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バディ・クラーク集 (Buddy Clark Collection) 44曲
合計収録時間: 2時間08分41秒

001-A Dreamer's Holiday (Ted Dale's Orch) 1949
002-A Sailboat In The Moonlight (Johnny Hodge's And His Orch) 1937
003-An Apple Blossom Wedding 1947
004-Baby, It's Cold Outside (Ted Dale's Orch) 1949
005-Ballerina (Dick Jones Orch) 1947
006-Basin Street Blues (Benny Goodman Orch) 1935
007-Confess (Doris Day, George Siravo's Orch) 1948
008-Dancing With My Darling (Lud Gluskin Orch)
009-Dear Old Pal Of Mine 1942
010-Don't You Love Me Anymore (Mitchell Ayres Orch) 1947
012-Girl Of My Dreams (Sunny Clapp's Band) 1947
013-Goodnight Angel
014-How Are Things In Glocca Mora (Mitchell Ayres Orch) 1947
015-I Confess (Doris Day, George Siravo's Orch) 1948
016-I Love You So Much It Hurts (Earle Hagen Orch) 1949
017-I'll Dance At Your Wedding (Ray Noble Orch) 1947
018-I'll See You In My Dreams
019-I'll String Along With You (Doris Day)
020-Irresistable (Archie Bleyer Orch) 1934

021-It's A Big, Wide, Wonderful World (Mitchell Ayres Orch) 1949
022-Just A Baby's Prayer At Twilight 1942
023-Just One More Chance 1947
025-Keep The Home Fires Burning 1942
026-Linda (Ray Noble Orch) 1946
027-Love Somebody (Doris Day, George Siravo's Orch) 1948
028-Matinee (Mitchell Ayres Orch) 1948
029-Midnight Blue 1936
030-Moon Over Miami (Lud Gluskin's Orch) 1935
031-My Buddy 1942
032-My Darling, My Darling (Doris Day, George Siravo's Orch) 1948
033-Now Is The Hour (The Charioteers) 1947
034-On Your Toes (Ruby Newman Orch) 1936
035-Peg O' My Heart 1947
036-Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Doris Day, George Siravo's Orch) 1949
037-Sierra Madre (Ray Noble Orch) 1948
038-Smiles 1942
039-South America, Take It Away (Xavier Cugat Orch) 1946
040-Spring Is Here 1938
041-Those Things Money Can't Buy (Ray Noble Orch) 1947
042-Where The Apple Blossoms Fall 1948
043-You Call It Madness, I Call It Love
044-You're Breaking My Heart (Harry Zimmerman's Orch) 1949