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ルディ・ヴァリー集 (Rudy Vallee Collection) 142曲
合計収録時間: 7時間35分08秒

001-A Faded Summer Lover
002-A Heart Of Stone
003-A Kiss To Remember 1929
004-A Little Kiss Each Morning 1930
005-A Tavern In the Town 1934
006-All I Do Is Dream of You (V=Al Bowley)
007-As Time Goes By 1943
008-Baby Oh Where Can You Be 1929
009-Betty Co-ed 1930
010-Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? 1932
011-By A Waterfall 1933
012-By The Fireside
013-By The Sycamore Tree
014-Bye And Bye, Sweetheart 1929
015-Caressing You 1929
016-Come West, Little Girl, Come West 1928
017-Confessing 1930
018-Coquette 1929
019-Dancing In The Moonlight 1934
020-Deep Night 1929
021-Did you Ever See a Dream Walking (V=Al Bowley)
022-Doin' The Racoon
023-Don't Blame Me 1934
024-Empty Days
025-Everything I Have Is Yours 1934
026-Flying Down To Rio 1933
027-Free 1933
028-Happy Boy, Happy Girl
029-Heigh Ho Everybody, Heigh Ho 1929
030-Hey Young Fella 1933

031-Hikin Down The Highway 1931
033-Honey 1929
034-Honeymoon Hotel 1933
035-How Deep Is The Ocean? 1932
036-I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan 1932
037-I Still Remember 1930
038-I'll Always Call You Sweetheart
039-I'll Take Romance 1938
040-I'm In Love With You Honey
041-I'm Just A Vagabond Lover 1929
042-I'm Still Caring 1929
043-I've Got To Sing A Torch Song 1933
044-If I Had A Girl Like You 1930
045-If I Had You 1929
046-If you were the only Girl in the World
047-In A Great Big Way 1929
048-Just A Little Closer 1930
049-Just An Echo In The Valley 1933
050-Kitty From Kansas City 1937
051-Lady Whippoorwill 1928
052-Lazy Bones
053-Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
054-Let's Put Out The Lights 1932
055-Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 1931
056-Lonely Troubador 1929
057-Lost In A Fog 1934
058-Love Is The Sweetest Thing 1934
060-Lover, Come Back To Me 1929

061-Lydia, The Tatooed Lady
062-Makin' Whoopee 1929
063-Many Happy Returns Of The Day
064-Marie 1929
065-Moon Over Maine 1944
066-Moonlight Down Lover's Lane
067-My Bluebird Was Caught In The Rain
068-My Cigarette Lady 1931
069-My Moonlight Madonna 1933
070-My Song 1931
071-My Time Is Your Time 1929
072-Nagasaki 1933
073-Nasty Man 1934
074-Naturally 1938
075-Oh, Ma, Ma (The Butcher Boy) 1938
076-On The Air
077-On The Alamo
078-On The Good Ship Lollipop 1934
079-Orchids In The Moonlight 1934
080-Out In The Cold Again
081-Outside 1928
082-Perhaps 1929
084-Pretending 1929
085-Ps I Love You 1934
086-Puddin' Head Jones 1933
088-Right Out Of Heaven (V=Irving Kaufman) 1928
089-S'posing 1929
090-Savage Serenade

091-Say The Word And It's Yours
092-Shame On You (V=Alice Faye)
093-Shanghai Lil 1933
094-She Loves Me Just The Same
095-She Shall have Music
096-Sing For Your Supper
097-Song Of The Navies Pt.1 (U.S. Coast Guard Band)
098-Song Of The Navies Pt.2 (U.S. Coast Guard Band)
099-St. Louis Blues
100-Stein Song 1930
101-Stringin' Along On A Shoe String
102-Sweet and Lovely (V=Al Bowley)
103-Sweetheart Of All My Dreams 1929
104-Sweetheart Of My Student Days 1930
105-Tears 1931
106-Thank Heaven For You
107-The Drunkard Song 1934
108-The Glory Of Love
109-The Land Of Going To Be 1928
110-The Last Roundup 1934
111-The New Moon
112-The Old Sow Song (V=Cyril Smith) 1937
113-The One That I Love Loves Me
114-The Shadow Waltz 1933
115-The Song I Love 1929
116-The Stein Song 1930
117-The Thrill Is Gone 1931
118-The Verdict Is Life With You 1930
119-The Very Thought of You (V=Al Bowley)
120-Then I'll Be Reminded of You 1929

121-There Is A Tavern In The Town 1934
122-There's Always A Happy Ending 1936
123-This Is The Missus 1931
124-Three Wishes
125-To Be Or Not To Be In Love
126-Vieni, Vieni 1937
127-Was That the Human Thing To Do
128-Washington And Lee Swing
129-Weary River 1929
130-When The Silvery Moon Is Shining 1944
131-When The Sweet Magnolias Bloom Again
132-When Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The Tuba 1931
133-Where Are You Dream Girl 1929
134-Whiffenpoof Song 1937
135-Wooden Soldier and the China Doll
136-Would You Like To Take A Walk? 1931
137-You Oughta Be In Pictures 1934
138-You Try Somebody Else
139-You Want Lovin' 1929
140-You'll Do It Someday 1928
141-You're Driving Me Crazy! 1931
142-You're Just Another Memory