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アル・ボウリィ集 (Albert Allick “Al” Bowlly Collection) 137曲

001-A Little White Gardenia
002-A million dreams 1932
003-Adios (Roy Fox Band) 1932
004-All Ashore 1938
005-All Of Me 1932
006-Any Broken Hearts to Mend 1938
007-As Long As I Live
008-Balloons 1932
009-Be Still My Heart 1934
010-Big Chief De Sota (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1936
011-Blue Moon (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1935
012-By My Side 1931
013-By The Fireside (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1932
014-By The Old Oak Tree (Ella Logan) 1930
015-Can't We Meet Again 1933
017-Colorado Sunset 1938
018-Concentratin' On You 1932
019-Could Be
020-Couldn't Be Cuter 1938
021-Dark Eyes
022-Dinner For One Please James (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1935
023-Down By The River (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1935
024-Down Sunnyside Lane 1931
026-Dreaming A Dream (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1934
027-Eadie Was A Lady
028-Easy Come Easy Go (Jean Harlow)
029-Every Day's A Holiday 1937
030-Fair And Warmer (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1934

031-Ferry Boat Serenade
032-Frankie And Johnny Blues (Ella Logan)
033-Give Me My Ranch 1939
034-Glorious Devon
035-Goodnight Angel
036-Goodnight Sweetheart
037-Goopy Geer 1932
038-Got A Date With An Angel 1931
039-Hang Out The Stars In Indiana (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1931
040-Heart And Soul
041-Hustlin' & Bustlin' for Baby 1933
042-I Can't Write The Words
043-I Get Ideas 1931
044-I Heard 1932
045-I Lay Me Down To Sleep
046-I Never Had A Chance
047-I Wished on the Moon 1930
048-I'd Rather be a Beggar with You
049-I'll Be Good Because Of You 1931
050-I'll do my best to make you happy 1932
051-I'll keep you in my heart always (Adios muchachos) 1931
052-I'll String Along With You
053-I'm One Of The Lads Of Valencia 1933
054-I'm Playing With Fire (Jack Jackson And His Orchestra) 1933
055-I'm Sorry I didn't say 'I'm sorry' 1938
056-I'm Stepping Out (Jimmy Mesene) 1940
057-I'm Thru With Love 1931
058-I've Got To Sing a Torch Song
059-I've Got You Under My Skin
060-If Anything Happened To You

061-If I Had A Million Dollars 1934
062-If I Had You 1929
063-In My Little Red Book
064-Isle Of Capri
065-Isn't It Heavenly
066-It's All Forgotten Now 1938
067-Judy 1934
068-Just Let Me Look At You
069-Lady Make Believe 1938
070-Lay My Head Beneath a Rose
071-Linda 1931
072-Love Locked Out 1933
073-Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm
074-Marie 1938
075-Moon Love
076-Moonlight On The Highway
077-My Canary has Circles under his eyes 1931
078-My Melancholy Baby (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1935
079-My Song Goes Round the World
080-My Sweet Virginia
081-My Woman
082-Not Bad 1935
083-Now 1935
084-Now It Can Be Told
085-On A Little Dream Ranch 1937
086-On A Steamer Coming Over (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1933
087-On With The Show
088-Only Forever (Jimmy Mesene) 1940
089-Over My Shoulder (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1934
090-Over the Rainbow 1939

091-Pagan Love Song
092-Pettin' In The Park
093-Pied Piper Of Hamelin 1931
094-Please Handle With Care 1933
095-Poor Kid 1931
096-Remember Me
097-Ridin' Home 1939
099-Roll Along Prairie Moon 1932
100-Roll On Mississippi 1931
101-Roll Up The Carpet (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1933
102-Romany 1939
103-Sailin' On The Robert E. Lee (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1932
104-Save The Last Dance For Me 1932
105-Shout For Happiness
107-Song Without Words (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1933
108-Summer's End 1938
109-Sweet And Lovely 1931
110-Sweet As A Song
111-Sweet Is The Word 1937
112-The Old Man Of The Mountains (Roy Fox And His Band) 1932
113-The Touch Of Your Lips (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1936
114-The Very Thought Of You (Monia Liter) 1933
115-The Waves Of The Ocean Are Whispering Goodnight 1939
116-Time On My Hands (New Mayfair Orchestra) 1931
117-Ti-Pi Tin Waltz 1938
118-Top Hat (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1935
119-True 1934
120-Wagon Wheels 1934

121-Walking Through Mockingbird Lane 1929
122-Were You Sincere 1931
123-What Do You Know About Love 1939
124-When Love Comes Swinging Along 1934
125-When That Man Is Dead And Gone (Jimmy Mesene) 1941
126-When You've Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart 1934
127-Where Am I (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1935
128-Where The Lazy River Goes By (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1936
129-Who'll Buy An Old Gold Ring
130-Why Dream (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1935
131-With All My Love And Kisses (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1932
132-You Are My Hearts Delight 1931
133-You Couldn't Be Cuter 1938
134-You Opened My Eyes
135-You Oughta See Sally On Sunday (Ray Noble Orchestra) 1933
136-You're Driving Me Crazy 1931
137-Yours Truly Is Truly Yours 1936