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レイ・アンソニー楽団集 (Ray Anthony Orchestra Collection) 62曲
合計収録時間: 2時間58分48秒

001-A Dreamer's Holiday
002-American Patrol 1959
003-And The Angels Sing (V=Vikki Carr)
004-Annie Laurie 1959
005-As Time Goes By 1952
006-At Last (V=Tommy Mercer)
007-Be My Love (V=Tommy Mercer) 1951
008-Bermuda (V=Tommy Mercer, Marcie Miller) 1952
009-Blue Bells Of Scotland 1959
010-Camptown Races 1959
011-Can Anyone Explain (V=Ronnie Deauville, The Skyliners) 1950
012-Chop Sticks 1959
013-Comin' Through The Rye 1959
014-Count Every Star 1950
015-Deep River 1959
016-Dixie 1949
018-Dry Bones 1959
019-Flying Home 1956
020-Harbor Lights (V=Ronnie Deauville) 1950
021-Heat Wave 1954
022-How High The Moon 1956
023-Hurricane Anthony 1953
024-Idaho 1952
025-Kerry Dance 1959
026-Melody Of Love (V=Frank Sinatra) 1955
027-Mocking Bird 1958
028-My Truly, Truly Fair (V=Tommy Mercer) 1951
029-Nevertheless (V=Ronnie Deauville, The Skyliners) 1950
030-Night Train 1956

031-O Mein Papa (oh! My Papa) 1954
032-Oh! What It Seemed to Be
033-On The Trail - From The Grand Canyon Suite 1953
034-One O'clock Jump 1956
035-Perdido 1956
036-Reuben, Reuben 1959
037-Roses (V=Ronnie Deauville) 1950
038-Secret Love (V=Tommy Mercer, The Anthony Choir) 1954
039-Sentimental Me (V=Ronnie Deauville) 1950
040-Sitting By The Window (V=Deauville, The Skyliners) 1950
041-Skokiaan 1954
042-Slaughter On 10th Avenue 1952
043-Swing Low 1959
044-Swingin' At The Tower 1956
045-The Bunny Hop 1952
046-The Darktown Strutters' Ball 1949
047-The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful 1951
048-These Things I Offer You (V=Ronnie Deauville, The Skyliners) 1951
049-Thunderbird 1953
050-Wild Horses (V=Jo Ann Greer) 1953

Anthony Italiano ''ALBUM '' 1959

A1 - Carnival of Venice
A2 - La Paloma
A3 - Cielito Lindo
A4 - Rimpianto (Toselli's Serenade)
A5 - O'marenarillo
A6 - O Maria
B1 - Villa Capri
B2 - Mattinata
B3 - Arrivederci, Roma
B4 - Santa Lucia
B5 - Amore Mio
B6 - O sole mio