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V-Disc ("V" for Victory) NO.400 - 499, March 1945 - August 1945


Release - March 1945 - August 1945

NO.01_1945-03-400A1_Mark Warnow Orch. - Everybody Step
NO.02_1945-03-400A2_Mark Warnow Orch. - Canadian Capers
NO.03_1945-03-400B1_Al Dexter Troopers - Rosalita
NO.04_1945-03-400B2_Al Dexter Troopers - So Long, Pal
NO.05_1945-03-401A1_The Philharmonic-Symphony Orch. of New York - Serenade For Orch. Pt1&2 (Mozart)
NO.06_1945-03-401B1_The Philharmonic-Symphony Orch. of New York - Serenade For Orch. Pt3&4 (Mozart)
NO.07_1945-04-402B1_Morton Gould Orch. - El Rancho Grande
NO.08_1945-04-402B2_Morton Gould Orch. - Tropical
NO.09_1945-04-403A1_Sammy Kaye Orch., featuring Nancy Norman - I Wanna Get Married
NO.10_1945-04-403B1_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis
NO.11_1945-04-403B2_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Oh! Moytle
NO.12_1945-04-404A1_Lionel Hampton Orch. - Vibe Boogie
NO.13_1945-04-404B1_Yank Lawson and the V-DISC All Stars - Davenport Blues
NO.14_1945-04-405A1_Frank Sinatra - I Begged Her
NO.15_1945-04-405A2_Frank Sinatra - What Makes The Sunset
NO.16_1945-04-405B1_Evelyn Knight and the Chittison Trio - 2 Little Fishes and 5 Loaves Of Bread
NO.17_1945-04-405B2_Evelyn Knight and the Chittison Trio - Too La Loo Ra Loo Ral
NO.18_1945-04-406A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
NO.19_1945-04-406A2_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Only Another Boy and Girl
NO.20_1945-04-406B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - More And More
NO.21_1945-04-406B2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - You're Driving Me Crazy
NO.22_1945-04-407A1_Marie Greene - Star Dust
NO.23_1945-04-407B1_Georgia Gibbs - How Deep Is The Ocean
NO.24_1945-04-407B2_Ginny Simms - Night And Day
NO.25_1945-04-408A1_Jeanette MacDonald with Orch. and Chorus - Battle Hymn Of The Republic
NO.26_1945-04-408A2_The Lyn Murray Singers, Featuring Cpl. Gordon Myers - A Soldier's Prayer
NO.27_1945-04-408B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Meditation From Thais
NO.28_1945-04-409A1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Jersey Bounce
NO.29_1945-04-409A2_Benny Goodman Orch. - String Of Pearls
NO.30_1945-04-410A1_Perry Como with Ted Steele Orch. - 3 Songs

NO.01_1945-04-410B1_Lena Horne with Horace Henderson Orch. - One For My Baby
NO.02_1945-04-411A1_Woody Herman and the V-DISC All Stars - Somebody Loves Me
NO.03_1945-04-411B1_Dinah Shore - Candy
NO.04_1945-04-411B2_Dinah Shore - Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
NO.05_1945-04-412A1_Artie Shaw Orch.- I'll Never Be The Same
NO.06_1945-04-412A2_Artie Shaw Orch.- S' Wonderful
NO.07_1945-04-412B1_Les Brown Orch., vocal by Doris Day - Take Me In Your Arms
NO.08_1945-04-413A1_Rise Stevens - Love Has Wings
NO.09_1945-04-413A2_Rise Stevens - Sweetest Story Ever Told
NO.10_1945-04-413B1_Enzio Pinza - Remember Me & Aria Of The Drum Major
NO.11_1945-04-414A1_Bing Crosby - Down The Old Ox Road & Soon
NO.12_1945-04-414B1_Mildred Bailey - From the Land of Sky Blue Water
NO.13_1945-04-414B2_Mildred Bailey - Summertime
NO.14_1945-04-415A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Creole Love Song
NO.15_1945-04-415B1_Hal McIntyre - Cool As A Fool In A Pool
NO.16_1945-04-415B2_Hal McIntyre - Singin' In The Rain
NO.17_1945-04-416A1_Dick Haymes, The Ken Darby Chorus, and Victor Young his Orch. - By The Old Corral
NO.18_1945-04-416A2_Dick Haymes, The Ken Darby Chorus, Victor Young Orch. - Indiana
NO.19_1945-04-416B1_The Andrews Sisters, Vic Schoen Orch. - Corns For My Country
NO.20_1945-04-416B2_The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen Orch - Don't Blame Me
NO.21_1945-04-417A1_Jeri Sullavan - Rum And Coca Cola
NO.22_1945-04-417B1_Margaret Whiting - Moonlight In Vermont
NO.23_1945-04-418A1_Jack Teagarden and the V-DISC All Stars - If I Could Be With You
NO.24_1945-04-418B1_Hot Lips Page and the V-DISC All Stars - Sheik Of Araby
NO.25_1945-04-419A1_Harry James Orch. - The Mole
NO.26_1945-04-419A2_Harry James Orch., vocal by Dick Haymes - My Silent Love
NO.27_1945-04-419B1_Count Basie Orch. - Taps Miller
NO.28_1945-04-420A1_Harry The Hipster Gibson - Put A Nickel In The Slot
NO.29_1945-04-420A2_Harry The Hipster Gibson - Stop That Dancin' Up There
NO.30_1945-04-420B1_The Cactus Cowboys - Hoe Downs

NO.01_1945-05-421A1_Glenn Miller and the Army Air Forces Training Command Orch. - Holiday For Strings
NO.02_1945-05-421B1_Paul Baron Orch. - Hora Staccato
NO.03_1945-05-421B2_Paul Baron Orch. - Sleepy Lagoon
NO.04_1945-05-422A1_Jascha Helfetz, Donald Yoorhees, Orch. - Bygone Memories
NO.05_1945-05-422A2_Jascha Helfetz, Donald Yoorhees, Orch. - Jamaican Rumba
NO.06_1945-05-422B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - The Swan (Saint-Saens)
NO.07_1945-05-423A1_Bing Crosby - Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie & In The Good Old Summer Time
NO.08_1945-05-423B1_Bing Crosby - Let Me Call You Sweetheart & For Me And My Gal
NO.09_1945-05-424A1_Earl Hines with Paul Baron Orch. - Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues
NO.10_1945-05-424A2_Paul Baron's Sextet - Bugle Call Rag
NO.11_1945-05-424B1_Muggsy Spanier V-DISC All Stars - Thats A' Plenty
NO.12_1945-05-425A1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Dark Town Strutters Ball
NO.13_1945-05-425A2_Benny Goodman Orch. - The Earl
NO.14_1945-05-425B1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Dipsy Doodle
NO.15_1945-05-425B2_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Swanee River
NO.16_1945-05-426A1_Red Norvo Quintet - Lagwood Walk
NO.17_1945-05-426B1_Stuff Smith Trio - Humoresque
NO.18_1945-05-426B2_Stuff Smith Trio - Stop - Look - Listen
NO.19_1945-05-427A1_Jack Leonard - I Found A Million Dollar Baby
NO.20_1945-05-427A2_Jack Leonard - You're My Thrill
NO.21_1945-05-427B1_Jo Stafford and Pied Pipers - Alone Together
NO.22_1945-05-427B2_Jo Stafford and Pied Pipers - When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along
NO.23_1945-05-428A1_Lionel Hampton Orch. - Screamin' Boogie
NO.24_1945-05-428B1_V-DISC All Stars featuring Hot Lips Page - Miss Martingale
NO.25_1945-05-429A1_Bidu Sayo, Soprano - The Last Rose Of Summer
NO.26_1945-05-429B1_Enzio Pinza, Bass - Don Carlos: Ella giammai m amo (Verdi)
NO.27_1945-05-430A1_Burl Ives - Big Rock Candy Mountain
NO.28_1945-05-430A2_Burl Ives - Blue Tail Fly
NO.29_1945-05-430B1_Susan Reed - Old English Folk Songs
NO.30_1945-05-431A1_Pearl Bailey - He Didn't Ask Me

NO.01_1945-05-431A2_Pearl Bailey - The Quicker I Gets To Where I'm Goin'
NO.02_1945-05-431B1_The Charioteers - Cancel The Flowers
NO.03_1945-05-431B2_The Charioteers - The Train Song
NO.04_1945-05-432AB_The Philharmonic-Symphony Orch. of New York - 1812 Overture Pt1&2 (Tchaikovsky)
NO.05_1945-05-433A1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - A Little On The Lonely Side
NO.06_1945-05-433A2_Sammy Kaye Orch. - I Miss Your Kiss
NO.07_1945-05-433B1_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Medley
NO.08_1945-05-434A1_Mildred Bailey with Paul Baron Orch. - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
NO.09_1945-05-434B1_Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Lamplighter's Serenade
NO.10_1945-05-434B2_Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - The Sunshine Of Your Smile
NO.11_1945-05-435A1_Buddy Clark with the 344th ASF Orch., Ft. Sheridan, Ilinois - How Little We Know
NO.12_1945-05-435A2_Bob Eberly with the 344th ASF Orch., Ft. Sheridan, Ilinois - I Understand
NO.13_1945-05-435B1_334th Army Service Forces Orch. - Lonesome Road
NO.14_1945-05-435B2_334th Army Service Forces Orch. - Swingtime In the Rockies
NO.15_1945-05-436A1_Frankie Carle - I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl
NO.16_1945-05-436A2_Frankie Carle - Make Believe
NO.17_1945-05-436B1_The Three Suns - It's Dawn Again
NO.18_1945-05-436B2_The Three Suns - Wooden Shoes
NO.19_1945-05-437A1_Yank Lawson Orch. - Oh, Lady Be Good
NO.20_1945-05-437B1_The King Cole Trio - A Pile O' Cole
NO.21_1945-05-437B2_The King Cole Trio - If You Can't Smile And Say Yes, Please Don't Cry And Say No
NO.22_1945-05-438B1_Harry James Orch. - The Devil Sat Down And Cried
NO.23_1945-05-438B2_Harry James Orch. - The More I See You
NO.24_1945-05-439A1_Count Basie Orch. - Playhouse No. 2 Stomp (Variations On I Got Rhythm)
NO.25_1945-05-439B1_The Light Crust Doughboys - Zip, Zip, Zipper
NO.26_1945-05-439B2_The Light Crust Doughboys - Sweet Sally
NO.27_1945-06-440A1_Earl Wrightson with Lyn Murray Choir and Orch. - Rodger Young
NO.28_1945-06-440B1_Szath-Myri Orch. - Pizzicato Polka
NO.29_1945-06-440B2_Szath-Myri Orch. - Roll De Old Chariot Along
NO.30_1945-06-441A1_Bing Crosby - Silent Night & Adeste Fidelis & Jingle Bells

NO.01_1945-06-441B1_Bing Crosby - White Christmas & I'll Be Home For Christmas
NO.02_1945-06-442A1_Eileen Farrell, The Band of the Training Command of the AAF - Ave Maria
NO.03_1945-06-442A2_Eileen Farrell, The Ben Yost Choir, and Dick Liebert at the Organ - O Holy Night
NO.04_1945-06-442B1_Jan Peerce, The Ben Yost Choir, Training Command of the AAF Band - Angus Dei
NO.05_1945-06-443AB_Al Goodman Orch. - Up In Central Park Medley
NO.06_1945-06-444A1_Mildred Bailey with Paul Baron Orch. - Which Of The Great 48 Are You From?
NO.07_1945-06-444A2_Paul Baron Orch. - Just You, Just Me
NO.08_1945-06-444B1_Perry Como - Love Is The Sweetest Thing
NO.09_1945-06-444B2_Perry Como - Like Someone In Love
NO.10_1945-06-445A1_Sammy Kaye Orch. - Medley
NO.11_1945-06-445B1_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Irish Washerwoman
NO.12_1945-06-445B2_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Just A Prayer Away
NO.13_1945-06-446A1_Benny Goodman Quintet - Rachel's Dream
NO.14_1945-06-446A2_Benny Goodman Quintet - Just One Of Those Things
NO.15_1945-06-446B1_Coleman Hawkins Orch. - Crazy Rhythm
NO.16_1945-06-446B2_Coleman Hawkins Orch. - Get Happy
NO.17_1945-06-447AB_The Philharmonic-Symphony Orch. of New York - Rapsodie Espagnole Pt1&2 (Ravel)
NO.18_1945-06-448B1_Morton Gould Orch. - Temptation
NO.19_1945-06-449A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Penthouse Serenade
NO.20_1945-06-449B1_Benny Carter Orch. - Fish Fry
NO.21_1945-06-449B2_Benny Carter Orch. - Slow Freight
NO.22_1945-06-450A1_Martha Tilton, Paul Weston Orch. - I Should Care
NO.23_1945-06-450A2_Martha Tilton, Paul Weston Orch. - Stranger In Town
NO.24_1945-06-450B1_Andy Russell - Negra Consentida
NO.25_1945-06-450B2_Betty Hutton - Stuff Like That There
NO.26_1945-06-451A1_The Combined Bands Of Jimmy And Tommy Dorsey - More Than You Know
NO.27_1945-06-451B1_The Combined Bands Of Jimmy And Tommy Dorsey - Brotherly Jump
NO.28_1945-06-452A1_The Andrews Sisters - Three Calalleros
NO.29_1945-06-452A2_The Andrews Sisters - Victory Polka
NO.30_1945-06-452B1_The Mills Brothers - Cielito Linda

NO.01_1945-06-452B2_The Mills Brothers - You Tell Me Your Dream
NO.02_1945-06-453B1_Paul Baron Orch. - Cabaret
NO.03_1945-06-453B2_Paul Baron Orch. - The Story Of Two Cigarettes
NO.04_1945-06-454A1_Yank Lawson Orch. - Sensation
NO.05_1945-06-454A2_Yank Lawson Orch. - Sugar
NO.06_1945-06-454B1_Harry James Orch., vocal by Buddy DiVito - All Of My Life
NO.07_1945-06-454B2_Harry James Orch., vocal by Kitty Kallen - I Don't Care Who Knows It
NO.08_1945-06-455A1_The King Cole Trio - Any Old Time
NO.09_1945-06-455A2_The King Cole Trio - Bring Another Drink
NO.10_1945-06-455B1_The Milt Herth Trio - Anvil Chorus
NO.11_1945-06-455B2_The Milt Herth Trio - The Glow-Worm
NO.12_1945-06-456A1_Art Tatum - Cocktails For Two
NO.13_1945-06-456A2_Art Tatum - Liza
NO.14_1945-06-456B1_Teddy Wilson Orch. - Hallelujah
NO.15_1945-06-456B2_Teddy Wilson Orch. - Sweet Lorraine
NO.16_1945-06-457A1_Morton Downey - It's The Same Old Shillelagh
NO.17_1945-06-457A2_Morton Downey - Rose Of Tralee
NO.18_1945-06-457B1_Evelyn Knight - Grandfathers Clock
NO.19_1945-06-457B2_Evelyn Knight - The Lass With The Delicate Air
NO.20_1945-06-458A1_Woody Herman Orch. - Caldonia
NO.21_1945-06-458A2_Woody Herman Orch. - Golden Wedding
NO.22_1945-06-458B1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Blue Skies
NO.23_1945-06-458B2_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Skyliner
NO.24_1945-06-459A1_The Hoosier Hot Shots - A Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia
NO.25_1945-06-459A2_The Hoosier Hot Shots - Is It True What They Say About Dixie?
NO.26_1945-06-459B1_Ted Daffans Texans - Bluest Blues
NO.27_1945-06-459B2_Ted Daffans Texans - Look Who's Talkin'
NO.28_1945-06-460A1_Frank Sinatra - Ol' Man River
NO.29_1945-06-460B1_Count Basie Orch. - Jimmy's Blues
NO.30_1945-06-460B2_Count Basie Orch. - Take Me Back Baby

NO.01_1945-06-461AB_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Overture La Gazza Ladra Pt1&2 (Rossini)
NO.02_1945-07-462A1_Vaughn Monroe Orch. - I Walked In (With My Eyes Wide Open)
NO.03_1945-07-462A2_Vaughn Monroe Orch., and the Norton Sisters - There! I've Said It Again
NO.04_1945-07-462B1_Charlie Spivak Orch., vocal by Jimmy Saunders - You Belong To My Heart
NO.05_1945-07-463A1_Bing Crosby - A Friend Of Yours & That Sly Old Gentleman From Featherbed Lane
NO.06_1945-07-463B1_Dinah Shore - I Cant Believe That Youre In Love With Me
NO.07_1945-07-463B2_Dinah Shore - I Fall In Love Too Easily
NO.08_1945-07-464A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch., vocal by Stuart Foster - June Comes Around Every Year
NO.09_1945-07-464B1_Hal McIntyre Orch., vocal by Gloria Van - My Ideal
NO.10_1945-07-465A1_Ginny Simms - Please Don't Say No
NO.11_1945-07-465A2_Terry Fischer - We'll Be Together Again
NO.12_1945-07-465B1_Mills Brothers - Lazy River
NO.13_1945-07-465B2_Mills Brothers - Till Then
NO.14_1945-07-466A1_Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Wang Wang Blues
NO.15_1945-07-466A2_Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Bye Bye Blues
NO.16_1945-07-466B1_Harry James Orch., vocal by Buddy Moreno - Too Marvelous For Words
NO.17_1945-07-467A1_Frank Sinatra - Falling In Love With Love
NO.18_1945-07-467A2_Frank Sinatra - When Your Lover Has Gone
NO.19_1945-07-467B1_Jo Stafford & Her V-Disc Boys - Baby Won't You Please Come Home
NO.20_1945-07-468A1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Cross Your Heart
NO.21_1945-07-468A2_Artie Shaw Orch. - When The Quail Come Back To San Quentin
NO.22_1945-07-468B1_Count Basie Orch. - On The Upbeat
NO.23_1945-07-469A1_Camp Hill Male Quartet Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation - Little Liza I Love
NO.24_1945-07-469A2_Camp Hill Male Quartet Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation -My Castle On The Nile
NO.25_1945-07-469B1_372nd Infantry Glee Club - Go Down, Moses
NO.26_1945-07-469B2_372nd Infantry Glee Club - Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John
NO.27_1945-07-470A1_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Stars In Your Eyes
NO.28_1945-07-470A2_Guy Lombardo Orch. - El Rancho Vegas
NO.29_1945-07-470B1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - Jumpin' Jehosaphat
NO.30_1945-07-471A1_Jascha Heifetz - Ruralia Hungarica Andante Rubato

NO.01_1945-07-471B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Voices Of Spring
NO.02_1945-07-472A1_Lena Horne and the Phil Moore Four - I Want A Little Doggie
NO.03_1945-07-472B1_The Phil Moore Four - (Yip Yip De Hootie) My Baby Said Yes
NO.04_1945-07-472B2_The Phil Moore Four - My Dreams Are Getting Better All The TIme
NO.05_1945-07-473A1_Carmen Cavallero Orch. - Cavallero Boogie
NO.06_1945-07-473A2_Frankie Carle Orch. - Carle Boogie
NO.07_1945-07-473B1_Les Brown Orch. - Moonglow
NO.08_1945-07-473B2_Les Brown Orch. - What's The Use Of Getting Sober?
NO.09_1945-07-474A1_The King Sisters, Buddy Cole - Call Me Darling, Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear
NO.10_1945-07-474A2_The King Sisters, Freddy Martin - Yah-Ta-Tah Yah-Ta-Ta
NO.11_1945-07-474B1_Anita Ellis - Good, Good, Good
NO.12_1945-07-474B2_Anita Ellis - He's Home For A Little While
NO.13_1945-07-475A1_Benny Goodman Quintet - Let's Fall In Love
NO.14_1945-07-476A1_Richard Crooks - I Pescatori De Perle Mi Par d udir amcora
NO.15_1945-07-476B1_Marcella Denya and The ASF Concert Orch. - Air Vif
NO.16_1945-07-476B2_Marcella Denya and The ASF Concert Orch. - Plaisir D Amour
NO.17_1945-07-477A1_Cass Daley - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
NO.18_1945-07-477A2_Phil Harris - That's What I Like About The South
NO.19_1945-07-477B1_Elton Britt - I'm A Convict With Old Glory In My Heart
NO.20_1945-07-478A1_Louis Jordan Tympany 5 - Deacon Jones
NO.21_1945-07-478A2_Louis Jordan Tympany 5 - I Like 'Em Fat Like That
NO.22_1945-07-478B1_The Loumell Morgan Trio - Good Enough To Keep
NO.23_1945-07-478B2_The Loumell Morgan Trio - Take Me Out To The Ballgame
NO.24_1945-07-479A1_Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes - I Wish I Knew
NO.25_1945-07-479A2_Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes - Strange As It Seems
NO.26_1945-07-479B1_Patty Andrews - Twilight On The Trail
NO.27_1945-07-479B2_The Andrews Sisters - Red River Valley
NO.28_1945-08-480A1_Bob Crosby, Bob Cats feat Martha Tilton - Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
NO.29_1945-08-480B1_Duke Ellington Orch. - It Dont Mean A Thing If It Aint Got That Swing
NO.30_1945-08-481AB_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Classical Symphony In D Major Pt1&2 (Prokofieff)

NO.01_1945-08-482A1_Major Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
NO.02_1945-08-482A2_Major Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orch. - Little Brown Jug
NO.03_1945-08-482B1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - I Can't Get Started
NO.04_1945-08-482B2_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Keep The Home Fires Burning
NO.05_1945-08-483A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Harlem Airshaft
NO.06_1945-08-483B1_Count Basie Orch. - High Tide (I Ain't Mad At You)
NO.07_1945-08-484A1_Bing Crosby - All You Want To Do Is Dance
NO.08_1945-08-484A2_Bing Crosby - My Heart And I
NO.09_1945-08-484A3_Bing Crosby - Too Romantic
NO.10_1945-08-484B1_Peggy Lee - What More Can A Woman Do
NO.11_1945-08-484B2_Peggy Lee - You Was Right Baby
NO.12_1945-08-485A1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - Sweetheart Of All My Dreams
NO.13_1945-08-485A2_Charlie Spivak Orch. - There Must Be A Way
NO.14_1945-08-485B1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Ev'ry Time
NO.15_1945-08-485B2_Benny Goodman Orch. - You Brought A New Kind of Love To Me
NO.16_1945-08-486A1_Morton Gould Orch. - That Old Black Magic
NO.17_1945-08-486B1_AAFTAC Symphonette (Army Air Force Tactical Center) - Hungarian Dance No 5
NO.18_1945-08-487A1_Jo Stafford and her V-DISC Boys - Am I Blue
NO.19_1945-08-487B1_Martha Tilton and her V-DISC Playboys - You Came Along
NO.20_1945-08-488A1_Bidu Sayao - Turn Ye To Me
NO.21_1945-08-488B1_Richard Crooks - Loch Lomond
NO.22_1945-08-488B2_Richard Crooks - My Wild Irish Rose
NO.23_1945-08-489A1_Will Bradley Orch. - Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar
NO.24_1945-08-489B1_Bobby Sherwood Orch. - Caravan
NO.25_1945-08-489B2_Bobby Sherwood Orch. - Hodge Podge
NO.26_1945-08-490A1_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Comin' Around The Corner
NO.27_1945-08-490A2_Guy Lombardo Orch. - Humoresque
NO.28_1945-08-490B1_Red Norvo Orch. - Flying Home
NO.29_1945-08-491A1_Erskine Hawkins Orch., vocal by Carol Tucker - I Hope To DIe If I Told A Lie
NO.30_1945-08-491A2_Erskine Hawkins Orch., vocal by Jimmie Mitchell - No Baby, Nobody But You

NO.01_1945-08-491B1_Louis Armstrong and the V-DISC All-Stars - I'm Confessin' That I Love You
NO.02_1945-08-492A1_Harry The Hipster Gibson and Friends - You Can Say That Again
NO.03_1945-08-492A2_Harry The Hipster Gibson and Friends - Zoot Gibson Strides Again
NO.04_1945-08-492B1_The Korn Kobblers - Pollywolly Doodle
NO.05_1945-08-492B2_The Korn Kobblers - Sylvia
NO.06_1945-08-493A1_Woody Herman Orch. - Goosey Gander
NO.07_1945-08-493A2_Woody Herman Orch. - Out Of This World
NO.08_1945-08-493B1_Harry James Orch. - B-17
NO.09_1945-08-493B2_Harry James Orch. vocal by Helen Forrest - Make Love To Me
NO.10_1945-08-494A1_Frank Sinatra - None But The Lonely Heart
NO.11_1945-08-494B1_Mildred Bailey with Benny Goodman - There'll Be A Jubliee
NO.12_1945-08-495A1_Lena Horne - How Long Has This Been Going On
NO.13_1945-08-495B1_The Mills Brothers - I'll Be Around
NO.14_1945-08-495B2_The Mills Brothers - Paper Doll
NO.15_1945-08-495B3_The Mills Brothers - You Always Hurt The One You Love
NO.16_1945-08-496A1_Plink Plank and Plunk - Salt Peanuts
NO.17_1945-08-496B1_Big Bill Broonzy - I Feel So Good
NO.18_1945-08-496B2_Big Bill Broonzy - Tell Me Baby
NO.19_1945-08-497A1_Ginny Simms - Bell Bottom Trousers
NO.20_1945-08-497A2_Ginny Simms - Cuddle Up A Little Closer
NO.21_1945-08-497B1_Freddie Martin Orch. - Rosemary
NO.22_1945-08-497B2_Freddy Martin Orch. - Theme From Rachmaninoff
NO.23_1945-08-498A1_Dinah Shore - Along The Navajo Trail
NO.24_1945-08-498A2_Dinah Shore - Someone To Watch Over Me
NO.25_1945-08-498B1_AAFTC Orch., Felix Slatkin, Conductor - Close As Pages In A Book
NO.26_1945-08-499A1_The King Cole Trio - A Tree Grooves In Brooklyn
NO.27_1945-08-499A2_The King Cole Trio - Candy
NO.28_1945-08-499B1_John Kirby Orch. - Schubert's Serenade
NO.29_1945-08-499B2_John Kirby Orch. - Toselli's Serenade