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V-Disc ("V" for Victory) NO.200 - 299, May 1944 - October 1944


Release - May 1944 - October 1944

NO.01_1944-05-200A1_Bob Crosby Orch. - South Rampart Street Parade
NO.02_1944-05-200A2_Bob Crosby Orch. - Struttin' With Some Barbeque
NO.03_1944-05-200B1_Erskine Butterfield Orch. - Lighthouse
NO.04_1944-05-200B2_Erskine Butterfield Orch. - The Boogie Beat'll Get You
NO.05_1944-05-201A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Moon Dreams
NO.06_1944-05-201B1_Glenn Miller Orch. - Sleepy Town Train
NO.07_1944-06-202A1_Mildred Bailey with Teddy Wilson - More Than You Know
NO.08_1944-06-202B1_Red Norvo Orch. - Seven Come Eleven
NO.09_1944-06-203A1_Curtis Bay Coast Guard Phil - Harmonica Boogie Woogie & Dark Eyes & El Choclo
NO.10_1944-06-203B1_Curtis Bay Coast Guard Phil - Carioca
NO.11_1944-06-203B2_Curtis Bay Coast Guard Phil - Czardas
NO.12_1944-06-204A1_AAFTAC Symphonette - Londonderry Air
NO.13_1944-06-204B1_AAFTAC Symphonette - Perpetual Motion
NO.14_1944-06-205A1_The Ink Spots - We'll Meet Again
NO.15_1944-06-205B1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Down By The Old Mill Stream
NO.16_1944-06-205B2_Benny Goodman Orch. - Jumpin' At The Woodside
NO.17_1944-06-206A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Paramount On Parade
NO.18_1944-06-206B1_Morton Downey with Tommy Dorsey - And So Little TIme
NO.19_1944-06-206B2_Morton Downey with Tommy Dorsey - Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes
NO.20_1944-06-207A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Waltz Theme & Beautiful Ohio
NO.21_1944-06-207B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - I Love You
NO.22_1944-06-208A1_Lawrence Tibbett with the Chorus and Orch. - Carmen Act II, Chanson du Toreador
NO.23_1944-06-208B1_Gladys Swarthout with Orch. - Carmen Act I, Habanera
NO.24_1944-06-209A1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - I've Got You Under My Skin
NO.25_1944-06-209B1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - In Times Like These
NO.26_1944-06-209B2_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - South Side
NO.27_1944-06-210A1_Frankie Carle Orch. - Moonlight Whispers
NO.28_1944-06-210B1_Frankie Carle Orch. - Mean To Me & Girl Of My Dreams & My Heart Stood Still
NO.29_1944-06-211A1_Mugsy Spanier Orch. - Lonesome Road
NO.30_1944-06-211A2_Mugsy Spanier Orch. - That Da Da Strain

NO.01_1944-06-211B1_Eddie Condon Town Hall Jazz Orch. - Ballin' The Jack
NO.02_1944-06-211B2_Eddie Condon Town Hall Jazz Orch. - Tin Roof Blues
NO.03_1944-06-212A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Sentimental Lady
NO.04_1944-06-212A2_Duke Ellington Orch. - Take The 'A' Train
NO.05_1944-06-212B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Flamingo
NO.06_1944-06-213A1_Harry James Orch. - Eli Eli
NO.07_1944-06-213A2_Harry James Orch. - Trumpet Rhapsody
NO.08_1944-06-213B1_Les Brown Orch. - Bizet Has His Day
NO.09_1944-06-214A1_Sidney Bechet New Orleans Feet Warmers - V-Disc Blues
NO.10_1944-06-214B1_Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Sensation
NO.11_1944-06-214B2_Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Tiger Rag
NO.12_1944-06-215A1_Tony Pastor Orch. - Confessin' That I Love You
NO.13_1944-06-215A2_Tony Pastor Orch. - Pale Moon
NO.14_1944-06-215B1_Tony Pastor Orch. - Braggin'
NO.15_1944-06-216A1_Eugene List with the Orch. - Piano Concerto In B-Flat Minor, (Tchaikovsky)
NO.16_1944-06-216B1_Eugene List with Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Piano Concerto In A Minor, (Grieg)
NO.17_1944-06-217A1_Harry James Orch. - Let's Go Home
NO.18_1944-06-217B1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - The Breeze And I
NO.19_1944-06-217B2_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - You, You Darlin'
NO.20_1944-06-218A1_Dorothy Lamour with Dick McIntrye Harmony Hawaiians - Moon Of Manakoora
NO.21_1944-06-218A2_Dorothy Lamour with Dick McIntrye - My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii
NO.22_1944-06-218B1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Gulf Coast Blues
NO.23_1944-06-219B1_Jimmy Lunceford Orch. - 'Tain't What You Do
NO.24_1944-06-219B2_Ziggy Elman Orch. - I'll Never Be The Same
NO.25_1944-06-219B3_Ziggy Elman Orch. - Zaggin' With Zig
NO.26_1944-07-220A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Losers Weepers
NO.27_1944-07-220A2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Minor Goes A'Muggin'
NO.28_1944-07-220B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch., featuring Gene Krupa, drums - Not So Quiet Please
NO.29_1944-07-221A1_Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians - Where You Are
NO.30_1944-07-221B1_Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians - San Fernando Valley

NO.01_1944-07-221B2_Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians - Swingin' On A Star
NO.02_1944-07-222A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Wagon Wheels
NO.03_1944-07-222B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - TD Chant
NO.04_1944-07-223A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Everybody Loves My Baby
NO.05_1944-07-224A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Stompin' At The Savoy
NO.06_1944-07-224B1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Stealin' Apples
NO.07_1944-07-225A1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - I Could Hide Inside This Letter & Time On My Hands
NO.08_1944-07-225B1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Good Night, Wherever You Are & Avalon
NO.09_1944-07-226A1_Richard Crooks, tenor, with Orch. conducted by Howard Barlow - The Hills Of Rome
NO.10_1944-07-226A2_Richard Crooks, tenor, with Orch. conducted by Howard Barlow - That Old Refrain
NO.11_1944-07-226B1_Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Dance Of The Soldiers (William Tell)
NO.12_1944-07-226B2_Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Minuet (Boccherini)
NO.13_1944-07-227A1_Georgia Gibbs with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet
NO.14_1944-07-227A2_Georgia Gibbs with Tommy Dorsey Orch. -Tess's Torch Song
NO.15_1944-07-227B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - I Never Knew
NO.16_1944-07-227B2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Irresistable You
NO.17_1944-07-228A1_Arthur Rubinstein - Nocturne In F Sharp Major (Chopin)
NO.18_1944-07-228B1_Arthur Rubinstein - Ritual Fire Dance
NO.19_1944-07-229A1_Lionel Hampton Orch. - The Major And The Minor
NO.20_1944-07-229B1_Lionel Hampton Orch. - I Wonder Boogie
NO.21_1944-07-230A1_Frankie Carle Orch. - Sunrise Serenade & I'll Walk Alone
NO.22_1944-07-230B1_Frankie Carle Orch. - Show Me The Way To Go Home
NO.23_1944-07-231A1_Eddie Howard Orch. - Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
NO.24_1944-07-231B1_Eddie Howard Orch. - You're The Dream, I'm The Dreamer
NO.25_1944-07-232A1_Xavier Cugat Orch. - Cui Cui
NO.26_1944-07-232B1_Xavier Cugat Orch. - Blen Blen Blen
NO.27_1944-07-234A1_Coleman Hawkins Orch. - Body And Soul
NO.28_1944-07-234B1_Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session - Basin Street Blues
NO.29_1944-07-235A1_David Rose - Theme
NO.30_1944-07-235A2_Harry Horlick Orch. - Shadow Waltz

NO.01_1944-07-235B1_Harry Horlick Orch. - Ramona
NO.02_1944-07-236A1_Kay Kyser Orch. - Always
NO.03_1944-07-236A2_Kay Kyser Orch. - Bye Bye Blues
NO.04_1944-07-236B1_Kay Kyser Orch. - Shine On Harvest Moon
NO.05_1944-07-237A1_Johnny Kirby Orch. - Coquette
NO.06_1944-07-237A2_Johnny Kirby Orch. - Royal Garden Blues
NO.07_1944-07-237B1_Louis Jordan Tympani FIve - The End Of My Worry
NO.08_1944-07-237B2_Louis Jordan Tympani FIve - You Can't Get That No More
NO.09_1944-07-238A1_Dick Haymes - You Send Me
NO.10_1944-07-238B1_Harry James Orch. with Dick Haymes - Maria Elena
NO.11_1944-07-239A1_Chuck Foster Orch. - Leave Us Face It
NO.12_1944-07-239B1_Chuck Foster Orch. - Night Train To Memphis
NO.13_1944-07-239B2_Chuck Foster Orch. - She Don't Wanna
NO.14_1944-07-240A1_Gene Autry - After Tomorrow
NO.15_1944-07-240A2_Gene Autry - It Makes No Difference Now
NO.16_1944-07-240B1_Ted Daffan's Texans - Born To Lose
NO.17_1944-07-240B2_Ted Daffan's Texans - No Letter Today
NO.18_1944-08-241A1_Bing Crosby - Amor
NO.19_1944-08-241A2_Bing Crosby - It Could Happen To You
NO.20_1944-08-241B1_Frank Sinatra - Come Out, Wherever You Are
NO.21_1944-08-241B2_Frank Sinatra - Some Other Time
NO.22_1944-08-242A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Fellow On A Furlough
NO.23_1944-08-242A2_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Guns In The Sky
NO.24_1944-08-242B1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Poinciana
NO.25_1944-08-243A1_Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians - It's Love, Love, Love
NO.26_1944-08-243A2_Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians - Take It Easy
NO.27_1944-08-243B1_Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians - Frankie And Johnny
NO.28_1944-08-244A1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - Time Alone Will Tell
NO.29_1944-08-244B1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - Going My Way
NO.30_1944-08-245A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Medley Of Rodgers And Hart Hits

NO.01_1944-08-245B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - With A Song In My Heart
NO.02_1944-08-246A1_Boyd Raeburn Orch., vocal by Dorothy Claire - Who Started Love?
NO.03_1944-08-246B1_Harry James Orch. - Crazy Rhythm
NO.04_1944-08-247A1_Howard Barlow and the Firestone Symphony - Russian Sailor's Dance (Gliere)
NO.05_1944-08-247B1_Howard Barlow and the Firestone Symphony - Persian Dance (Moussagorsky)
NO.06_1944-08-248A1_Billie Holiday with the All-Star Jam Band - I Love My Man
NO.07_1944-08-248B1_Billie Holiday with Teddy Wilson Orch. - My Man
NO.08_1944-08-248B2_Billie Holiday with Teddy Wilson Orch. - When You're Smiling
NO.09_1944-08-249A1_Pat Flowers - You're Some Pretty Doll & Abdullah
NO.10_1944-08-249B1_Mugsy Spanier Ragtime Band - At The Jazz Band Ball
NO.11_1944-08-249B2_Mugsy Spanier Ragtime Band - Someday, Sweetheart
NO.12_1944-08-250A1_Gladys Swarthout and Orch., conducted by Al Goodman - Make Believe
NO.13_1944-08-250A2_Gladys Swarthout and Orch., conducted by Al Goodman - The Man I Love
NO.14_1944-08-250B1_Reed Kenny and Orch., conducted by Al Goodman - Danny Boy
NO.15_1944-08-250B2_Reed Kenny and Orch., conducted by Al Goodman - Song Of The Vagabonds
NO.16_1944-08-251A1_N. Milstein (Vn), A. Balsam (P) - Meditation From Thais (Massenet)
NO.17_1944-08-251B1_N. Milstein (Vn), A. Balsam (P) - Abenlied & Flight Of The Bumble Bee
NO.18_1944-08-252A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - The Mood To Be Wooed
NO.19_1944-08-252B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - My Little Brown Book
NO.20_1944-08-253A1_Benny Goodman Sextet - Good Enough To Keep
NO.21_1944-08-253B1_Gene Krupa Trio - Hodge Podge
NO.22_1944-08-253B2_Gene Krupa Trio - Liza
NO.23_1944-08-254A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Brother Bill
NO.24_1944-08-254B1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Marianne
NO.25_1944-08-255A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Don't Take Your Love From Me
NO.26_1944-08-255B1_Les Brown Orch. - The Day After Forever & Sweet Lorraine
NO.27_1944-08-256A1_Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch. - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
NO.28_1944-08-256B1_Chuchu Martinez Orch. - Tu Nobre & Carinoso
NO.29_1944-08-257A1_Chuchu Martinez Orch. - Noche de Rondo
NO.30_1944-08-257A2_Woody Herman Orch. - Blue Flame

NO.01_1944-08-257B1_Woody Herman Orch. - Fur Trapper's Ball
NO.02_1944-08-258A1_The Andrews Sisters - Down In The Valley & Straighten Up And Fly Right
NO.03_1944-08-258B1_Count Basie Orch. - Beaver Junction
NO.04_1944-08-259A1_Count Basie Orch. - Kansas City Stride
NO.05_1944-08-259A2_Jimmie Lunceford Orch. - Rock It For Me
NO.06_1944-08-259B1_Jimmie Lunceford Orch. - Wham
NO.07_1944-08-259B2_Cab Calloway Orch. - Geechee Joe
NO.08_1944-08-260A1_Cab Calloway Orch. - St. James Infirmary
NO.09_1944-08-260A2_Bill Gale - Clarinet Polka
NO.10_1944-08-260B1_Bill Gale - Laugh Polka
NO.11_1944-08-260B2_Big Bill - Night Watchman Blues
NO.12_1944-08-261A1_Big Bill - What's Wrong With Me?
NO.13_1944-08-261B1_Sammy Kaye & his Orch. - Someday I'll Meet You Again
NO.14_1944-08-261B2_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Kentucky
NO.15_1944-09-262A1_Frank Sinatra - Put Your Dreams Away For Another Day & And Then You Kissed Me
NO.16_1944-09-262B1_Jo Stafford with Orch. - I'll Be Seeing You
NO.17_1944-09-262B2_Jo Stafford with Orch. - Someone To Love
NO.18_1944-09-263A1_Freddie Martin Orch. - Piano Concerto In B Flat
NO.19_1944-09-263B1_Coast Guard Training Station Band, Curtis Bay, MD - Available Jones
NO.20_1944-09-264A1_Josh White - Waltzing Matilda
NO.21_1944-09-264B1_Josh White - Blues In Berlin
NO.22_1944-09-264B2_Josh White - The Lass With The Delicate Air
NO.23_1944-09-265A1_The AAFTAC Symphonette - Goyescas Intermezzo
NO.24_1944-09-265B1_The AAFTAC Symphonette - Dance Of The Comedians
NO.25_1944-09-266A1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Charleston Alley
NO.26_1944-09-266A2_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Para Vega Me Voy
NO.27_1944-09-266B1_Jimmie Lunceford Orch. - I'm Alone With You
NO.28_1944-09-266B2_Jimmie Lunceford Orch. - Marilyn Comes On
NO.29_1944-09-267A1_Whittemore and Lowe, Seamen U.S. Navy - Bolero
NO.30_1944-09-267B1_Whittemore and Lowe, Seamen U.S. Navy - Triana

NO.01_1944-09-268A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - I'll Remember April
NO.02_1944-09-268B1_Woody Herman Orch. - Lazy River
NO.03_1944-09-268B2_Woody Herman Orch. - They'll Be Some Changes Made
NO.04_1944-09-269A1_Bing Crosby with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Small Fry
NO.05_1944-09-269A2_Bobby Hackett Jam Band - After I Say I'm Sorry
NO.06_1944-09-269A3_Bobby Hackett Jam Band - That Old Gang Of Mine
NO.07_1944-09-269B1_Perry Como with Lud Gluskin Orch. - Forget-Me-Nots In Your Eyes
NO.08_1944-09-269B2_Sidney Bechet New Orleans Feet Warmers - After You're Gone
NO.09_1944-09-271A1_Claude Thornhill Orch. - Pop Goes The Weasel
NO.10_1944-09-271A2_Claude Thornhill Orch. - Snowfall
NO.11_1944-09-271B1_Claude Thornhill Orch. - Rustle Of Spring
NO.12_1944-09-272A1_Irma Gonzales, New York City Center Opera Orch. - La Boheme: Mi Chiamano Mimi
NO.13_1944-09-272B1_Norbert Ardelli, New York City Center Opera Orch. - I Pagliacci: Vesti La Giubba
NO.14_1944-09-273A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch., vocal by Jack Leonard - Marie
NO.15_1944-09-273B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Milenberg Joys
NO.16_1944-09-274A1_Benny Goodman Trio - Poor Butterfly
NO.17_1944-09-274A2_Benny Goodman Trio - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
NO.18_1944-09-274B1_Lee Castle Orch. - I Get The Blues When It Rains
NO.19_1944-09-275A1_Tony Pastor Orch. - Schicklegruber
NO.20_1944-09-275A2_Tony Pastor Orch. - Together
NO.21_1944-09-275B1_Boyd Raeburn Orch. - A Night In Tunisia
NO.22_1944-09-276A1_Dick Haymes - How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You
NO.23_1944-09-276A2_Dick Haymes - Our Waltz
NO.24_1944-09-276B1_Ina Ray and her Orch. - Don't Tetch It
NO.25_1944-09-276B2_Ina Ray and her Orch. - Was It Worth It
NO.26_1944-09-277A1_Harry James Orch. - Sharp As A Tack
NO.27_1944-09-277A2_Harry James Orch. - I'm In The Market For You
NO.28_1944-09-277B1_Glen Gray and Casa Loma Orch. - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling & My Wild Irish Rose
NO.29_1944-09-278A1_Szath-Myri Orch. - Go Down Moses
NO.30_1944-09-278B1_Szath-Myri Orch. - My Old Kentucky Home

NO.01_1944-09-279A1_Gene Krupa Orch. - Drummer's Band & Drum Boogie
NO.02_1944-09-279B1_Larry Clinton Orch. - Cielito Lindo
NO.03_1944-09-279B2_Larry Clinton Orch. - Sahara
NO.04_1944-09-280A1_Light Crust Doughboys - Bartender's Daughter & The Little Bar-Fly
NO.05_1944-09-280B1_Bill Gale - Goofy Gob
NO.06_1944-09-280B2_Bill Gale - Gypsy Polka
NO.07_1944-10-281A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Sun Valley Jump
NO.08_1944-10-281A2_Captain Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Chattanooga Choo Choo
NO.09_1944-10-281B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - It Had To Be You
NO.10_1944-10-281B2_Gramercy Five - Special Delivery Stomp
NO.11_1944-10-282A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Somebody Loves Me
NO.12_1944-10-282A2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Indian Summer
NO.13_1944-10-282B1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - What A Diffrence A Day Made
NO.14_1944-10-283A1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - The Great Lie
NO.15_1944-10-283B1_Les Brown Orch. - Flip Lid
NO.16_1944-10-284AB_Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orch. - Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Bach Pt1&2
NO.17_1944-10-285A1_Henry Busse Orch. - Hot Lips
NO.18_1944-10-285A2_Henry Busse Orch. - Wang Wang Blues
NO.19_1944-10-285B1_Stan Kenton Orch. - Artistry In Rhythm
NO.20_1944-10-285B2_Stan Kenton Orch. - Eager Beaver
NO.21_1944-10-286A1_Paul Whiteman Orch. vocal by Billie Holiday - Trav'lin Light
NO.22_1944-10-286B1_The King Cole Trio - All For You & I Can't See For Lookin'
NO.23_1944-10-287A1_Bing Crosby - Pennies From Heaven
NO.24_1944-10-287A2_Frances Langford - I'm In The Mood For Love
NO.25_1944-10-287B1_Frank Sinatra - All Of Me
NO.26_1944-10-287B2_Frank Sinatra - All The Things You Are
NO.27_1944-10-288A1_Andre Kostelanetz with Orch. and Chorus - 3 Christmas Carols
NO.28_1944-10-288B1_The Band Of The Training Command Of AAF, vocal Bob Carroll - Christmas Medley
NO.29_1944-10-290A1_Jo Stafford - When Our Hearts Were Young And Gay
NO.30_1944-10-290A2_Jo Stafford - Yesterdays

NO.01_1944-10-290B1_Dick Haymes - When I Grow Too Old To Dream
NO.02_1944-10-290B2_Dick Haymes - Where Or When
NO.03_1944-10-291A1_Johnny Mercer - Strip Polka
NO.04_1944-10-291A2_Johnny Mercer - Wreck Of The Old 97
NO.05_1944-10-291B1_Dinah Shore - All Our Yesterdays
NO.06_1944-10-292A1_Billy Williams with instrumental trio - I'm Headin' East
NO.07_1944-10-292A2_Billy Williams with instrumental trio - Where The Mountins Meet The Sky
NO.08_1944-10-292B1_Barry Wood with Al Goodman Orch. - First Class Private Mary Brown
NO.09_1944-10-292B2_Barry Wood with Al Goodman Orch. - Salt Water Cowboy
NO.10_1944-10-293A1_Woody Herman Orch. - Bishop's Blues
NO.11_1944-10-293A2_Woody Herman Orch. - Come Back To Sorrento
NO.12_1944-10-293B1_Lee Castle Orch. - Uptown Express
NO.13_1944-10-295A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - When Your Lips Met Mine
NO.14_1944-10-295A2_Charlie Spivak Orch. - White Christmas
NO.15_1944-10-295B1_Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch. - Under A Blanket Of Blue
NO.16_1944-10-296A1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Haunted Town
NO.17_1944-10-296A2_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Uptown Blues
NO.18_1944-10-296B1_Claude Thornhill Orch. - Traumerei
NO.19_1944-10-296B2_Claude Thornhill Orch. - Where Has My Little Dog Gone
NO.20_1944-10-296B3_Van Cleve Orch. - Dark Eyes
NO.21_1944-10-296B4_Warner Brothers Symphony Orch. - An American In Paris
NO.22_1944-10-297A1_Xavier Cugat Orch. - Chopsticks Polka
NO.23_1944-10-297A2_Xavier Cugat Orch. - La Cumparsita
NO.24_1944-10-297B1_Chu Cha Martinez - Morena Linda
NO.25_1944-10-297B2_Chu Cha Martinez - Solamente Una Vez
NO.26_1944-10-298A1_Dick Haymes and the Travis Johnson Singers - 3 Christmas Carols
NO.27_1944-10-298B1_The Ben Yost Choir - Hark The Herald Angels Sing & Oh Come All Ye Faithful
NO.28_1944-10-299A1_Harry James Orch. - Memphis Blues
NO.29_1944-10-299A2_Harry James Orch. - On The Alamo
NO.30_1944-10-299B1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Superman