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ジェラルド&ヒズ・オーケストラ集 (Geraldo & His Orchestra Collection) 34曲
合計収録時間: 1時間44分47秒

001-A Foggy Day (V=Cyril Grantham)
002-An Old Spanish Tango
003-Begin The Beguine (V=Eve Beck)
004-Dance With A Dolly (V=Johnny Green, Three Boys, A Girl) 1944
005-Deep In A Dream (V=Al Bowlly) 1939
006-Don't Sweetheart Me (V=Sally Douglas) 1944
007-Frenesi (Dorothy Carless) 1941
008-Heart And Soul (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
009-I came, I saw, I Conga'd
010-I Don't Want To Walk Without You (Dorothy Carless) 1942
011-I Never Loved Anyone (V=Denny Vaughn) 1948
012-If Ever A Heart Was In The Right Place (V=Al Bowlly) 1939
013-Jealousy (V=Geno Berni) 1932
014-Jealousy (V=Georgina) 1942
015-Lambeth Walk (V=Georgina) 1938
016-Maria, My Own 1932
017-Music, Music, Music
018-Never Break A Promise (V=Al Bowlly)
019-October Twilight (V=Archie Lewis) 1948
020-Running Round In Circles Getting Nowhere (V=Carole Carr)
021-Russian Rose 1941
022-Soft Shoe Shuffle 1942
023-Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year (V=Johnny Green) 1944
024-Summers End (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
025-Sweet Eloise (V=George Evans) 1942
026-Sweet Muchacha (V=Les Allen) 1932
027-Teresa (V=Denny Vaughn, Anne Stuart) 1948
028-That Lovely weekend (V=Dorothy Carless) 1941
029-The Carioca 1933
030-The Song Of A Slave 1933
031-They Say (V=Al Bowlly) 1939
032-Three Little Sisters (V=Beryl Davis, Georgina, D.Villiers, G.Evans, L.Camber) 1942
033-Tis Autumn (V=George Evans) 1942
034-Tonight (V=Len Camber) 1941