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V-Disc ("V" for Victory) NO.600 - 699, March 1946 - November 1946


Release - March 1946 - November 1946

NO.01_1946-03-600A1_Cab Calloway Orch. - Honeydripper
NO.02_1946-03-600A2_Les Brown Orch., vocal by Doris Day - You Won't Be Satisfied
NO.03_1946-03-600B1_Harry James Orch. featuring Willie Smith on Clarinet - Rose Room
NO.04_1946-03-601A1_Major Glenn Miller's AAF Overseas Orch., vocal by Johnny Desmond - Symphony
NO.05_1946-03-601B1_The Benny Goodman Sextet - I Got Rhythm
NO.06_1946-03-602A1_Marie Greene and her Merry V-Disc Men - I Know That You Kow
NO.07_1946-03-602A2_Marie Greene and her Merry V-Disc Men - Solitude
NO.08_1946-03-602B1_Kay Starr with Joe Venuti and the Les Paul Trio - There's A Lull In My Life
NO.09_1946-03-602B2_Kay Starr with Joe Venuti and the Les Paul Trio - What Goes Up Must Come Down
NO.10_1946-03-603A1_Buddy Rich V-Disc Speed Demons, featuring Ella Fitzgerald - That's Rich
NO.11_1946-03-603B1_Bill Stegmeyer Hot Eight - Tea For Two
NO.12_1946-03-604A1_Art Tatum - She's Funny That Way
NO.13_1946-03-604B2_Art Tatum - Gershwin Medley
NO.14_1946-03-605A1_Tommy Dorsey, vocal by Stuart Foster - A Door Will Open
NO.15_1946-03-605B1_Roy Eldridge V-Discatters - Old Rob Roy
NO.16_1946-04-606A1_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Fantasia For Double String Orch. Pt1 (Williams)
NO.17_1946-04-607A1_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Fantasia For Double String Orch. Pt2 (Williams)
NO.18_1946-04-606B1_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Fantasia For Double String Orch. Pt3 (Williams)
NO.19_1946-04-607B1_Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Overture To A Fairy Tale (Morawetz)
NO.20_1946-04-608A1_Igor Stravinsky Conducting The New York Phil - Circus Polka (Stravinsky)
NO.21_1946-04-608B1_Virgil Fox, Organ - Trumpet Tune And Air (Purcell)
NO.22_1946-04-608B2_Wanda Landowska - Goldberg Variation No. 16 (Bach)
NO.23_1946-04-609A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Medley From Snow-White-And-Pinocchio
NO.24_1946-04-609B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - St. Louis Blues
NO.25_1946-04-610A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
NO.26_1946-04-610B1_Mus 1/c Sam Donahue and the Navy Dance Band - Convoy
NO.27_1946-04-611A1_Pearl Bailey with Mitchell Ayres' Orch. - Personality
NO.28_1946-04-611A2_Woody Herman Orch. - Helen Of Troy
NO.29_1946-04-611B1_Muggsy Spanier V-Disc Jazz Band - China Boy
NO.30_1946-04-612A1_Claude Thornhill Orch. - Night And Day

NO.01_1946-04-612A2_Claude Thornhill Orch. - Sunrise On A Guinea Farm
NO.02_1946-04-612B1_Roy Eldridge V-Disc Little Jazz Band - Roy Meets Horn
NO.03_1946-04-613A1_Marie Greene and her V-Disc Merry Men - The Man I Love
NO.04_1946-04-613B1_Helen Forrest - September Song
NO.05_1946-04-613B2_Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes, with Gordon Jenkins' Orch. - Mean To Me
NO.06_1946-04-614A1_Frank Sinatra - Oh What It Seemed To Be
NO.07_1946-04-614A2_Frank Sinatra - Old School Teacher
NO.08_1946-04-614B1_King Cole Trio - Frim Fram Sauce
NO.09_1946-04-614B2_Lena Horne, with Benny Goodman Orch. - Come To Baby Do
NO.10_1946-04-615A1_Benny Goodman Trio - I Want To Be Loved
NO.11_1946-04-615B1_Phil Harris Orch. - Darktown Poker Club
NO.12_1946-04-616A1_Les Paul Trio - All Of Me
NO.13_1946-04-616A2_Les Paul Trio - Dark Eyes
NO.14_1946-04-616B1_The Three Suns - Crazy Rhythm
NO.15_1946-04-616B2_The Three Suns - Flower Dance
NO.16_1946-04-616B3_The Three Suns - Up Jumped Love
NO.17_1946-04-617A1_Esquire All-American Jazz Concert: Duke Ellington Orch. - Esquire Swank
NO.18_1946-04-617B1_Woody Herman Orch. - Caldonia
NO.19_1946-04-617B2_Woody Herman Orch., featuring Bill Harris on Trombone - Mean To Me
NO.20_1946-04-618A1_Hoagy Carmichael, Betty Hutton - Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
NO.21_1946-04-618B1_The 3 Jesters - I Had But 50 Cents
NO.22_1946-04-618B2_The 3 Jesters - She Lived Next Door To A Firehouse
NO.23_1946-04-619A1_Bill Heathcock V-Disc West Coasters - Late At Night
NO.24_1946-04-619B1_Bill Heathcock V-Disc West Coasters, vocal by Anita Boyer - My Silent Love
NO.25_1946-04-620A1_Art Tatum - Body And Soul
NO.26_1946-04-620B1_Art Tatum - Lover
NO.27_1946-05-621A1_Erich Kleiber and Symphony - Suite From The Ballet, Panambi 1st-Movement
NO.28_1946-05-622A1_Erich Kleiber and Symphony - Suite From The Ballet, Panambi 2nd-Movement
NO.29_1946-05-622A2_Erich Kleiber and Symphony - Suite From The Ballet, Panambi 3rd-Movement
NO.30_1946-05-621B1_Erich Kleiber and Symphony - Suite From The Ballet, Panambi 4th-Movement

NO.01_1946-05-621B2_Erich Kleiber and Symphony - Suite From The Ballet, Panambi 5th-Movement
NO.02_1946-05-622B1_Edward Vito at the Harp - Deep Purple
NO.03_1946-05-623A1_Carol Brice - Come To The Fair
NO.04_1946-05-623A2_Carol Brice - O Ye Balmy Bows (from the Opera,)
NO.05_1946-05-623B1_Jussi Bjoerling - Addio Alla Madre (from the Opera,)
NO.06_1946-05-624A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Bolero (Ravel)
NO.07_1946-05-624B1_Al Goodman Orch. - Spellbound
NO.08_1946-05-625A1_Frank Sinatra - I Have But One Heart
NO.09_1946-05-625B1_Eileen Barton, with Jerry Jerome Orch. - Great Day
NO.10_1946-05-625B2_Eileen Barton, with Jerry Jerome Orch. - Lover Come Back To Me
NO.11_1946-05-626AB_Duke Ellington Orch. - Frankie And Johnnie
NO.12_1946-05-627A1_Count Basie Orch. - Tippin' On The Q.T.
NO.13_1946-05-627B1_Benny Goodman Sextet - China Boy
NO.14_1946-05-627B2_Benny Goodman Sextet - Liza
NO.15_1946-05-628A1_The Les Paul Trio - Sweet Georgia Brown
NO.16_1946-05-628A2_The Les Paul Trio - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
NO.17_1946-05-628A3_The Les Paul Trio - Why Do I Love You?
NO.18_1946-05-628B1_The Three Jesters - Egyptian Ella
NO.19_1946-05-628B2_The Three Jesters - McNamara's Band
NO.20_1946-05-629A1_Marie Greene and Joe Dosh - It Had To Be You
NO.21_1946-05-629B1_Martha Titlton and Jack Leonard - Thanks For The Memory
NO.22_1946-05-630A1_Fats Waller - Bouncin' On A V Disc
NO.23_1946-05-630B1_Bunk Johnson Band - I Can't Escape From You
NO.24_1946-05-631A1_Lena Horne - Mad About The Boy
NO.25_1946-05-631A2_Lena Horne - Why Shouldnt I?
NO.26_1946-05-631B1_Andy Russell - La Borrachita
NO.27_1946-05-631B2_Andy Russell - Time Was
NO.28_1946-05-632A1_Bing Crosby, with the Charioteers and J. S. Trotter Orch. - Dear Old Girl
NO.29_1946-05-632A2_Bing Crosby with the Charioteers, and J. S. Trotter Orch. - These Foolish Things
NO.30_1946-05-632B1_Harry Cool Orch., duet by Jeanne Shirley and Harry Cool - Do You Love Me?

NO.01_1946-05-632B2_Harry Cool Orch., vocal by Harry Cool - Are Ya Kiddin'
NO.02_1946-05-633A1_Keith Davis and the Army Service Forces Radio Orch. - Medley From Carousel
NO.03_1946-05-633B1_Army Service Forces Radio Orch. - Martinique
NO.04_1946-05-634A1_Art Tatum - Begin The Beguine
NO.05_1946-05-634A2_Art Tatum - Indiana
NO.06_1946-05-634B1_Art Tatum - Poor Butterfly
NO.07_1946-05-635A1_Frank Sinatra, Conducting the Music of Alec Wilder - Slow Dance
NO.08_1946-05-635B1_Frank Sinatra, Conducting the Music of Alec Wilder - Contrapuntal Variations
NO.09_1946-06-636AB_The Boston Symphony, cond by Fritz Reiner - Dance Of The Seven Veils
NO.10_1946-06-638A1_Arturo Toscanini Conducting Symphony - Symphony No. 40 (1st Movement) Mozart
NO.11_1946-06-638B1_Arturo Toscanini Conducting Symphony - Overture To (La Forza del Destino)
NO.12_1946-06-639B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Fire Dance
NO.13_1946-06-639B2_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Lotus Land
NO.14_1946-06-640A1_The Three Jesters - The Martins And The Coys
NO.15_1946-06-640B1_Spike Jones City Slickers - Excerpts From The-Nutcracker-Suite
NO.16_1946-06-641B1_Ray Bloch Orch. - Limehouse Blues
NO.17_1946-06-641B2_Ray Bloch Orch., vocal by Larry Douglas - All Through The Day
NO.18_1946-06-642B1_Frank Sinatra, Conducting the Music of Alec Wilder - Piece For Bassoon
NO.19_1946-06-642B2_Frank Sinatra, Conducting the Music of Alec Wilder - Piece For English Horn
NO.20_1946-06-643A1_Dinah Shore - Dixieland Band
NO.21_1946-06-643A2_Dinah Shore - Remember
NO.22_1946-06-643B1_Johnny Bothwell Orch., Claire Hogan , David Lambert - 22 Steps From The Corner
NO.23_1946-06-643B2_Johnny Bothwell Orch., Claire Hogan , David Lambert - Strange Feeling
NO.24_1946-06-644A1_Art Tatum - Song Of The Vagabonds
NO.25_1946-06-644A2_Art Tatum - Where Or When
NO.26_1946-06-644B1_Benny Goodman Quintet - Exactly Like You
NO.27_1946-06-645A1_Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore - My Romance
NO.28_1946-06-645B1_Dick Haymes - Amada Mio
NO.29_1946-06-645B2_Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes - Button Up Your Overcoat
NO.30_1946-06-646A1_Bing Crosby, with J. S. Trotter Orch. - In The Land Of Beginning Again

NO.01_1946-06-646A2_Bing Crosby, with J. S. Trotter Orch. - Let It Snow
NO.02_1946-06-646B1_Bill Heathcock Orch. - You're Not The Kind
NO.03_1946-06-646B2_Bill Heathcock Orch., vocal by Anita Boyer - P.S. I Love You
NO.04_1946-06-647A1_Hoagy Carmichael Plays Piano and Sings - Excerpt From Movie Canyon-Passage
NO.05_1946-06-647A2_Hoagy Carmichael Plays Piano and Sings - Riverboat Shuffle
NO.06_1946-06-647B1_Boyd Raeburn Orch. - March Of The Boyds
NO.07_1946-06-647B2_Boyd Raeburn Orch. - Two Spoos In An Igloo
NO.08_1946-06-648A1_Woody Herman Orch. - Blowing Up A Storm
NO.09_1946-06-648B1_Chubby Jackson Ralph Burns and Woody Herman - Jackson Fiddles While Ralph Burns
NO.10_1946-06-648B2_Woody Herman and Duke Ellington Bands Combined - C Jam Blues
NO.11_1946-06-649A1_Les Paul Trio - Dreamdust
NO.12_1946-06-649A2_Les Paul Trio - Fine And Dandy
NO.13_1946-06-649B1_Charlie Barnet Orch. - Drop Me Off In Harlem
NO.14_1946-06-649B2_Charlie Barnet Orch., vocal by Peanuts Holland - Straighten Up And Fly Right
NO.15_1946-06-650A1_Marie Greene and her Merrymen - Don't You Ever Let Me Go
NO.16_1946-06-650B1_Artie Shaw Orch. - The Maid With The Flaccid Air
NO.17_1946-07-651A1_Nelson Eddy, Robert Armbruster Orch. - The Twelve Days Of Christmas
NO.18_1946-07-651B1_Nelson Eddy, R. Armbruster Orch. - God Rest, Merry Gentlemen, Gathering Clouds
NO.19_1946-07-651B2_Nelson Eddy, R. Armbruster Orch. - Hallelujah Chorus
NO.20_1946-07-651B3_Nelson Eddy, R. Armbruster Orch. - Silent Night
NO.21_1946-07-652A1_Dick Haymes, with Gordon Jenkins' Orch. and Chorus - O Come All Ye Faithful
NO.22_1946-07-652A2_Dick Haymes, with Gordon Jenkins' Orch. and Chorus - Silent Night
NO.23_1946-07-652B1_Frank Sinatra - Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem, Joy To The World, White Christmas
NO.24_1946-07-653AB_New York Phil cond by Artur Rodzinski - Symphony No. 5 (4th Movement) Prokofieff
NO.25_1946-07-654A1_Toscanini Conducting Symphony - O Suave Faniciulla From La-Boheme
NO.26_1946-07-654B1_Toscanini Conducting Symphony - Musetta's Waltz And Finale Act 2 From La-Boheme
NO.27_1946-07-655A1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Blues In The Night
NO.28_1946-07-655B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Roumanian Rhapsody
NO.29_1946-07-656A1_Perry Como, with Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
NO.30_1946-07-656A2_Perry Como, with Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Prisoner Of Love

NO.01_1946-07-656B1_Mildred Bailey, with Paul Baron Orch. - Rockin' Chair
NO.02_1946-07-656B2_Mildred's Hot Sextet - Dinah
NO.03_1946-07-657AB_Duke Ellington Orch., vocal by Marie - Black, Brown and Beige
NO.04_1946-07-658A1_Fats Waller at the Organ - Solitude
NO.05_1946-07-658B1_Bunk Johnson Band - Snag It
NO.06_1946-07-659A1_Dinning Sisters, - Wave To Me, My Lady
NO.07_1946-07-659B1_Hoagy Carmichael - Everybody's Seen Him But His Daddy & Two Sleepy People
NO.08_1946-07-660A1_Woody Herman Orch. - Dancing In The Dawn
NO.09_1946-07-660B1_Les Brown Orch. - Deevil, Devil, Divil
NO.10_1946-07-660B2_Les Brown Orch. - Floatin'
NO.11_1946-07-661A1_Bing Crosby, with J. S. Trotter Orch. - Back To Donegal
NO.12_1946-07-661A2_Bing Crosby, with J. S. Trotter Orch. - Shoo-Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy
NO.13_1946-07-661B1_Cass Dailey - I'd Do It All Over Again
NO.14_1946-07-661B2_Ella Fitzgerald - A Tisket, A Tasket
NO.15_1946-07-662A1_Marie Greene and her V-Disc Merrymen - Penthouse Serenade
NO.16_1946-07-662A2_Marie Greene and her V-Disc Merrymen - Strange Love
NO.17_1946-07-662B1_Evelyn Knight, with the Herman Chittison Trio - I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
NO.18_1946-07-662B2_Evelyn Knight, with the Herman Chittison Trio - St. Louis Blues
NO.19_1946-07-663A1_Art Tatum - 920 Special
NO.20_1946-07-663A2_Art Tatum - I'm Beginning To See The Light
NO.21_1946-07-663B1_The Pied Pipers, with Axel Stordahl Orch. - Easy Street
NO.22_1946-07-663B2_The Pied Pipers, with Axel Stordahl Orch. - Should I
NO.23_1946-07-664A1_The Les Paul Trio - This Can't Be Love
NO.24_1946-07-664A2_The Les Paul Trio - Up And At 'Em
NO.25_1946-07-664B1_Frank Froeba - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
NO.26_1946-07-664B2_Frank Froeba - The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart)
NO.27_1946-07-665A1_Coleman Hawkins Tenor Sax - My Ideal
NO.28_1946-07-665A2_Mildred Bailey - Squeeze Me
NO.29_1946-07-665B1_Chubby Jacksons Mad Mob - Meshugah
NO.30_1946-08-666AB_Dr. Frank Black Conducting Symphony - Il Guarany Overture (Gomez)

NO.01_1946-08-667B1_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Liszt)
NO.02_1946-08-667B2_Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - Voices Of Spring (Strauss)
NO.03_1946-08-668A1_Jane Froman, with Andre Kostelanetz Orch. - My Bill & Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
NO.04_1946-08-668B1_Nino Martini, with Howard Barlow Orch. - O Sole Mio (Traditional)
NO.05_1946-08-668B2_Nino Martini, with Howard Barlow Orch. - Serenade (Toselli)
NO.06_1946-08-669A1_Erskine Butterfield Trio - Hit That Jive, Jack
NO.07_1946-08-669A2_Erskine Butterfield Trio - Piano Boogie
NO.08_1946-08-669B1_1st Training Group Orch., Camp Lee, Virginia - Fifteen Cent Blues
NO.09_1946-08-670A1_Frank Sinatra, with Axel Stordahl's Orch. - They Say It's Wonderful
NO.10_1946-08-670A2_Frank Sinatra, with Axel Stordahl's Orch. - You Are Too Beautiful
NO.11_1946-08-670B1_Marie Greene, with Orch. Conducted by Dave Mann - I Got Lost In His Arms
NO.12_1946-08-670B2_Marie Greene, with Orch. Conducted by Dave Mann - It's A Womans Perogative
NO.13_1946-08-671A1_Duke Ellington Orch. - Unbooted Character
NO.14_1946-08-671B1_Monica Lewis, with Ray Bloch Orch. - Blue And Melancholy Moody
NO.15_1946-08-671B2_Monica Lewis, with Ray Bloch Orch. - Put The Blame On Mame
NO.16_1946-08-672A1_Billie Holiday - Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me & I'll Get By
NO.17_1946-08-672B1_Abagail and Buddy - It Might As Well Be Spring
NO.18_1946-08-672B2_The Slim Gaillard Trio - Cement Mixer
NO.19_1946-08-673A1_The Charioteers - I've Got A Home In That Rock
NO.20_1946-08-673A2_The Charioteers - My Lord, What A Mornin'
NO.21_1946-08-673B1_Bing Crosby and The Charioteers - One More Dream
NO.22_1946-08-673B2_Dinah Shore - Coax Me
NO.23_1946-08-674AB_Lionel Hampton and the V-Disc All-Stars - Flyin' On A V-Disc
NO.24_1946-08-675A1_Toscanini Conducting Symphony - Overture To Opera Carlos Bruegnon (Kabelovsky)
NO.25_1946-08-675B1_David Rose Orch. - One Love
NO.26_1946-08-675B2_David Rose Orch. - Stormy Weather
NO.27_1946-09-676AB_Symphony Conducted by Dr. Frank Black - Finlandia (Sibelius)
NO.28_1946-09-677AB_Boyd Raeburn Orch. - Tone Poem By George Handy
NO.29_1946-09-678A1_Jimmy Mundy Orch. - Fiesta In Blue
NO.30_1946-09-678B1_Benny Carter Orch. - Back Bay Boogie

NO.01_1946-09-679A1_Marie Greene, with Orch. - Bewitched
NO.02_1946-09-679B1_Frank Sinatra, with Orch. - Something Old, Something New
NO.03_1946-09-679B2_Frank Sinatra, with Orch. - The Girl That I Marry
NO.04_1946-09-680A1_Skinnay Ennis Orch., vocal by Skinnay Ennis - Got A Date With An Angel
NO.05_1946-09-680A2_Skinnay Ennis Orch., vocal by Skinnay Ennis - The Iggidy Song
NO.06_1946-09-680B1_Sammy Kaye Orch., vocal by Betty Barclay - I've Never Forgotten
NO.07_1946-09-680B2_Sammy Kaye Orch., vocal by Betty Barclay - Gee, I'm Glad To Be The One That I Am
NO.08_1946-09-681A1_Andre Previn - I Cover The Waterfront
NO.09_1946-09-681B1_Edgar Hayes Stardusters, vocal by Bryant Allen - Stardust
NO.10_1946-09-682A1_Peggy Lee, accompanied by the Les Paul Trio - I Don't Know Enough About You
NO.11_1946-09-682A2_Peggy Lee, accompanied by the Les Paul Trio - I Get The Blues When It Rains
NO.12_1946-09-682B1_Herb Jeffries - I Left A Good Deal In Mobile
NO.13_1946-09-682B2_Herb Jeffries - I Left My Heart In Mississippi
NO.14_1946-09-683A1_Johnny Bothwell New Orch. - From The Land Of The Sky-Blue Water
NO.15_1946-09-683A2_Johnny Bothwell New Orch., vocal by Don Darcy - My Old Flame
NO.16_1946-09-683B1_Benny Goodman Orch. - Rattle And Roll
NO.17_1946-09-683B2_Claude Thornhill New Orch., vocal by Buddy Hughes - Twilight Song
NO.18_1946-09-684A1_Slim Gaillard and Leo Watson - Fried Chicken O'Routee
NO.19_1946-09-684B1_Frankie Carle Orch. - Down By The Old Mill Stream
NO.20_1946-09-684B2_Frankie Carle Orch. - Missouri Waltz
NO.21_1946-09-685A1_Bing Crosby, with J. S. Trotter Orch. - Sioux City Sue
NO.22_1946-09-685A2_Georgia Gibbs, with J. S. Trotter Orch. - On The Sunny Side Of The Street
NO.23_1946-09-685B1_Harry Cool Orch., vocal by Harry Cool - Just The Other Day
NO.24_1946-09-685B2_Harry Cool Orch., vocals by Jeanne Shirley and Harry Cool - Derry Derry Dum
NO.25_1946-10-686AB_Franco Autori Conducting NBC Symphony - Firebird Suite Pt1&2 (Stravinsky)
NO.26_1946-10-687AB_Franco Autori Conducting NBC Symphony - Firebird Suite Pt3&4 (Stravinsky)
NO.27_1946-10-688A1_Don Baker, New York CIty, at the Paramount Theatre Organ - Charmaine
NO.28_1946-10-688A2_Don Baker, New York CIty, at the Paramount Theatre Organ - Diane
NO.29_1946-10-688A3_Don Baker, New York CIty, at the Paramount Theatre Organ - Play Gypsies
NO.30_1946-10-688B1_Marek Weber Orch. - Chitarra Romana

NO.01_1946-10-689A1_Frank Sinatra, with Axel Stordahl Orch. - The Song Is You
NO.02_1946-10-689B1_Skinnay Ennis Orch., vocal by Johnny Thompson - The Outlaw
NO.03_1946-10-689B2_Skinnay Ennis Orch., vocal by Skinnay Ennis - Remember Me
NO.04_1946-10-690A1_Les Paul Trio - I'm In The Mood For Love, Poor Butterfly, Out Of Nowhere
NO.05_1946-10-690B1_The Vivian Garry Trio - Baby, I'm Gone
NO.06_1946-10-690B2_The Vivian Garry Trio - Where You At
NO.07_1946-10-691A1_Jimmy Mundy Orch. - Fiesta In Brass
NO.08_1946-10-691B1_Buddy Rich Orch. - Quiet Riot
NO.09_1946-10-692A1_Andre Previn - I Found A New Baby
NO.10_1946-10-692A2_Andre Previn - September In The Rain
NO.11_1946-10-692B1_Tommy Todd Trio - S'Wonderful
NO.12_1946-10-692B2_Tommy Todd Trio - Spanish Omelette
NO.13_1946-10-693A1_Sammy Kaye Orch., vocal by Billy Williams - Laughing On The Outside
NO.14_1946-10-693A2_Sammy Kaye Orch., vocal Members of the Orch. - Wherever There's Me, There's You
NO.15_1946-10-693B1_Harry James Orch., vocals by Buddy De Vito - I Guess I Expected Too Much
NO.16_1946-10-693B2_Harry James Orch., vocals by Buddy De Vito - Why Does It Get So Late So Early?
NO.17_1946-10-694A1_Herb Jeffries and Combo - Body And Soul
NO.18_1946-10-694A2_Herb Jeffries and Combo - Could This Be Love
NO.19_1946-10-694B1_Benny Goodman Quintet - Oh Lady Be Good
NO.20_1946-10-695AB_Duke Ellington Orch. - New World A Comin'
NO.21_1946-11-696A1_Nathan Milstein, New York Phil - Violin Concerto In E Minor Pt1 (Mendelssohn)
NO.22_1946-11-697A1_Nathan Milstein, New York Phil - Violin Concerto In E Minor Pt2 (Mendelssohn)
NO.23_1946-11-696B1_Nathan Milstein, New York Phil - Violin Concerto In E Minor Pt3 (Mendelssohn)
NO.24_1946-11-697B1_Nathan Milstein, New York Phil - Violin Concerto In E Minor Pt4 (Mendelssohn)
NO.25_1946-11-698A1_Nathan Milstein, New York Phil - Violin Concerto In E Minor Pt5 (Mendelssohn)
NO.26_1946-11-698B1_Franco Autori Conducting NBC Symphony - Gold And Silver Waltz (Lehar)
NO.27_1946-11-699A1_Dinah Shore, with Spade Cooley Boys - Heartache, Sadness, And Tears
NO.28_1946-11-699A2_Spade Cooley Boys - Three Way Boogie
NO.29_1946-11-699B1_Jerry Colonna, with Frank DeVol Orch. - A Farmer's Life Is A Very Merry Life
NO.30_1946-11-699B2_Jerry Colonna, with Frank DeVol Orch. - My Fickle Eye