BestWeb-Link V-DISC,V-ディスク 100-199


V-Disc ("V" for Victory) NO.100 - 199, January 1944 - May 1944


Release - January 1944 - May 1944

NO.01_1944-01-100A1_Allan Jones - Donkey Serenade
NO.02_1944-01-100B1_Gladys Swarthout - Give Me One Hour
NO.03_1944-01-101A1_Tony Pastor Orch. - Making Whoopee
NO.04_1944-01-101A2_Tony Pastor Orch. vocal by Patti Powers - They're Either Too Young Or Too Old
NO.05_1944-01-103A1_John Kirby Orch. - Do You Savvy?
NO.06_1944-01-103A2_John Kirby Orch. - Tunisian Trail
NO.07_1944-01-104A1_Don Redman Orch. - Message
NO.08_1944-01-104A2_Don Redman Orch. - Pistol Packin' Mama
NO.09_1944-01-104B1_Don Redman Orch. - Redman Blues
NO.10_1944-01-105A1_Mildred Bailey with Teddy Wilson at the Piano - Rockin' Chair
NO.11_1944-01-105B1_Mildred Bailey with Teddy Wilson at the Piano - Sunday, Monday Or Always?
NO.12_1944-01-110A1_Helen Ward with Red Norvo Overseas Spotlight Band - Too Marvelous For Words
NO.13_1944-01-110B1_Red Norvo Overseas Spotlight Band - The Sergeant On Furlough
NO.14_1944-01-111A1_Morton Gould Orch. - El Relicario
NO.15_1944-01-111B1_Morton Gould Orch. - Two Guitars
NO.16_1944-01-114A1_Freddy Martin Orch. - Cuddle Up A Little Closer
NO.17_1944-01-114A2_Freddy Martin Orch. - Shoo, Shoo, Baby
NO.18_1944-01-115A1_Bob Wills Texas Playboys - New San Antonio Rose
NO.19_1944-01-115A2_Bob Wills Texas Playboys - San Antonio Rose
NO.20_1944-01-115B1_Bill Boyd Cowboy Ramblers - The Train Song
NO.21_1944-01-116A1_Frank Sinatra - The Music Stopped
NO.22_1944-01-116B1_Frank Sinatra - I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night
NO.23_1944-01-116B2_Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight
NO.24_1944-01-117A1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - Contrast
NO.25_1944-01-117A2_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - Julia
NO.26_1944-01-117B1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - John Silver
NO.27_1944-01-118A1_Glen Gray and Casa Loma Orch. - My Heart Tells Me
NO.28_1944-01-118B1_Glen Gray and Casa Loma Orch. - Birmingham Special
NO.29_1944-01-119A1_Bob Crosby Orch., featuring Bob Zurke - Honky Tonk Train Blues
NO.30_1944-01-119B1_Bob Crosby Orch., featuring Bob Zurke - Gin Mill Blues

NO.01_1944-02-122A1_Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orch. - Clair de Lune
NO.02_1944-02-122B1_Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orch. - Panis Angelicus
NO.03_1944-02-123A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Going Home
NO.04_1944-02-123A2_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Honeysuckle Rose
NO.05_1944-02-123A3_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch - My Blue Heaven
NO.06_1944-02-123B1_Glenn Miller Orch. - In The Mood
NO.07_1944-02-124A1_Frank Sinatra - I'll Be Around
NO.08_1944-02-124A2_Frank Sinatra - You've Got A Hold On Me
NO.09_1944-02-124B1_Frank Sinatra - A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
NO.10_1944-02-124B2_Frank Sinatra - She's Funny That Way
NO.11_1944-02-125A1_Spike Jones City Slickers - As Time Goes By
NO.12_1944-02-125A2_Spike Jones City Slickers - Barstool Cowboy From Old Barstow
NO.13_1944-02-125B1_Spike Jones City Slickers - Hotcha Cornia
NO.14_1944-02-125B2_Spike Jones City Slickers - Jungle Town
NO.15_1944-02-126A1_Lena Horne with Cab Callaway Orch. - Diga Diga Do
NO.16_1944-02-126A2_Lena Horne with Cab Callaway Orch. - There's No Two Ways About Love
NO.17_1944-02-126B1_Lena Horne with Cab Callaway Orch. - Good For Nothin' Joe
NO.18_1944-02-127A1_Roy Acuff Smoky Mountain Boys - Low And Lonely
NO.19_1944-02-127A2_Roy Acuff Smoky Mountain Boys - The Great Speckled Bird
NO.20_1944-02-127B1_Vincent Lopez Orch. - Don't Sweetheart Me
NO.21_1944-02-127B2_Vincent Lopez Orch. - The Honey Song
NO.22_1944-02-128A1_Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter - Please & A Yank In A Tank
NO.23_1944-02-128B1_Bing Crosby with The Charioteers - Sleep, Kentucky Babe
NO.24_1944-02-128B2_Bing Crosby with The Charioteers - What Do You Do In The Infantry?
NO.25_1944-02-129A1_Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - Rock Me
NO.26_1944-02-129A2_Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - That's All
NO.27_1944-02-129B1_Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - Rock Daniel
NO.28_1944-02-129B2_Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - Trouble In Mind
NO.29_1944-02-130B1_Leonard Warren, Baritone with Orch. - Falstaff Act II E Sogno O Realta
NO.30_1944-02-130B2_Leonard Warren, Baritone with Orch. - Faust, Act II: Avant De Quitter Ces Lieux

NO.01_1944-02-132A1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Frenesi
NO.02_1944-02-132B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Dancing In The Dark
NO.03_1944-02-133A1_Gregor Piatigorsky with Ralph Berkawitz - Melody In F (Rubenstein)
NO.04_1944-02-133A2_Gregor Piatigorsky with Ralph Berkawitz - The Swan (Saint-Saens)
NO.05_1944-02-134A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - April In Paris
NO.06_1944-02-134B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Moonlight On The Ganges
NO.07_1944-02-135A1_Vaughn Monroe - Something Sentimental
NO.08_1944-02-135B1_Mildred Bailey with Teddy Wilson - Scrap Your Fat
NO.09_1944-02-136A1_Fort Slocum Band, vocal by Pvt. Leon Gray - Soldier Of God (Chaplains' March)
NO.10_1944-02-136A2_Fort Slocum Band, vocal by Pvt. Leon Gray - We Are Marching, Lord
NO.11_1944-02-137A1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Caravan
NO.12_1944-02-137A2_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Cottontail
NO.13_1944-02-137B1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Washington Whirlagig
NO.14_1944-02-138A1_Harry James Orch. - Easter Parade
NO.15_1944-02-138B1_Harry James Orch. - Carnival Of Venice
NO.16_1944-02-138B2_Harry James Orch. - Ciribiribin
NO.17_1944-02-140A1_Szath Myrl Orch. with Emile Cote Glee Club - 3 Songs
NO.18_1944-02-140B1_Szath Myrl Orch. - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
NO.19_1944-03-141A1_Military District of Washington Band - Men Of Ohio
NO.20_1944-03-141A2_Military District of Washington Band - Military District Of Washington March
NO.21_1944-03-141B1_Military District of Washington Band - Old Soldiers Never Die
NO.22_1944-03-141B2_Military District of Washington Band - Our Bugler
NO.23_1944-03-142A1_Mischa Elman with Leopold Mittman - Russian Dance (Tchaikovsky)
NO.24_1944-03-142B1_Mischa Elman with Leopold Mittman - Old Irish Song And Dance
NO.25_1944-03-143A1_Red Norvo Orch - N.R.C. Jump
NO.26_1944-03-143B1_John Kirby Orch. - 920 Special
NO.27_1944-03-143B2_John Kirby Orch. - Crossroads
NO.28_1944-03-144A1_Captain Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - Tail End Charlie
NO.29_1944-03-144A2_Captain Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - The Squadron Song
NO.30_1944-03-144B1_Captain Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - Blue Champagne

NO.01_1944-03-144B2_Captain Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - Don't Be That Way
NO.02_1944-03-145A1_Carson Robison - 1944 Nursery Rhymes
NO.03_1944-03-145A2_Carson Robison - Message
NO.04_1944-03-145A3_Carson Robison - The Charms Of The City Ain't Fer Me
NO.05_1944-03-145B1_Roy Acuff Smokey Mountain Boys - Pins And Needles
NO.06_1944-03-146A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - American Overture
NO.07_1944-03-146B1_David Rose Orch - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
NO.08_1944-03-147A1_The Southern Sons - Two Wings
NO.09_1944-03-147A2_The Southern Sons - We'll Anchor Bye And Bye
NO.10_1944-03-147B1_The Southern Sons - Message
NO.11_1944-03-147B2_The Southern Sons - Ring Dem Golden Bells
NO.12_1944-03-148A1_Tony Pastor Orch. - How Sweet You Are
NO.13_1944-03-148A2_Tony Pastor Orch. - Message
NO.14_1944-03-148B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Adios Mariquita Linda
NO.15_1944-03-149A1_Bing Crosby - Moonlight Bay
NO.16_1944-03-149A2_Bing Crosby - Ridin' Herd On A Cloud
NO.17_1944-03-149B1_Phil Brito - Come Back To Sorrento
NO.18_1944-03-149B2_Phil Brito - I Used To Love You But It's All Over Now
NO.19_1944-03-150A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Song Of India
NO.20_1944-03-150B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
NO.21_1944-03-151AB_Toscanini & the NBC Symphony Orch. - The Blue Danube Pt 1&2
NO.22_1944-03-152B1_Esquire Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session - Mop Mop
NO.23_1944-03-153A1_Boston Symphony Orch. (Serge Koussevitsky) - Berlioz Rakoczy March
NO.24_1944-03-153B1_Boston Symphony Orch. (Serge Koussevitsky) - Schubert Rosamunde Ballet Music
NO.25_1944-03-154A1_Frank Sinatra - Speak Low, Speak Love & Close To You
NO.26_1944-03-154B1_The USCG Band, 11th Naval District, by Lt. Rudy Vallee - The Whiffenproof Song
NO.27_1944-03-155A1_Al Goodman Orch. - When Day Is Done
NO.28_1944-03-155B1_Al Goodman Orch. - Roses Of Picardy
NO.29_1944-03-156A1_Freddy Martin Orch., - Ridin' For A Fall
NO.30_1944-03-156B1_Freddy Martin Orch., - Second Hungarian Rhapsody & I'll Be Seeing You

NO.01_1944-03-157A1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - That Wonderful, Worrisome Feeling
NO.02_1944-03-157B1_Woody Herman Orch. - By The River Of The Roses
NO.03_1944-03-158A1_Les Brown Orch. - Just For A Day
NO.04_1944-03-158B1_Louis Jordan Orch. - Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
NO.05_1944-03-158B2_Louis Jordan Orch. - Knock Me A Kiss
NO.06_1944-03-159A1_Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, and Jess Stacey - Limehouse Blues
NO.07_1944-03-159A2_Benny Goodman Orch. - Henderson Stomp
NO.08_1944-03-159B1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Dinah
NO.09_1944-03-160A1_Harry James Orch. vocal by Buddy Moreno - Better Give Me Lots Of Lovin' Honey
NO.10_1944-03-160B1_Harry James Orch. - Sierra
NO.11_1944-03-161A1_The US Military Acadamy - Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
NO.12_1944-03-161B1_The US Military Acadamy - Country Gardens
NO.13_1944-03-161B2_The US Military Acadamy - Turkey In The Straw
NO.14_1944-04-162A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' & Bess, You Is My Woman
NO.15_1944-04-162B1_David Rose Orch. - Sweet Leilani
NO.16_1944-04-163A1_Esquire Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session - Tea For Two
NO.17_1944-04-163B1_Esquire Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session - Blues & Esquire Bounce
NO.18_1944-04-164A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - The General Jumped At Dawn
NO.19_1944-04-164B1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Besame Mucho
NO.20_1944-04-165A1_Fats Waller and Ada Brown - That Aint Right
NO.21_1944-04-165B1_Meade Lux Lewis - Doll House Boogie
NO.22_1944-04-166A1_Bing Crosby - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
NO.23_1944-04-166A2_Bing Crosby - Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
NO.24_1944-04-166B1_Frank Sinatra - Long Ago And Far Away
NO.25_1944-04-166B2_Frank Sinatra - My Shining Hour
NO.26_1944-04-167A1_Nelson Eddy - Smilin' Through
NO.27_1944-04-167A2_Nelson Eddy - Trees
NO.28_1944-04-167B1_John Charles Thomas - Goin' Home
NO.29_1944-04-168A1_Zeke Manners with The Winged Victory Orch. - Nobody's Love Is Like Mine
NO.30_1944-04-168B1_Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers - New Steel Guitar Rag

NO.01_1944-04-168B2_Wayne Mainer and Sons of the Mountaineers - Sparkling Blue Eyes
NO.02_1944-04-169A1_Al Trace Silly Symphonette - Mairzy Doats
NO.03_1944-04-169B1_Danny Kaye - Deenah
NO.04_1944-04-169B2_Danny Kaye -The Fairy Pipers
NO.05_1944-04-171A1_Ted Fiorito Orch. - Can't Get Stuff In Your Cuff
NO.06_1944-04-171A2_Ted Fiorito Orch. - I Said No
NO.07_1944-04-171B1_Tony Pastor Orch. - Deed I Do
NO.08_1944-04-172A1_Lena Horne and Rochester - Dat Ol' Debil Consequence
NO.09_1944-04-172A2_Lucille Ball, V. O'Brien, Red Skelton, Gene Kelly, Tommy Dorsey - Friendship
NO.10_1944-04-172B1_Carmen Miranda - Miranda Medley
NO.11_1944-04-172B2_Carmen Miranda - When I Love, I Love
NO.12_1944-04-173B1_Muggsy Spanier Orch. - Dipper Mouth Blues
NO.13_1944-04-173B2_Muggsy Spanier Orch. - Relaxin' At The Touro
NO.14_1944-04-173B3_Will Bradley Orch. feat Ray McKinley on drums - Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat
NO.15_1944-04-174A1_Jimmy Dorsey and Orch. vocals Kitty Kallen and Bob Eberly - Star Eyes
NO.16_1944-04-174B1_Freddy Martin and Orch., vocal Gene Walsh - When They Ask About You
NO.17_1944-04-175A1_Louis Jordan Tympani Five - I've Found A New Baby
NO.18_1944-04-175A2_Louis Jordan Tympani Five - (I'm Gonna Move To The) Outskirts Of Town
NO.19_1944-04-175B1_Count Basie Orch. - Rhythm Man
NO.20_1944-04-175B2_Count Basie Orch. - Yeah Man
NO.21_1944-04-176A1_Duke Ellington Orch. featuring Rex Stewart on trumpet - Boy Meets Horn
NO.22_1944-04-176B1_Lucky Millinder Orch. - Savoy
NO.23_1944-04-177A1_Harry James Orch. vocals Buddy Moreno - Mexico City
NO.24_1944-04-177B1_Harry James Orch. - Blue Lou
NO.25_1944-04-177B2_Harry James Orch. - Charmaine
NO.26_1944-04-178A1_Kay Kyser Orch. - Don't Believe Everything You Dream
NO.27_1944-04-178A2_Kay Kyser Orch. - They Just Chopped Down The Old Apple Tree
NO.28_1944-04-178B1_Dinah Shore - Where Or When & If I Could Be With You & Don't Cry
NO.29_1944-04-179AB_Efrem Kurtz and the London Philharmonic Orch. - Excerpts From Gaite Parisienne
NO.30_1944-04-180A1_Goodman-Tough-Wilson-Hampton-Dorsey - Opus-One-Half

NO.01_1944-04-180B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Opus One
NO.02_1944-05-181A1_Boston Port of Embarkation Band - General Kell's March & Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
NO.03_1944-05-181B1_Boston Port of Embarkation Band - K-K-K-Katie & Rack Up Another Beer, Boys
NO.04_1944-05-182A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Suddenly, It's Spring
NO.05_1944-05-182B1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Arkansas
NO.06_1944-05-182B2_Charlie Spivak Orch. - I'll Get By
NO.07_1944-05-183A1_Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Embraceable You
NO.08_1944-05-183A2_Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - G.I. Jive
NO.09_1944-05-183B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Azure
NO.10_1944-05-183B2_Duke Ellington Orch. - Sophisticated Lady
NO.11_1944-05-184A1_Pvt. Vicente Gomez - El Albaicin
NO.12_1944-05-184B1_Pvt. Vicente Gomez - Mazurka
NO.13_1944-05-184B2_Pvt. Vicente Gomez - Minuet
NO.14_1944-05-185A1_Symphony Orch. of the First Service Command - Excerpts From Carmen
NO.15_1944-05-185B1_Symphony Orch. of the First Service Command - Overture To The Marriage Of Figaro
NO.16_1944-05-186A1_Coast Guard Training Station Band, Curtis Bay, MD - Annie Laurie
NO.17_1944-05-186A2_Coast Guard Training Station Band, Curtis Bay, MD - My Heart Isn't In It
NO.18_1944-05-186B1_Coast Guard Training Station Band, Curtis Bay, MD - Mary Lou
NO.19_1944-05-186B2_Coast Guard Training Station Band, Curtis Bay, MD - Shine
NO.20_1944-05-187A1_B. Goodman, C. Williams, G. Auld, C. Christian, J. Guanieri, - A Smooth One
NO.21_1944-05-187B1_Will Bradley Orch. - Celery Stalks At Midnight
NO.22_1944-05-188AB_Lionel Hampton Orch. - Flyin' Home Pt1&2
NO.23_1944-05-189A1_Perry Como - It's The Talk Of The Town
NO.24_1944-05-189B1_Phil Brito - The Hills Of Old Virginia
NO.25_1944-05-189B2_Phil Brito - Yours Is My Heart Alone
NO.26_1944-05-191A1_Doctor Clayton - Watch Out Mama
NO.27_1944-05-191A2_Lil Green - What Have I Done?
NO.28_1944-05-191B1_Eddie Condon's Jazz Band - Uncle Sam Blues
NO.29_1944-05-192A1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Temptation
NO.30_1944-05-192B1_Freddy Martin Orch. - My Gal Sal

NO.01_1944-05-192B2_Freddy Martin Orch. - On The Banks Of The Wabash
NO.02_1944-05-193A1_Harry James Orch. - You Made Me Love You
NO.03_1944-05-193B1_Harry James Orch. - Cherry
NO.04_1944-05-193B2_Harry James Orch. - Music Makers
NO.05_1944-05-194A1_The Andrews Sisters with Mitchell Ayers Orch. - Medley of Andrews Sisters' Hits
NO.06_1944-05-194B1_The Andrews Sisters with Mitchell Ayers Orch. - Rhumboogie
NO.07_1944-05-194B2_The Andrews Sisters with Mitchell Ayers Orch. - Sing A Tropical Song
NO.08_1944-05-195A1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - I'll Do Anything For You
NO.09_1944-05-195A2_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - The Champ
NO.10_1944-05-195B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Hawaiian War Chant
NO.11_1944-05-195B2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - March Of The Toys
NO.12_1944-05-196A1_Don Redman Orch., vocal by Dolores Brown - Great Day In The Morning
NO.13_1944-05-196B1_Louis Jordan Orch. - Five Guys Named Joe
NO.14_1944-05-196B2_Louis Jordan Orch. - Jumpin' At The Jubilee
NO.15_1944-05-197A1_Les Brown Orch. - Mexican Hat Dance
NO.16_1944-05-197B1_Gene Krupa Orch., vocal by Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge - Let Me Off Uptown
NO.17_1944-05-198A1_David Rose Orch. - Memories Of You
NO.18_1944-05-198A2_David Rose Orch. - Nostalgia
NO.19_1944-05-198B1_Victor Young Orch. - Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time
NO.20_1944-05-198B2_Victor Young Orch. - Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi
NO.21_1944-05-199A1_Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch. - Smoke Rings
NO.22_1944-05-199B1_Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch. - A Lover's Lullabye