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ラス・コロンボ集 (Russ Columbo Collection) 44曲
合計収録時間: 2時間22分29秒

001-A Peach Of A Pair (Gus Arnheim Orch) 1930
002-All Of Me 1931
003-As You Desire Me 1932
004-Auf Wiedersehen My Dear 1932
005-Call Me Darling 1932
006-Coffee In The Morning And Kisses At Night
007-Goodnight Sweetheart 1931
008-Guilty 1931
009-I Called to Say Goodnight 1932
010-I Can't Do Without You
011-I Don't Know Why, I Just Do 1931
012-I Love You Prince Pizzacato
013-I Only Have Eyes For you (Eddy Duchin)
014-I See Two Lovers 1934
015-I'll Have My Moment 1934
016-I'm Not Lazy, I'm Dreaming 1934
017-I've Had My Moments 1934
018-Just Another Dream Of You 1932
019-Just Friends (Leonard Joy's Orch) 1932
020-Let's Pretend There's a Moon 1934

021-Living In Dreams 1932
022-Lonesome Me 1932
023-Lost In A Crowd 1932
024-Make Love the King 1932
025-My Love 1932
026-My Troubles Are Over (Ed Bush, Art Flemming, Gus Arnheim Orch)
027-Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (Ed Bush, Art Flemming, Gus Arnheim Orch)
028-Paradise 1932
029-Peach Of A Pear
030-Prisoner Of Love (Nat Shilkret Orch) 1931
031-Rolling In Love 1934
032-Save The Last Dance For Me 1932
033-Street Of Dreams 1932
034-Sweet And Lovely 1931
035-The Lady I Love 1932
036-Time On My Hands 1932
037-Too Beautiful For Words 1934
038-We'll Fall In Love 1934
039-When You're In Love 1934
040-Where The Blue Of The Night 1931
041-With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming
042-You Call It Madness 1932
043-You Try Somebody Else 1932
044-You're My Everything 1932