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V-Disc ("V" for Victory) NO.500 - 599, August 1945 - March 1946


Release - August 1945 - March 1946

NO.01_1945-08-500A1_Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch. - No Name Jive
NO.02_1945-08-500B1_Louis Prima Orch. - I Was Here When You Left Me
NO.03_1945-09-501AB_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Nutcracker Suite Pt1&2
NO.04_1945-09-502AB_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Nutcracker Suite Pt3&4
NO.05_1945-09-503A1_Bing Crosby - Poinciana
NO.06_1945-09-503A2_Bing Crosby and Trudy Irwin - One Alone
NO.07_1945-09-503B1_Johnny Mercer - On The Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe
NO.08_1945-09-503B2_Johnny Mercer, Jo Stafford, Paul Weston's Orch. - Conversation While Dancing
NO.09_1945-09-504A1_Glenn Miller and the Band of the AAF Training Command - I Hear You Screamin'
NO.10_1945-09-504A2_Glenn Miller and the Band of the AAF Training Command - The Army Air Corps Song
NO.11_1945-09-504B1_Woody Herman Orch. - A Kiss Goodnight
NO.12_1945-09-504B2_Woody Herman Orch. - Northwest Passage
NO.13_1945-09-505A1_Duke Ellington Orch., featuring "Cat" Anderson on Trumpet - Hollywood Hangover
NO.14_1945-09-505B1_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - "C" Jam Blues
NO.15_1945-09-506A1_Frank Sinatra - Brahms' Lullabye
NO.16_1945-09-506A2_Frank Sinatra - I'll Follow My Secret Heart
NO.17_1945-09-506B1_Connee Boswell and her V-Disc Play-Fellows - Good-Night Sweetheart
NO.18_1945-09-506B2_Connee Boswell and her V-Disc Play-Fellows - Shine On Harvest Moon
NO.19_1945-09-507A1_Muggsy Spanier V-Disc All-Stars - Jazz Me Blues
NO.20_1945-09-507B1_The Gene Krupa Trio - Dark Eyes
NO.21_1945-09-507B2_The Gene Krupa Trio - Wire Brush Stomp
NO.22_1945-09-508A1_Lt. Bob Crosby (USMC) V-Disc Bob-Cats - When I Grow Too Old To Dream
NO.23_1945-09-508B1_King Cole Trio - Satchel-Mouth Baby
NO.24_1945-09-508B2_King Cole Trio - Solid Potato Salad
NO.25_1945-09-509A1_Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Deep River
NO.26_1945-09-509B1_Ray Noble Orch., vocals by Trudy Irwin - So In Love
NO.27_1945-09-509B2_Ray Noble Orch., vocals by Trudy Irwin - The Wish That I Wish Tonight
NO.28_1945-09-510A1_Dinah Shore - Can't You Read Between The Lines
NO.29_1945-09-510A2_Ginny Simms - June Is Bustin' Out All Over
NO.30_1945-09-510B1_Marie Greene - Velvet Moon

NO.01_1945-09-511A1_Morton Downey, Jimmy Lytell Orch. - Molly Malone
NO.02_1945-09-511B1_The Three Suns - Don't Apologize
NO.03_1945-09-511B2_The Three Suns - Limehouse Blues
NO.04_1945-09-512A1_Harry James Orch. - Dodgers Fan Dance
NO.05_1945-09-512A2_Harry James Orch. - Memphis In June
NO.06_1945-09-512B1_Jerry Colona - l Cried For You
NO.07_1945-09-512B2_Stan Kenton Orch. - Tampico
NO.08_1945-09-513A1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Gotta Be This Or That
NO.09_1945-09-513B1_Louis Jordan Typanni Five - Bahama Joe
NO.10_1945-09-513B2_Louis Jordan Typanni Five - Nobody But Me
NO.11_1945-09-514A1_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - King Porter Stomp
NO.12_1945-09-514A2_Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - Together
NO.13_1945-09-514B1_Freddy Martin Orch., vocal by the Quartet - Lily Belle
NO.14_1945-09-515A1_Les Brown Orch., Doris Day - Till The End Of Time
NO.15_1945-09-515A2_Les Brown Orch., Doris Day - You've Got To Cross The Atlantic To Get To The Pacific
NO.16_1945-09-515B1_Guy Lombardo Orch., vocals by Don Rodney - If I Loved You
NO.17_1945-09-515B2_Guy Lombardo Orch., vocals by Don Rodney - I'll Buy That Dream
NO.18_1945-09-516AB_Duke Ellington Orch. - Perfume Suite Pt1&2
NO.19_1945-10-517A1_Paul Whiteman Orch. - Gershwin Piano Concerto 1st and 3rd Movements (in F)
NO.20_1945-10-517B1_Oscar Levant - Gershwin Piano Preludes 2 and 3
NO.21_1945-10-518A1_Harry James - 920 Special
NO.22_1945-10-518A2_Harry James - September In The Rain
NO.23_1945-10-518B1_Charlie Spivak Orch. - You Go To My Head
NO.24_1945-10-519A1_Benny Goodman Sextet - After You've Gone
NO.25_1945-10-519A2_Benny Goodman Sextet - Oomph Fah Fah
NO.26_1945-10-519B1_Woody Herman Orch. - I've Got The World On A String
NO.27_1945-10-519B2_Woody Herman Orch. - Yeah-Man
NO.28_1945-10-520A1_Lily Pons - Caro Nome (Verdi)
NO.29_1945-10-520B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Stormy Weather
NO.30_1945-10-521A1_Morton Gould Orch. - Casey Jones

NO.01_1945-10-521A2_Morton Gould Orch. - Jungle Drums
NO.02_1945-10-521B1_Frank Sinatra - My Shawl
NO.03_1945-10-521B2_Frank Sinatra - Stars In Your Eyes
NO.04_1945-10-522A1_Captain Glenn Miller and the 418th AAF Band - St. Louis Blues
NO.05_1945-10-522B1_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - Dinah
NO.06_1945-10-523A1_George Paxton Orch., vocals by Allan Dale - While You're Away
NO.07_1945-10-523A2_George Paxton Orch. vocals by Allan Dale - You're So Worth the Waiting For
NO.08_1945-10-523B1_Randy Brooks Orch. - To Beat Or Not To Beat
NO.09_1945-10-524A1_Mildred Bailey with Red Norvo Orch. - Downhearted Blues
NO.10_1945-10-524B1_Martha Tilton and her V-Disc Play-Fellows - Beyond The Blue Horizon
NO.11_1945-10-525A1_Louis Prima Orch. - Please Don't Squeeze The Bananas
NO.12_1945-10-525A2_Louis Prima Orch., vocal by Lillyann Carol - I Walk Alone
NO.13_1945-10-525B1_Bing Crosby - Medley From Waikiki Wedding
NO.14_1945-10-526A1_Mills Brothers - I Wish
NO.15_1945-10-526A2_Mills Brothers - Put Another Chair At The Table
NO.16_1945-10-526B1_Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
NO.17_1945-10-526B2_Mitchell Ayres Orch. - Home
NO.18_1945-10-527A1_T/Sgt. Jack Leonard V-Disc Friends - Sleepy Time Gal
NO.19_1945-10-527B1_Pearl Bailey - Fifteen Years (And I'm Still Serving Time)
NO.20_1945-10-527B2_Pearl Bailey - Tired
NO.21_1945-10-528A1_Red McKenzie and the V-Disc All Stars - Can't We Talk It Over
NO.22_1945-10-528B1_Machito Afro-Cubans - Almendra
NO.23_1945-10-528B2_Machito Afro-Cubans - Tra La La
NO.24_1945-10-529A1_Coleman Hawkins' Swing Four - The Man I Love
NO.25_1945-10-529B1_Johnny Bothwell Orch. - I'll Remember April
NO.26_1945-10-529B2_Johnny Bothwell Orch. - The Trouble With Me Is You
NO.27_1945-10-530A1_The Page Cavanaugh Trio - Shivers
NO.28_1945-10-530A2_The Page Cavanaugh Trio - When The Gooses Come Back To Massachusetts
NO.29_1945-10-530B1_Swing and Sway With Sammy Kaye - Baia
NO.30_1945-10-531AB_Boston "Pops" Orch., directed Arthur Fiedler - Fingal's Cave Pt1&2 (Mendelssohn)

NO.01_1945-11-532A1_Howard Barlow Orch. - Intermezzo (Provost)
NO.02_1945-11-532A2_Howard Barlow Orch. - Naila Waltz (Delibes)
NO.03_1945-11-532B1_Indianapolis Symphony Orch. - Overture To Russlan & Ludmilla (Glinka)
NO.04_1945-11-533A1_Major Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Band - Peggy The Pin Up Girl
NO.05_1945-11-533A2_Major Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Band - Songs My Mother Taught Me
NO.06_1945-11-533B1_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - My Melancholy Baby
NO.07_1945-11-534A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Diminuendo In Blue & Crescendo In Blue
NO.08_1945-11-534B1_Count Basie Orch., vocals by Jimmy Rushing - Jimmy's Boogie Woogie
NO.09_1945-11-534B2_Count Basie Orch., vocals by Jimmy Rushing - Sent For You Yesterday
NO.10_1945-11-535A1_Harry James Orch. - Autumn Serenade
NO.11_1945-11-535A2_Harry James Orch., vocal by Kitty Kallen - It's Been A Long, Long Time
NO.12_1945-11-535B1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Clarinade
NO.13_1945-11-535B2_Benny Goodman Orch., vocal by Dottie Reid - I'm Gonna Love That Guy
NO.14_1945-11-536A1_Hoagy Carmichael Plays - Stardust, No More Toujours L'Amour, Billy A Dick
NO.15_1945-11-536B1_Carmen Cavallaro - Dancing In The Dark, Just One More Chance, Others
NO.16_1945-11-537A1_Frank Sinatra - The Charm Of You
NO.17_1945-11-537A2_Frank Sinatra - You'll Never Walk Alone
NO.18_1945-11-537B1_Jo Stafford and her V-Disc Play Boys - Bakery Blues
NO.19_1945-11-538A1_Dave Matthews Orch. - Solitude
NO.20_1945-11-538B1_Trummy Young and the Guys from V-Discs - Four Or Five Times
NO.21_1945-11-539A1_Will Bradley Orch., vocal by Carlotta Dale - A Ghost Of A Chance
NO.22_1945-11-539A2_Will Bradley's Sextet, vocal by Ray McKinley - Basin Street Boogie
NO.23_1945-11-539B1_Jess Stacy Orch. - Daybreak Serenade
NO.24_1945-11-539B2_Jess Stacy Orch. - It's Only A Paper Moon
NO.25_1945-11-540A1_Spike Jones City Slickers - Blue Danube (Strauss)
NO.26_1945-11-540A2_Spike Jones City Slickers - Toot Toot Tootsie, Goo'bye
NO.27_1945-11-540B1_The Les Paul Trio - Begin The Beguine
NO.28_1945-11-540B2_The Les Paul Trio - How High The Moon
NO.29_1945-11-541A1_Hal McIntyre Orch., vocal by Frank Lester, the Quintet - I'd Do It All Over Again
NO.30_1945-11-541A2_Perry Como, with Russ Case Orch. - That Feeling In The Moonlight

NO.01_1945-11-541B1_The Milt Herth Trio - Mama Inez
NO.02_1945-11-541B2_The Milt Herth Trio - Whistler Dog
NO.03_1945-11-542A1_Jack Leonard and the V-Disc Volunteers - Honey
NO.04_1945-11-542B1_Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, Jack Teagarden - The Waiter, The Porter, Others
NO.05_1945-11-542B2_Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, Jack Teagarden's Orch. - Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie
NO.06_1945-11-543A1_Woody Herman Orch., vocal by The Glee Club - Ah, Your Father's Mustache
NO.07_1945-11-543B1_Gene Krupa Orch., vocal by Anita O'Day - Jose Gonzalez
NO.08_1945-11-543B2_Gene Krupa Orch., vocal by Anita O'Day - Ooh, Hot Dawg
NO.09_1945-11-544A1_DIck Haymes, with Victor Young Orch. - They Didn't Believe Me
NO.10_1945-11-544A2_DIck Haymes, with Victor Young Orch. - Where Or When
NO.11_1945-11-544B1_Evelyn Knight and the Herman Chittison Trio - Let Him Go - Let Him Tarry
NO.12_1945-11-545A1_U.S. Maritime Service Training Station Band - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
NO.13_1945-11-545A2_U.S. Maritime Service Training Station Band - The Devil Is Afraid Of Music
NO.14_1945-11-545B1_Army Service Forces Dance Band, directed Johnny Messner - I Know That You Know
NO.15_1945-11-545B2_Army Service Forces Dance Band, directed Johnny Messner - Cradle Song (Brahms)
NO.16_1945-12-546A1_CBS Symphony, Fritz Reiner - Daphni's And Chloe Suite No. II Pt1 (Ravel)
NO.17_1945-12-547A1_CBS Symphony, Fritz Reiner - Daphni's And Chloe Suite No. II Pt2 (Ravel)
NO.18_1945-12-546B1_CBS Symphony, Fritz Reiner - Daphni's And Chloe Suite No. II Pt3 (Ravel)
NO.19_1945-12-547B1_Jascha Jeifetz with Orch. directed by Donald Voorhees - Impromptu (Schubert)
NO.20_1945-12-548AB_Jose Iturbi - Polonaise In A Flat Pt1&2 (Chopin)
NO.21_1945-12-549A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Warsaw Concerto (Addinsell)
NO.22_1945-12-549B1_Victor Young Orch. - Themes From The Movie For Whom The Bell Tolls
NO.23_1945-12-550A1_Hoagy Carmichael - Ginger And Spice
NO.24_1945-12-550A2_Hoagy Carmichael - Memphis In June
NO.25_1945-12-550A3_Hoagy Carmichael - Sleepy Time Gal
NO.26_1945-12-550B1_Josh White - The House I Live In
NO.27_1945-12-550B2_Josh White - The Riddle Song
NO.28_1945-12-551A1_Spike Jones City Slickers - Siam
NO.29_1945-12-551A2_Spike Jones City Slickers - You Always Hurt The One You Love
NO.30_1945-12-551B1_Dick Liebert at the Radio City Music Hall Organ - Clock Shop

NO.01_1945-12-551B2_Dick Liebert at the Radio City Music Hall Organ - Thine Alone
NO.02_1945-12-552A1_Woody Herman Orch., vocal by Frances Wayne - Lover Man
NO.03_1945-12-552B1_Count Basie Orch., vocal by Jimmy Rushing - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
NO.04_1945-12-553A1_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - Just You, Just Me
NO.05_1945-12-553A2_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - Moten Swing
NO.06_1945-12-553B1_George Paxton Orch. - The Touch Of Your Lips, My Devotion, You've Got Me Crying
NO.07_1945-12-554A1_Louis Prima Orch. - Just A Gigolo (I Ain't Got Nobody)
NO.08_1945-12-554B1_Lt. (USMC) Bob Crosby V-Disc Bob-Cats - It's A Long Way To Tipperary
NO.09_1945-12-555A1_Eight Squares and a Critic [Bud Freeman] - "The Latest Thing In Hot Jazz"
NO.10_1945-12-555A2_Gene Krupa Orch., vocal by Anita O'Day - Opus 1
NO.11_1945-12-555B1_Connee Boswell and her V-Disc Music Men - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
NO.12_1945-12-556A1_Benny Goodman Sextet - Shine
NO.13_1945-12-556A2_Benny Goodman Sextet - Tiger Rag
NO.14_1945-12-556B1_Martha Tilton and her V-Disc Play-Fellows - If I Had You
NO.15_1945-12-557A1_Bing Crosby - Down By The River, Only Forever, It's Easy To Remember
NO.16_1945-12-557B1_T/Sgt. Sy Oliver and the V-Disc Volunteers - Seventh Avenue
NO.17_1945-12-558A1_Duke Ellington Orch., featuring Al Sears on tenor sax - Carnegie Blues
NO.18_1945-12-558A2_Duke Ellington Orch., vocal by Joya Sherrill - Kissing Bug
NO.19_1945-12-558B1_Randy Brooks Orch. - Stompin' At The Savoy
NO.20_1945-12-559A1_Evelyn Knight with the Herman Chittison Trio - There Will Never Be Another You
NO.21_1945-12-559B1_Henry Wells, Trummy Young, and the Guys from V-Discs - I Want A Little Girl
NO.22_1945-12-560A1_Artie Shaw Orch. - Begin The Beguine
NO.23_1945-12-560A2_Artie Shaw Orch. - Stardust
NO.24_1945-12-560B1_Monica Lewis and her V-Disc Friends - I'm An Old Cow-Hand
NO.25_1945-12-560B2_Monica Lewis and her V-Disc Friends - My Heart Stood Still
NO.26_1946-01-561AB_Arturo Toscanini, The NBC Symphony - Excerpts From "Grand Canyon Suite" (Grofe)
NO.27_1946-01-562AB_Hans Kindler, The National Symphony - Dream Pantomine Pt1&2 (Humperdinck)
NO.28_1946-01-563A1_Igor Gorin with Orch. - Largo Al Factotum (Rossini)
NO.29_1946-01-563B1_Fred Waring Pennsylvanians - Ol' Moses Put Pharoah In His Place
NO.30_1946-01-564A1_Frank Sinatra - Homesick, That's All

NO.01_1946-01-564A2_Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore - The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful
NO.02_1946-01-564B1_Bud Freeman V-Disc Jumpers - For Musician's Only (A Musical Treatise On Jazz)
NO.03_1946-01-565A1_Morton Gould Orch. - Adios Muchachos
NO.04_1946-01-565A2_Morton Gould Orch. - Jarabe Tapatio
NO.05_1946-01-565B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Flamingo
NO.06_1946-01-566A1_Johnny Johnston, with Orch. directed by Carl Kress - Wait And See
NO.07_1946-01-566A2_Margaret Whiting, with Paul Weston Orch. - It Might As Well Be Spring
NO.08_1946-01-566B1_Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest, with Orch. - Some Sunday Morning
NO.09_1946-01-566B2_Evelyn Knight, with the Three Jesters, and Bob Haggart's Band - Chickery Chick
NO.10_1946-01-567A1_Harry James Orch., vocal by Ruth Haag [Betty Grable] - I Can't Begin To Tell You
NO.11_1946-01-567A2_The Pied Pipers, with Axel Stordahl Orch. - Eleven Sixty P.M.
NO.12_1946-01-567B1_Woody Herman Orch., vocal by Woody Herman - Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule
NO.13_1946-01-568A1_Jimmie Lunceford Orch., featuring Kirtland Bradford on Alto Sax - The Jimmies
NO.14_1946-01-568A2_Jimmie Lunceford Orch., vocal by the Band - I Need A Lift
NO.15_1946-01-568B1_Mal Hallett Orch., vocal by the Band - After All That Gin
NO.16_1946-01-569A1_Ella Fitzgerald and her Special Servers - I'll Always Be In Love With You
NO.17_1946-01-569B1_Jo Stafford and her V-Disc Play Boys - Blue Moon
NO.18_1946-01-570A1_The Andrews Sisters, with Orch. - Put That Ring On My Finger
NO.19_1946-01-570A2_The Andrews Sisters, with Orch. - The Blonde Sailor
NO.20_1946-01-570B1_Spike Jones City Slickers - McNamara's Band
NO.21_1946-01-570B2_Spike Jones City Slickers - Minka (Russian Folk Song)
NO.22_1946-01-571A1_Louis Prima Orch., vocals by Louis Prima - Felicia No Capecia
NO.23_1946-01-571A2_Louis Prima Orch., vocals by Louis Prima - Ya Gotta See Baby Tonight
NO.24_1946-01-571B1_The Three Suns - Sing Sing Sing
NO.25_1946-01-571B2_The Three Suns, vocal by Artie Dunn - I'm In A Romantic Mood
NO.26_1946-01-572A1_Carmen Cavallaro - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Cocktails For Two, April In Paris
NO.27_1946-01-572B1_Les Paul Trio - I Surrender Dear, Moonglow, If I Love Again, Coquette
NO.28_1946-01-573A1_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - LST Party
NO.29_1946-01-573B1_Stan Kenton Orch. - Southern Scandal
NO.30_1946-01-573B2_Stan Kenton Orch., vocal by June Christy - That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch

NO.01_1946-01-574A1_Benny Goodman Orch., vocals by Liza Morrow - Fishin' For The Moon
NO.02_1946-01-574A2_Benny Goodman Orch., vocals by Liza Morrow - Symphony
NO.03_1946-01-574B1_Marie Greene and her V-Disc Merry Men - A Little Bit Independent
NO.04_1946-01-574B2_Marie Greene and her V-Disc Merry Men - I'll Be Yours (J'Attendrai)
NO.05_1946-01-575A1_Count Basie Orch. - Old Manuscript
NO.06_1946-01-575B1_Duke Ellington Orch., featuring Rex Stewart on Coronet - Frantic Fantasy
NO.07_1946-02-576A1_Dr. Frank Black and the NBC Symphony - 1st. Move Of Symphony No.2 (Rachmaninoff)
NO.08_1946-02-577A1_Dr. Frank Black and the NBC Symphony - 1st. Move Of Symphony No.2 (Rachmaninoff)
NO.09_1946-02-576B1_Dr. Frank Black and the NBC Symphony - 1st. Move Of Symphony No.2 (Rachmaninoff)
NO.10_1946-02-577B1_Rochester Symphony conducted by Jose Iturbi - Espanharlem
NO.11_1946-02-578AB_New York Philharmonic, conducted by Arthur Rodzinski - Till Eulenspiegel Pt1&2
NO.12_1946-02-579A1_The Andrews Sisters, with Vic Schoen Orch. - Money Is The Root Of All Evil
NO.13_1946-02-579A2_The Four Ginger Snaps, with Jimmy Mundy Orch. - The Shrimp Man
NO.14_1946-02-579B1_Cass Dailey, with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
NO.15_1946-02-579B2_Gracie Fields, with Tommy Dorsey Orch. - I Never Cried So Much
NO.16_1946-02-580A1_Marie Greene and Joe Dosh with the V-Disc Merry Men - It's Easy To Remember
NO.17_1946-02-580B1_Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest, with Orch. - When The Circus Comes To New York
NO.18_1946-02-581A1_Bing Crosby and Rise Stevens, with J. S. Trotter Orch. - Medley From Dixie Pt1
NO.19_1946-02-581B1_Bing Crosby with the Charioteers and J. S. Trotter Orch. - Medley From Dixie Pt2
NO.20_1946-02-582A1_Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey Trombone, Axel Stordahl Orch. - I'll Never Smile Again
NO.21_1946-02-582A2_Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey Trombone, Axel Stordahl Orch. - Without A Song
NO.22_1946-02-582B1_Martha Tilton and Jack Leonard - Two Sleepy People
NO.23_1946-02-583A1_Woody Herman Orch. - 125th Street Prophet
NO.24_1946-02-583B1_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - Deep Night
NO.25_1946-02-583B2_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - I Found A New Baby
NO.26_1946-02-584A1_Jo Stafford with Orch., Billy Butterfield, Trumpet - Gee, It's Good To Hold You
NO.27_1946-02-584A2_Jo Stafford with Orch., Billy Butterfield, Trumpet - That's For Me
NO.28_1946-02-584B1_Hildegarde, with Orch. - And There You Are
NO.29_1946-02-584B2_Hildegarde, with Orch. - It Doesn't Cost You Anything To Dream
NO.30_1946-02-585A1_Benny Goodman Orch., vocals by Liza Morrow - Give Me The Simple Life

NO.01_1946-02-585A2_Benny Goodman Orch., vocals by Liza Morrow - My Guy's Come Back
NO.02_1946-02-585B1_Cab Calloway Orch., vocal by Cab Calloway - Here I Go Just Dreamin' Away
NO.03_1946-02-585B2_Gene Krupa Orch., vocal by Buddy Stewart - Just A Little Fond Affection
NO.04_1946-02-586A1_Jimmie Lunceford Orch. - For Dancers Only
NO.05_1946-02-586A2_Jimmie Lunceford Orch. - What To Do
NO.06_1946-02-586B1_Billie Holiday - I Cover The Waterfront
NO.07_1946-02-586B2_Billie Holiday - The Same Old Story
NO.08_1946-02-587A1_Glenn Miller's Army Air Forces Overseas Orch. - Passage Interdit
NO.09_1946-02-587A2_Glenn Miller's Army Air Forces Overseas Orch. - Why Dream
NO.10_1946-02-587B1_Jack Teagarden Orch., vocal by Jack Teagarden - Beale Street Blues
NO.11_1946-02-588A1_The V-Disc Jumpers - Love Is Just Around The Corner
NO.12_1946-02-588B1_Muggsy Spanier V-Disc Dixielanders - Cherry
NO.13_1946-02-588B2_Muggsy Spanier V-Disc Dixielanders - Tin Roof Blues
NO.14_1946-02-589A1_Los Angeles Symphony Orch. - Ave Maria
NO.15_1946-02-589A2_Los Angeles Symphony Orch. - Jamaican Rumba
NO.16_1946-02-589B1_Victor Young Orch. - Pearls On Velvet
NO.17_1946-02-590A1_Stan Kenton Orch., vocal and trumpet solo by Ray Wetzel - I'm A Shy Guy
NO.18_1946-02-590A2_Stan Kenton Orch., vocal by June Christy - Ride On
NO.19_1946-02-590B1_The Three Suns - Till The End Of Time, Sigh By Night, Say It Over Again, But I Did
NO.20_1946-03-591A1_William Kapell (Piano), New York Phil - Rhapsody Of Paganini, Pt1 (Rachmaninoff)
NO.21_1946-03-592A1_William Kapell (Piano), New York Phil - Rhapsody Of Paganini, Pt2 (Rachmaninoff)
NO.22_1946-03-591B1_William Kapell (Piano), New York Phil - Rhapsody Of Paganini, Pt3 (Rachmaninoff)
NO.23_1946-03-592B1_William Kapell (Piano), New York Phil - Rhapsody Of Paganini, Pt4 (Rachmaninoff)
NO.24_1946-03-593AB_Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Jota Aragonesa Pt1&2 (Glinka)
NO.25_1946-03-593B1_Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orch. - Hungarian Dance No. 1 (Brahms)
NO.26_1946-03-594A1_Frank Sinatra - Aren't You Glad You're You
NO.27_1946-03-594A2_Frank Sinatra - You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
NO.28_1946-03-594B1_Martha Tilton with Orch. - What A Deal
NO.29_1946-03-594B2_Perry Como, with Lloyd Shaffer Orch. - Love Letters
NO.30_1946-03-595A1_Betty Roche, with Dave Matthews V-Disc Night Owls - Trouble Trouble

NO.01_1946-03-595B1_Teddy Wilson All Star Sextet - Blues
NO.02_1946-03-595B2_Teddy Wilson All Star Sextet - Stompin' At The Savoy
NO.03_1946-03-596A1_Ray Noble Orch., vocals by Roy Lanson - Don't Let Me Dream
NO.04_1946-03-596A2_Ray Noble Orch., vocals by Roy Lanson - Full Moon And Empty Arms
NO.05_1946-03-596B1_Stan Kenton Orch., vocal by June Christy - I Never Thought I'd Sing The Blues
NO.06_1946-03-597A1_Red Norvo Sky Painters - Blue Skies
NO.07_1946-03-597B1_Yank Lawson Dixieland Jazz Band - Washboard Blues
NO.08_1946-03-598A1_Bing Crosby - Medley From Pennies From Heaven
NO.09_1946-03-598B1_Bing Crosby - I'll Get By
NO.10_1946-03-599A1_The Three Jesters - I Had A Hat
NO.11_1946-03-599A2_The Three Jesters - The Pants That Pappy Gave To Me
NO.12_1946-03-599B1_The Three Suns - Busy Holiday
NO.13_1946-03-599B2_The Three Suns - By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
NO.14_1946-03-599B3_The Three Suns - What Would Annie Say