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ロイ・フォックス楽団集 (Roy Fox & His Orchestra Collection) 118曲
合計収録時間: 5時間49分51秒

001-A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
002-A Street In Old Seville
003-Adios (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
004-Afraid to Dream
005-All Of A Sudden (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
006-Alma Mia (V=Al Bowlly)
007-Are You Prepared (V=Al Bowlly)
008-Bathing In The Sunshine (V=Al Bowlly) 1931
009-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (V=Al Bowlly)
010-Bubbling Over With Love (V=Al Bowlly)
011-Build A Little Home (V=Denny Dennis & The Cubs) 1934
012-By My Side (V=Al Bowlly)
013-Cherie, C'est Vous (V=Al Bowlly)
014-Concentratin' (V=Al Bowlly)
015-Dance Hall Doll (V=Al Bowlly)
016-Drink, Brothers, Drink (V=Al Bowlly)
017-Echo Of A Song-ver1 (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
018-Echo Of A Song-ver2 (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
019-For Sentimental Reasons (V=Jack O'Hagan)
020-Gone Forever (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
021-Goodnight Vienna (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
022-Goodnight, Moon (V=Al Bowlly)
023-How'm I Doin' (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
024-I Cover The Watefront (V=Peggy Dell) 1933
025-I Found You (V=Al Bowlly)
026-I Saw Stars 1934
027-I'd Rather Be A Beggar With You (V=Al Bowlly)
028-I'm For You A Hundred Per Cent (V=Al Bowlly)
029-I'm Glad I Waited (V=Al Bowlly)
030-I'm Gonna Get You (V=Al Bowlly) 1931

031-I'm So Used To You Now (V=Al Bowlly)
032-I'se a Muggin' (V=Mary Lee)
033-I've Got Beginner's Luck (V=Mary Lee)
034-If Anything Happened To You (V=Al Bowlly)
035-If I Didn't Have You (V=Al Bowlly)
036-If I Have To Go On Without You (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
037-If You Were Only Mine (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
038-In London On A Night Like This (V=Al Bowlly)
039-In The Dark
040-It Must Be True (V=Al Bowlly)
041-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (V=Denny Dennis)
042-It's Always Goodbye (V=Al Bowlly)
043-It's Been So Long (V=Mary Lee) 1936
044-It's Got To Be Love (V=Mary Lee)
045-Jig Time (V=Al Bowlly)
046-Jungle Drums
047-Just Another Dream Of You (V=Al Bowlly)
048-Just Humming Along (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
049-Just One More Chance (V=Al Bowlly)
050-Keep Young And Beautiful (V=Denny Dennis) 1934
051-Kicking The Gong Around (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
052-Kiss By Kiss (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
053-Kiss Me Goodnight (V=Al Bowlly)
054-Koppa-Ka-Banna (V=Al Bowlly)
055-Lady, Play Your Mandolin (V=Al Bowlly)
056-Lazy Day (V=Al Bowlly) 1931
057-Leave The Rest To Nature (V=Al Bowlly)
058-Let's Face The Music And Dance (V=Denny Dennis)
059-Living In Clover (V=Al Bowlly)
060-Longer That You Linger In Virginia (V=Al Bowlly)

061-Look In The Looking Glass (V=Al Bowlly)
062-Looking For You (V=Al Bowlly)
063-Lovable (V=Al Bowlly)
064-Love For Sale (V=Al Bowlly)
065-Love You Funny thing (V=Al Bowlly)
066-Lullaby Of The Leaves (V=Al Bowlly)
067-Marta (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
068-May I ? (V=Denny Dennis) 1934
069-Maybe I'm Wrong Again (V=Denny Dennis) 1935
070-Maybe It's Love (V=Al Bowlly)
071-Memories Of You (V=Al Bowlly)
072-Minnie The Moocher (V=Al Bowlly, Bill Hartley) (1932
073-Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
074-Missouri Waltz (V=Al Bowlly) 1931
075-My Sweet Virginia (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
076-My Temptation (V=Al Bowlly)
077-Neath The Spell Of Monte Carlo (V=Al Bowlly)
078-Night When Love Was Born (V=Al Bowlly)
079-Nobody's Sweetheart (V=Al Bowlly)
080-Oh! Joanna (V=S Buckman) 1933
081-Old Man Of The Mountains (V=Al Bowlly)
082-On the Other Side of the Hill
083-One More Affair (V=Al Bowlly)
084-One More Time (V=Al Bowlly)
085-Ooh That Kiss (V=Al Bowlly)
086-Out Of Nowhere (V=Al Bowlly)
087-Over The Blue (V=Al Bowlly)
088-Overnight (V=Al Bowlly)
089-Peach Of A Pair (V=Al Bowlly)
090-Poor Kid 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)

091-Saddle Your Blues To A Wild Mustang (V=Sid Buckman) 1936
092-Sing Another Chorus, Please (V=Al Bowlly)
093-Somebody Loves You (V=Al Bowlly)
094-Song Of Happiness (V=Al Bowlly)
095-Sweet and Lovely (V=Al Bowlly) 1931
096-Take It From Me (V=Al Bowlly)
097-Ten Cents A Dance (V=Betty Bolton) 1931
098-Thank Your Father (V=Al Bowlly)
099-That Lindy Hop (V=Al Bowlly)
100-That's What I Like About You (V=Al Bowlly)
101-The Longer That You Linger In Virginia (V=Al Bowlly)
102-The Peanut Vendor (V=Al Bowlly) 1931
103-The Wanderers (V=Denny Dennis) 1937
104-The Wind's In The West (Peggy Dell, Jack Plant) 1933
105-Them There Eyes (V=The Three Ginx) 1931
106-There's Something In Your Eyes (V=Al Bowlly)
107-They Can't Take That Away From Me (V=Denny Dennis)
108-This Is The Missus (V=Al Bowlly)
109-Tie A Little String Around Your Finger (V=Al Bowlly)
110-Tip Toe Through The Tulips 1929
111-To Be Worthy Of You (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
112-Too Marvelous For Words (V=Denny Dennis) 1937
113-When We're Alone (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
114-Whispering (V=Jack Plant) 1933
115-Without That Certain Thing 1933
116-Writing A Letter To You
117-You Can't Stop Me From Loving You (V=Al Bowlly) 1931
118-You've Got What Gets Me (V=Al Bowlly) 1932