tender And Tall
NO.23_1943-11-054B2_Loumell Morgan Trio - Them There Eyes
NO.24_1943-11-056A1_Al Goodman Orch. - Let Me Call You Sweetheart
NO.25_1943-11-056B1_Al Goodman Orch. - Moonlight and Roses
NO.26_1943-11-057A1_Harry James Orch. - Velvet Moon
NO.27_1943-11-057A2_Harry James Orch. with vocals by Helen Forrest - I Heard You Cried Last Night
NO.28_1943-11-060A1_David Rose Orch. - Our Waltz
NO.29_1943-11-060B1_David Rose Orch. - Holiday For Strings
NO.30_1943-11-061A1_The Goldman Band - King Cotton

NO.01_1943-11-061A2_The Goldman Band - Officer Of The Day March
NO.02_1943-11-061B1_The Goldman Band - Our Director
NO.03_1943-11-061B2_The Goldman Band - Second Connecticut March
NO.04_1943-11-062A1_The Goldman Band - On The Mall
NO.05_1943-11-062B1_The Goldman Band - American Patrol
NO.06_1943-12-063AB_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Dance Of The Hours Pt1&2
NO.07_1943-12-064A1_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Hail Purdue
NO.08_1943-12-064A2_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Semper Paratus
NO.09_1943-12-064B1_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Anchors Aweigh
NO.10_1943-12-064B2_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Marine's Hymn
NO.11_1943-12-065A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the 418th AAFTC Band - Stardust
NO.12_1943-12-065B1_The 418th AAFTC Band Under the Direction of Glenn Miller - St. Louis Blues March
NO.13_1943-12-066A1_Hal McIntyre Orch. - If You Please
NO.14_1943-12-066B1_Hal McIntyre Orch. - Paper Doll
NO.15_1943-12-066B2_Hal McIntyre Orch. - The Sheep In The Meadow
NO.16_1943-12-067A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Mood Indigo
NO.17_1943-12-067B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Are You Stickin'?
NO.18_1943-12-068A1_Hazel Scott - Body And Soul
NO.19_1943-12-068B1_Hazel Scott and Sidney Catlett - C Jam Blues
NO.20_1943-12-069A1_Tommy Tucker Time - I Never Mentioned Your Name
NO.21_1943-12-069A2_Tommy Tucker Time - They're Either Too Young Or Too Old
NO.22_1943-12-069B1_Tommy Tucker Time - There's A Flame Still Burning
NO.23_1943-12-071A1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Hut 2-3-4
NO.24_1943-12-071A2_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Victory March: Notre Dame
NO.25_1943-12-071B1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Move It Over
NO.26_1943-12-071B2_Sammy Kaye Orch. - No Love, No Nothin'
NO.27_1943-12-072A1_Frank Sinatra - I Only Have Eyes For You
NO.28_1943-12-072B1_Frank Sinatra - Kiss Me Again
NO.29_1943-12-072B2_Frank Sinatra - There's Gonna Be A Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin
NO.30_1943-12-074A1_Fats Waller - This Is So Nice It Must Be Illegal & Martinique

NO.01_1943-12-074B1_Fats Waller - Hallelujah
NO.02_1943-12-074B2_Fats Waller - Waller Jive
NO.03_1943-12-076A1_David Rose Orch. - Poinciana
NO.04_1943-12-076B1_David Rose Orch. - The Way You Look Tonight
NO.05_1943-12-080A1_Hal Kemp Orch., vocals by Skinnay Ennis - Got A Date With An Angel
NO.06_1943-12-080A2_Hal Kemp Orch., vocals by Skinnay Ennis - Whispers In The Dark
NO.07_1943-12-080B1_Hal Kemp Orch., vocals by Skinnay Ennis - Lamplight
NO.08_1943-12-081A1_Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons - Cuttin' The Boogie
NO.09_1943-12-081A2_Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons - Foot Pedal Boogie
NO.10_1943-12-081B1_Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons - Boogie Woogie Man
NO.11_1943-12-081B2_Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons - Pine Creek Boogie
NO.12_1943-12-082A1_Dr. Clayton - My Own Blues
NO.13_1943-12-082A2_Dr. Clayton - On The Killin' Floor
NO.14_1943-12-082B1_Dr. Clayton - Pearl Harbor Blues
NO.15_1943-12-083A1_Del Courtney Orch. - Journey To A Star
NO.16_1943-12-083A2_Del Courtney Orch. - My Ideal
NO.17_1943-12-083B1_Del Courtney Orch. - Blue Rain
NO.18_1943-12-085A1_Red Norvo Overseas Spotlight Band - 1-2-3-4 Jump
NO.19_1943-12-085B1_Red Norvo Overseas Spotlight Band - In A Mellow Tone
NO.20_1943-12-086A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Well Git It
NO.21_1943-12-086B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Then I'll Be Happy
NO.22_1943-12-087A1_Carol Bruce with Red Norvo - Embraceable You
NO.23_1943-12-087A2_Carol Bruce with Red Norvo - Message
NO.24_1943-12-087B1_Carol Bruce with Red Norvo - Abraham
NO.25_1943-12-087B2_Carol Bruce with Red Norvo Overseas Spotlight Band - Something For The Boys
NO.26_1943-12-088A1_Benny Goodman Sextette - Three Little Words
NO.27_1943-12-088B1_Kate Smith - In A Friendly Little Harbor
NO.28_1943-12-090A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch., Vocal by Jan Peerce and Chorus - And Russia Is Her Name
NO.29_1943-12-090B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - March Slav
NO.30_1944-01-091A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the 418th AAFTC Orch. - Stormy Weather

NO.01_1944-01-091B1_The 418th AAFTC Band Under the Direction of Glenn Miller - Buckle Down, Winsocki
NO.02_1944-01-091B2_The 418th AAFTC Band Under the Direction of Glenn Miller - El Capitan
NO.03_1944-01-092A1_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Bravura
NO.04_1944-01-092A2_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Cheerio
NO.05_1944-01-092B1_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Our Jackies
NO.06_1944-01-092B2_Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Band - Victor's March
NO.07_1944-01-094A1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - For The First Time
NO.08_1944-01-094B1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - Jealous
NO.09_1944-01-095AB_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Zampa Overture Pt1&Pt2
NO.10_1944-01-096A1_Kay Kyser Orch. - Candlelight And Wine
NO.11_1944-01-096A2_Kay Kyser Orch. - Do It Again
NO.12_1944-01-096B1_Kay Kyser Orch. - Victory Polka
NO.13_1944-01-096B2_Kay Kyser Orch. - With My Head In The Clouds
NO.14_1944-01-097A1_Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orch. - Spirit Of Vienna
NO.15_1944-01-097B1_Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orch. - Voices Of Spring
NO.16_1944-01-098A1_Marian Anderson with Franz Rupp - Ave Maria
NO.17_1944-01-098A2_Marian Anderson with Franz Rupp - Let Us Break Bread Together
NO.18_1944-01-098A3_Marian Anderson with Franz Rupp - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
NO.19_1944-01-099A1_Earl Robinson - The House I Live In
NO.20_1944-01-099B1_Earl Robinson - A Man's A Man For A' That