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V-Disc ("V" for Victory) NO.300 - 399, October 1944 - March 1945


Release - October 1944 - March 1945

NO.01_1944-10-300A1_Gordon Jenkins Orch. - I've Got You Under My Skin
NO.02_1944-10-300A2_Paul Weston Orch. - So Beats My Heart For You
NO.03_1944-10-300B1_Louis Prima Orch. - Robin Hood
NO.04_1944-11-301A1_Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter Orch. - Let Me Call You Sweetheart
NO.05_1944-11-301A2_Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter Orch. - Going My Way
NO.06_1944-11-301B1_Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter Orch. - Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Rah That's An Irish Lullaby
NO.07_1944-11-301B2_Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter Orch. & The Charioteers -Swingin' On A Star
NO.08_1944-11-302A1_Benny Goodman V-DISC All-Stars, vocal by Mildred Bailey - These Foolish Things
NO.09_1944-11-302A2_Benny Goodman V-DISC Quartette - Hallelujah
NO.10_1944-11-302B1_Major Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Deep Purple
NO.11_1944-11-303A1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Janie & There Is No Greater Love
NO.12_1944-11-303B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Just Kiddin' Around
NO.13_1944-11-304A1_Donald Voorhees Orch. - Caprice Viennois
NO.14_1944-11-304B1_Donald Voorhees Orch. - Long, Long Ago
NO.15_1944-11-305A1_Les Brown Orch. - Okay For Baby
NO.16_1944-11-305A2_Les Brown Orch. - Some Peaceful Evening
NO.17_1944-11-305B1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - Lili Marlene
NO.18_1944-11-305B2_Woody Herman Orch. - There Are No Wings On A Foxhole
NO.19_1944-11-306A1_Al Goodman Orch. - I'm Gonna Hang My Hat On A Tree That Grows In Brooklyn
NO.20_1944-11-306B1_Al Jolson with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Ma Blushin' Rose
NO.21_1944-11-306B2_Al Jolson with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - April Showers
NO.22_1944-11-307A1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Cherokee
NO.23_1944-11-307A2_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Pompton Turnpike
NO.24_1944-11-307B1_Muggsy Spanier Ragtime Band - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
NO.25_1944-11-307B2_Muggsy Spanier Ragtime Band - Riverboat Shuffle
NO.26_1944-11-308A1_Fats Waller and Rhythm - Your Feets Too Big and All That Meat And Not Potatoes
NO.27_1944-11-308B1_Earl Hines Orch., vocal by Bill Eckstein - Jelly Jelly
NO.28_1944-11-309A1_Stan Kenton, vocal by Anita O'Day - And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
NO.29_1944-11-309B1_Raymond Scott Orch. - In A Magic Garden
NO.30_1944-11-309B2_Raymond Scott Orch. - Tijuana

NO.01_1944-11-310B1_Bea Wain, Vaughn Monroe Orch. - Blow, Gabriel Blow
NO.02_1944-11-310B2_Bea Wain, Vaughn Monroe Orch. - My Reverie
NO.03_1944-11-311A1_Harry James Orch. - Flight Of The Bumblebee, Strictly Instrumental
NO.04_1944-11-311B1_Bob Crosby Orch. - Shortenin' Bread
NO.05_1944-11-311B2_Bob Crosby Orch. - Summertime
NO.06_1944-11-312A1_Perry Como, with Benny Goodman V-DISC All-Star Band - Goodbye Sue
NO.07_1944-11-312B1_Johnny Mercer, Paul Weston Orch. - How Many Hearts Have You Broken?
NO.08_1944-11-312B2_Johnny Mercer, Paul Weston Orch. - You've Got Me Where You Want Me
NO.09_1944-11-313A1_AAFTAC Symphonette - Prelude In E Major (Bach)
NO.10_1944-11-313B1_AAFTAC Symphonette - Waltz From Serenade For Strings (Tchaikovsky)
NO.11_1944-11-314A1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - Contrasts
NO.12_1944-11-314A2_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin
NO.13_1944-11-314B1_Erskine Hawkins Orch., vocal by Jimmy Mitchell - Don't Cry Baby
NO.14_1944-11-315A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Just Friends
NO.15_1944-11-315A2_Charlie Spivak Orch., vocal by Jimmy Saunders - You Always Hurt The One You Love
NO.16_1944-11-315B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Things Ain't What They Used To Be
NO.17_1944-11-316A1_June Hutton and the Pied Pipers - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
NO.18_1944-11-316A2_June Hutton and the Pied Pipers - The Trolley Song
NO.19_1944-11-316B1_Paul Weston Orch. - Louise
NO.20_1944-11-316B2_Paul Weston Orch. - Out Of Nowhere
NO.21_1944-11-317B1_Jimmie Lunceford Orch., vocals by Trummie Young - I'm In An Awful Mood
NO.22_1944-11-317B2_Jimmie Lunceford Orch., vocals by Willie Smith - Put It Away
NO.23_1944-11-317B3_Teddy Wilson Orch., vocals by Lena Horne - Prisoner Of Love
NO.24_1944-11-318A1_Clyde Lucas Orch., vocals by Jean La Salle - Miss You
NO.25_1944-11-318A2_Clyde Lucas Orch., vocals by Jean La Salle - Ten Days With Baby
NO.26_1944-11-318B1_Kay Kyser Orch. - Limehouse Blues
NO.27_1944-11-318B2_Kay Kyser Orch. - The Girl I Left Behind Me
NO.28_1944-11-319A1_Mal Hallett Orch. - Boston Tea Party
NO.29_1944-11-319A2_Mal Hallett Orch. - Exactly Like You
NO.30_1944-11-319B1_Louise Massey and her Westerners - Goofus

NO.01_1944-11-319B2_Louise Massey and her Westerners - You Don't Love Me
NO.02_1944-11-319B3_Louise Massey and her Westerners - Wildcat
NO.03_1944-11-320A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch., vocals by Bob Allen - Sweet And Lovely
NO.04_1944-11-320A2_Tommy Dorsey Orch., vocals by Bob Allen - The Lamp Is Low
NO.05_1944-11-320B1_Woody Herman Orch., vocal by Frances Wayne - Flyin' Home
NO.06_1944-11-320B2_Woody Herman Orch., vocal by Frances Wayne - It Must Be Jelly
NO.07_1944-11-321A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Tales From The Vienna Woods
NO.08_1944-11-321B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Gypsy Airs
NO.09_1944-12-322A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Chicago
NO.10_1944-12-322A2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Melody In A
NO.11_1944-12-322B1_Benny Goodman V-Disc All-Star Band - After You've Gone
NO.12_1944-12-324A1_Red Norvo Quintet - The Bass On The Barroom Floor
NO.13_1944-12-324A2_Red Norvo Quintet - Which Switch Witch
NO.14_1944-12-324B1_Eddie Heywood Orch. - Begin The Beguine
NO.15_1944-12-326A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Sunset Strip
NO.16_1944-12-326B1_Charlie Barnet Orch., vocal by Kay Starr - Sharecroppin' Blues
NO.17_1944-12-327A1_The Firestone Symphony Orch. - Una Furtiva Lagrima
NO.18_1944-12-327B1_Donald Vorhees Orch., Ezio Pinza bass - Largo
NO.19_1944-12-328A1_Joan Edwards, Raymond Scott Orch. - Always
NO.20_1944-12-328A2_Mildred Bailey, Paul Baron Orch. - Hold On Keep Your Hand On The Plow
NO.21_1944-12-328B1_Jo Stafford, Pied Pipers and Paul Weston's Orch. - Love Is Just Around The Corner
NO.22_1944-12-328B2_Jo Stafford, Pied Pipers and Paul Weston's Orch. - I Remember You
NO.23_1944-12-329A1_Les Brown Orch. - Prelude To A Kiss
NO.24_1944-12-329B1_Sammy Kaye Orch., vocal by Sally Stuart - On My Way Out
NO.25_1944-12-330A1_Benny Carter Orch. - Among My Souvenirs
NO.26_1944-12-330A2_Benny Carter Orch. - Sleep
NO.27_1944-12-330B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - I Cover The Waterfront
NO.28_1944-12-331A1_Clyde Lucas Orch. - Dance With A Dolly
NO.29_1944-12-331B1_Tommy Tucker Orch. - An Hour Never Passes
NO.30_1944-12-332A1_Gene Krupa New Orch., vocal by Lillian Lane - Very Thought Of You

NO.01_1944-12-332B1_Johnny Long Orch. - In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
NO.02_1944-12-332B2_Johnny Long Orch. - The White Star Of Sigma Nu
NO.03_1944-12-333AB_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Swan of Tuonela Pt1&2 (Sibelius)
NO.04_1944-12-334A1_Major Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Farewell Blues
NO.05_1944-12-334A2_Major Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - My Buddy
NO.06_1944-12-334B1_David Rose Orch. - Lover
NO.07_1944-12-334B2_David Rose Orch. - Theme
NO.08_1944-12-335A1_Judy Garland, Tommy Dorsey Orch. - I May Be Wrong But I Think You're Wonderful
NO.09_1944-12-335A2_Judy Garland, Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Over The Rainbow
NO.10_1944-12-335B1_Dick Haymes - A Little Bit Of Heaven
NO.11_1944-12-335B2_Dick Haymes - Dear Little Boy Of Mine
NO.12_1944-12-335B3_Dick Haymes - Let The Rest Of The World Go By
NO.13_1944-12-336A1_Harry James Orch. - Love Department
NO.14_1944-12-336A2_Harry James Orch., vocal by Kitty Kallen - I'll Walk Alone
NO.15_1944-12-336B1_Ziggy Elman Orch. - And The Angels Sing
NO.16_1944-12-337A1_Bing Crosby - Clementine
NO.17_1944-12-337A2_Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters - There'll Be A Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin
NO.18_1944-12-337B1_Andy Russell with Mitchell Ayres Orch. - I Dream Of You
NO.19_1944-12-337B2_Andy Russell with Mitchell Ayres Orch. - Magic Is The Moonlight
NO.20_1944-12-338A1_Cab Calloway - Foo A Little Ballyhoo
NO.21_1944-12-338A2_Cab Calloway - I'm Making Believe
NO.22_1944-12-338B1_17 Skymen of the 718th AAF Band - Summer Holiday
NO.23_1944-12-339A1_The King Cole Trio - Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
NO.24_1944-12-339A2_The King Cole Trio - I Realize Now
NO.25_1944-12-339B1_The Three Suns - Tico Tico
NO.26_1944-12-339B2_The Three Suns - Twilight Time
NO.27_1945-01-340A1_Harry Owens Royal Hawaiians - Aloha No Wau I Ko Maka
NO.28_1945-01-340A2_Harry Owens Royal Hawaiians - The Laughing Song
NO.29_1945-01-340B1_Bob Wills Texas Playboys - Home In San Antoine
NO.30_1945-01-340B2_Bob Wills Texas Playboys - Miss Molly

NO.01_1945-01-341A1_Bing Crosby - The Last Roundup
NO.02_1945-01-341B1_Andy Russell - Don't You Notice Anything New
NO.03_1945-01-341B2_Andy Russell - I'll See You In My Dreams
NO.04_1945-01-342A1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - I Like To Riff
NO.05_1945-01-342A2_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Smiles
NO.06_1945-01-342B1_Gene Krupa New Orch. - Fish Market
NO.07_1945-01-343A1_The US Army Air Forces Band, Glenn Darwin - Three Little Messerschmitts
NO.08_1945-01-343B1_The US Army Air Forces Band, Glenn Darwin - American Doughboy
NO.09_1945-01-343B2_The US Army Air Forces Band, Glenn Darwin - There's Nothing In Front Of The Infantry
NO.10_1945-01-344A1_The Benny Goodman Quintet - Untitled
NO.11_1945-01-344B1_Muggsy Spainer V-Disc All Stars - Peewee Speaks
NO.12_1945-01-345A1_Gladys Swarthout, Al Goodman Orch. - Chanson Boheme
NO.13_1945-01-345B1_Nestor Mesta Chayres with Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - La Morena De Mi Copla
NO.14_1945-01-345B2_Nestor Mesta Chayres with Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - La Paloma
NO.15_1945-01-346AB_Andre Kostelanetz his Orch. and Chorus - Bloomer Girl Medley Pt1&2
NO.16_1945-01-347A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch., vocal by Bob Allen - For All We Know
NO.17_1945-01-347A2_Tommy Dorsey Orch., vocal by The Sentimentalists - The Lady In Red
NO.18_1945-01-347B1_Harry James Orch., featuring Allen Reuss on guitar - Steel Guitar Rag
NO.19_1945-01-347B2_Harry James Orch., vocal by Kitty Kallen - There Goes That Song Again
NO.20_1945-01-348A1_Spike Jones City Slickers - And The Great Big Saw Came Nearer And Nearer
NO.21_1945-01-348A2_Spike Jones City Slickers - Cocktails For Two
NO.22_1945-01-348B1_Dick Liebert at the Console of the Radio City Music Hall Organ - Barbershop Medley
NO.23_1945-01-349A1_Les Brown Orch., vocal by Doris Day - Sentimental Journey
NO.24_1945-01-349B1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Hawaiian Sunset
NO.25_1945-01-349B2_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Sho' Nuff
NO.26_1945-01-350A1_The Philharmonic-Symphony Orch. - Overture To Prometheus (Beethoven)
NO.27_1945-01-350B1_The Philharmonic-Symphony Orch. - Fetes (Debussy)
NO.28_1945-01-354A1_Peggy Lee and her Band - Ain't Goin No Place
NO.29_1945-01-354A2_Peggy Lee and her Band - That Old Feeling
NO.30_1945-01-354B1_Jack Teagarden - Casanova's Lament

NO.01_1945-01-354B2_Jack Teagarden - I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
NO.02_1945-02-360A1_Lionel Hampton Orch. - One Sweet Letter From You
NO.03_1945-02-360A2_Lionel Hampton Orch. - Sweethearts On Parade
NO.04_1945-02-360B1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - I Surrender Dear
NO.05_1945-02-361A1_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Liebestod (Tristan and Isolde)
NO.06_1945-02-361B1_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Brummhilde's Immolation (Gotterdammerung)
NO.07_1945-02-363A1_Bing Crosby - I Promise You
NO.08_1945-02-363B1_Bing Crosby - Medley From The Paramount Picture
NO.09_1945-02-364A1_Charlie Barnet Orch., Kay Starr - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
NO.10_1945-02-364B1_Eddy Howard Orch. - Old Fashioned Love
NO.11_1945-02-365A1_Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink Spots - Into Each Life
NO.12_1945-02-365A2_Mills Brothers - It Don't Mean A Thing
NO.13_1945-02-365B1_King Cole Trio - Embraceble You
NO.14_1945-02-365B2_King Cole Trio - What Is This Thing Called Love
NO.15_1945-02-366A1_Benny Goodman Quintet - Shiek Of Araby
NO.16_1945-02-366A2_Benny Goodman Quintet - Sweet Georgia Brown
NO.17_1945-02-366B1_Esquire All Stars featuring Louis Armstrong - Back O' Town Blues
NO.18_1945-02-367A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Malaguena
NO.19_1945-02-367B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Impressions Of Basie
NO.20_1945-02-368A1_Ethel Merman - Why Do They Call A Private A Private?
NO.21_1945-02-368B1_Alec Templeton - Alec Templeton Impressions
NO.22_1945-02-369A1_Woody Herman Orch. - Apple Honey
NO.23_1945-02-369B1_Count Basie Orch., vocal by Jimmy Rushing - Harvard Blues
NO.24_1945-02-370A1_Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers - Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
NO.25_1945-02-370A2_June Hutton and the Pied Pipers -There's A Fellow Waiting In Poughkeepsie
NO.26_1945-02-370B1_Deep River Boys - Get On Board Little Chillun
NO.27_1945-02-370B2_Deep River Boys - Walkin' In The Light
NO.28_1945-02-372A1_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Guy Lombardo Medley
NO.29_1945-02-372A2_Lena Horne - Ill Wind
NO.30_1945-02-372A3_Lena Horne - Moanin' Low

NO.01_1945-02-372B1_Ginny Simms - Don't You Know I Care (downcut)
NO.02_1945-02-372B2_Ginny Simms - The Day After Forever
NO.03_1945-02-372B3_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - Pagliacci: Vesti La Giubba
NO.04_1945-02-373A1_Paul Baron Orch. - The Baron Riffs
NO.05_1945-02-373A2_Paul Baron Orch. - Am I Blue
NO.06_1945-02-373B1_Louis Prima Orch. - The White Cliffs Of Dover
NO.07_1945-02-373B2_Louis Prima Orch. - Angelina
NO.08_1945-02-374B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. featuring Jan Peerce, Tenor - I Love Thee
NO.09_1945-02-374B2_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. featuring Jan Peerce, Tenor - Neopolitan Love Song
NO.10_1945-02-374B3_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. feat Lily Pons Soprano - Song Of India
NO.11_1945-02-375A1_Glen Grey and the Casa Loma Orch. - Lazy Bones
NO.12_1945-02-375A2_Glen Grey and the Casa Loma Orch. - Memories Of You
NO.13_1945-02-375B1_Mary Lou Williams, Piano - Gjon Mili Jam Session
NO.14_1945-02-375B2_Mary Lou Williams, Piano - Roll 'Em
NO.15_1945-02-376A1_The Three Suns - Don't Fence Me In
NO.16_1945-02-376A2_The Three Suns - The Continental
NO.17_1945-02-376B1_Louis Jordan Tympani Five - Hey Now Let's Live
NO.18_1945-02-376B2_Louis Jordan Tympani Five - How High Am I
NO.19_1945-02-377A1_AAFTAC Symphonette - Minuetto
NO.20_1945-02-377B1_The USAAF Band - Caribbean Fantasy
NO.21_1945-02-378A1_Frank Sinatra - Someone To Watch Over Me
NO.22_1945-02-378A2_Frank Sinatra - There's No You
NO.23_1945-02-378B1_Jo Stafford - Carry Me Back To Old Virginia
NO.24_1945-02-379A1_Wayne King Orch. - Evening Star
NO.25_1945-02-379A2_Wayne King Orch. - Serenade
NO.26_1945-02-379B1_Harry Owens Royal Hawaiians - Down On Ami Ami Oni Isle
NO.27_1945-02-379B2_Harry Owens Royal Hawaiians - Sweet Leilani
NO.28_1945-02-380A1_Harry James Orch. - But Not For Me
NO.29_1945-02-380A2_Harry James Orch. - I Cried For You
NO.30_1945-02-380B1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Charlie Horse

NO.01_1945-02-380B2_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Intermezzo
NO.02_1945-02-381A1_Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch., - I've Got A Heart Filled With Love For You, Dear
NO.03_1945-02-381B1_Dinah Shore - I Can't Tell Why I Love You, But I Do
NO.04_1945-03-381B2_Dinah Shore - Sleigh Ride In July
NO.05_1945-03-382A1_Woody Herman Orch. - Red Top
NO.06_1945-03-382B1_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Come With Me My Honey
NO.07_1945-03-382B2_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Poor Little Rhode Island
NO.08_1945-03-383A1_Josh White - Cottoneyed Joe & One Meat Ball
NO.09_1945-03-383B1_Hoagy Carmichael - Baltimore Oriole
NO.10_1945-03-383B2_Hoagy Carmichael - Hong Kong Blues
NO.11_1945-03-384A1_V-Disc All Star, Jack Teagarden and Louis Armstrong - Jack-Armstrong Blues
NO.12_1945-03-384B1_V-Disc All Star - Rosetta
NO.13_1945-03-385A1_Bing Crosby - Strange Music
NO.14_1945-03-385A2_Bing Crosby - Let's Take The Long Way Home
NO.15_1945-03-385B1_Andy Russell - Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart
NO.16_1945-03-385B2_Andy Russell - After Awhile
NO.17_1945-03-386AB_Philharmonic-Symphonic Orch. of New York - Old California Pt1&2
NO.18_1945-03-387A1_Mildred Bailey - Right As Rain
NO.19_1945-03-387B1_Vaughn Monroe New Orch. - Evelina
NO.20_1945-03-388A1_George Paxton Orch. - Mary & Louise & Margie
NO.21_1945-03-388B1_New Friends of Rhythm - Capriciousness #24
NO.22_1945-03-388B2_New Friends of Rhythm - Heavy Traffic On Canal St
NO.23_1945-03-389A1_Harry James Orch., vocal by Kitty Kallen - I'm Beginning To See The Light
NO.24_1945-03-389B1_Les Brown Orch., vocal by Betty Bonney - Nickel Serenade
NO.25_1945-03-389B2_Les Brown Orch., vocal by Butch Stone - A Good Man Is Hard To Find
NO.26_1945-03-390A1_Marie Greene with Van Cleve Orch. - Easy To Love
NO.27_1945-03-390B1_Marie Greene - Don't Ever Change & Walk A Little Talk A Little
NO.28_1945-03-391A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
NO.29_1945-03-391A2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
NO.30_1945-03-391B1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - All The Things You Aren't

NO.01_1945-03-391B2_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - Grand Central Getaway
NO.02_1945-03-392AB_Toscanini NBC Symphony Orch. - Leonore Overture In C Major Pt1&2
NO.03_1945-03-393A1_Frank Sinatra - If You Are But A Dream
NO.04_1945-03-393A2_Frank Sinatra - Saturday Night
NO.05_1945-03-393B1_Jo Stafford - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
NO.06_1945-03-393B2_Jo Stafford - I Don't Know About You
NO.07_1945-03-394A1_Benny Goodman Quintet - Rose Room
NO.08_1945-03-394B1_Mugsy Spanier V-DISC All Stars - Pat's Blues
NO.09_1945-03-395A1_The Three Suns - The Love I Long For
NO.10_1945-03-395A2_The Three Suns - The Things I Love
NO.11_1945-03-395B1_Frank Froeba, his Backroom Piano, Boys - Down By The Old Mill Stream
NO.12_1945-03-395B2_Frank Froeba, his Backroom Piano, Boys - Let Me Call You Sweetheart
NO.13_1945-03-396AB_The Philharmonic of Los Angeles - Warsaw Concerto (Addinsell)
NO.14_1945-03-397A1_Wings Over Jordan - I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
NO.15_1945-03-397A2_Wings Over Jordan - Rock Me In The Bosom Of Abraham
NO.16_1945-03-397B1_Marek Weber Orch. - Medley Of Waltzes
NO.17_1945-03-398A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - I Wonder What's Become Of Sally
NO.18_1945-03-398A2_Charlie Spivak Orch. - In The Dark Of The Moon
NO.19_1945-03-398B1_Hal McIntyre Orch. - Hymn To A Goat
NO.20_1945-03-398B2_Hal McIntyre Orch. - Tabby The Cat
NO.21_1945-03-399A1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Zigeuner
NO.22_1945-03-399A2_Artie Shaw Orch., vocal by Billie Holiday - Any Old Time
NO.23_1945-03-399B1_Louis Prima Orch. - Hitsum-Kitsum-Bumpity-Itsum
NO.24_1945-03-399B2_Louis Prima Orch. - This Heart Of Mine