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テッド・ウィームス楽団集 (Ted Weems & His Orchestra Collection) 120曲
合計収録時間: 5時間38分13秒

001-A Baby Doll
002-A Close Friend
003-A Girl Friend Of A Boy Friend Of Mine
004-A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way
005-Any Corner Is A Cozy Little Corner 1931
006-Baby Doll 1928
007-Barbara 1927
008-Blue Eyed Sally 1924
009-Blue Rose 1924
010-Blueberry Hill (V=Perry Como) 1940
012-Cabin of Dreams (V=Perry Como) 1941
013-Cass Will Tell (V=Perry Como) 1939
014-Cheer Up 1930
015-Chic Chick Chick Chicken (V=Parker Gibbs, Dusty Rhodes)
016-Cobble Stones (V=Parker Gibbs) 1927
017-Collegian Love
018-Collegiate Love 1929
019-Come On
020-Covered Wagon Days 1923
021-Did You Ever Hear Pichollo Pete
022-Doin' The Uptown Lowdown (V=Parker Gibbs)
023-Egyptian Ella (V=Mr Washburn) 1931
024-Fooled By The Moon (V=Perry Como)
025-From Saturday Night Till Monday Morning
026-Girlfriend Of An Old Friend Of Mine
027-Good Morning,Good Evening,Good Night
028-Goodnight My Love (V=Perry Como) 1937
029-Goody Goodbye 1940
030-Green River (V=Art Jarett)

031-Halusinative (V=Perry Como) 1937
032-Happy Days Are Here Again 1930
033-He's Tall Dark And Hamesome
034-Heartaches (DECCA Version) 1947
035-Heartaches (RCA Version)
036-Here We Are (V=Art Jarrett) 1929
037-Highways Are Happy Ways (V=Dusty Rhodes, Parker Gibbs)
039-Holiday in Venice
040-How's the Night 1937
041-I Don't Want Your Kisses If I Can't Have Your Love
042-I Found You Out
043-I lost My Gal Again
044-I Love To Hear A Military Band 1931
045-I Still Get A Thrill (V=Art Jarrett) 1930
046-I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (V=Perry Como) 1939
047-I'm Gonna Park Myself In Your Arms 1926
048-I'm Growing Fonder Of You 1934
049-If I Ever Cry (You'll Never Know) 1925
050-If You Want The Rainbow, You Must Have The Rain
051-In My Little Red Book (V=Perry Como)
052-It All Comes Back To Me Now 1941
053-It Was Only A Sun Shower (V=Dusty Rhodes)
054-Josephine (V=Elmo Tanner)
055-Just Anything Your Heart Desires
056-Knock! Knock! Who's There? 1936
057-Look Who's Here 1932
058-Love Bound
059-Marvellous 1927
060-May I Never Love Again (V=Perry Como)

061-Me And The Man In The Moon (V=Art Jarrett) 1928
062-Mickey 1947
063-Miss Annabelle Lee 1927
064-Miss Wonderful. 1929
065-Mr. Meadowlark (V=Perry Como, Elmo Tanner) 1940
066-My Baby Just Cares For Me (V=Art Jarrett) 1930
067-My Cutey's Due At Two To Two (V=Parker Gibbs) 1926
068-My Honeys Lovin' Arms 1937
069-My Troubles Are Over (V=Parker Gibbs)
070-Mysterious Moe
071-Nola (V=Elmo Tanner) 1938
072-Nothing On My Mind
073-Oh Mo'nah! 1941
074-Oh, If I Only Had You 1926
075-One Of Us Was Wrong
076-Our Hayday Is Here
077-Peg O' My Heart (V=Bob Edwards)
078-Piccolo Pete 1929
080-Red-Nose Pete 1924
081-Remarkable Girl (V=Country Washburn)
082-Ribbons and Roses 1938
084-She Belongs To Me 1926
085-She'll Never Find A Fellow Like Me 1927
086-She's Got It (V=Parker Gibbs)
088-Sittin' Up Waitin' For You 1933
089-Slappin' The Base
090-Somebody Elses Arms

091-Somebody Stole My Gal 1923
092-Sophomore Prom 1929
093-Stayin' Away
094-Sunday in the Park (V=Perry Como) 1938
095-Talk Of The Town (V=Parker Gibbs) 1929
096-Talkin' To Myself 1934
097-That's My Weakness Now
098-The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 1933
099-The Day That I Met You
100-The Galding (V=Elmo Tanner) 1937
101-The Man from the South 1930
102-The One-Man Band 1930 (V=Parker Gibbs)
103-There'll Be Some Changes Made 1947
104-There's Too Many Eyes (V=Art Jarrett)
105-Until Today (V=Perry Como) 1936
106-Walkin' My Baby Back Home 1931
107-Washin' Dishes With My Sweetie (V=Parker Gibbs) 1930
108-We'll Be All Right
109-What A Day (V=Parker Gibbs)
110-What A Lovely Time
111-When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South 1936
112-When My Dreamboat Comes Home 1937
113-When The Morning Rolls Around 1933
114-Who Wants a Bad Little Boy 1924
115-Who Wouldn't Be Blue 1928
116-Winter Wonderland 1934
117-You And The Man In The Moon
118-You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes (V=Perry Como) 1936
119-You Wonderfull You
120-You're The Cream In My Coffee 1929