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アル・ジョルソン集 (Al Jolson Collection) 192曲
合計収録時間: 8時間14分52秒

001-Alabamy Bound 1939
002-Alexanders Ragtime Band
003-All Alone 1924
004-All By Myself (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
005-Always 1947
006-Am I Blue (Lou Brig Orch) 1949
007-Angel Child 1922
008-Aniversary Waltz
009-April Showers
011-Are You Lonesome Tonight
012-At Peace With The World
013-At Sundown (Lou Brig Orch) 1949
014-Auld Lang Syne
015-Avalon 1920's ver
016-Avalon 1948ver
017-Babyface 1950
018-Back In Your Own Backyard
019-Back To The Carolina You Love 1914
020-Beautiful Dreamer 1938
021-Blue River 1927
022-Brother, Can You Spare a Dime
023-By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
024-California, Here I Come 1922
025-Camptown Races
026-Carolina In The Mornin' 1950
027-Chasing Rainbows
029-Chinatown, My Chinatown 1950
030-Chloe 1920

031-Coal Black Mammy 1923
032-Come To Me (Dorothy Kirsten, Lou Brig Orch) 1949
033-Cuddle Up A Little Closer (Dinah Shore, Lou Brig Orch) 1948
034-Dinah (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
035-Dirty Hands, Dirty Face (Abe Lyman Orch)
036-Do The Okee Kokee (Eddie Cantor)
037-Down Where the Swanee River Flows 1916
038-Easter Parade
039-Embracable You (Margaret Whiting, Lou Brig Orch) 1949
040-Every Little While 1916
041-Feeling The Way I Do
042-Follow The Swallow (Carl Fenton Orch) 1924
043-For Me And My Gal
044-Four Walls
045-Frivilous Sal 1947
046-From Here To Shanghai 1917
047-Give Me My Mammy 1921
048-Goin' To Heaven On A Mule 1934
049-Golden Gate
050-Hallelujah, I'm A Bum 1933
051-Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land (World War I Song) 1918
052-Hello 'Tucky 1925
053-Here I Am
054-Home In Pasadena (Isham Jones Orch)
055-I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
056-I Gave Her That 1919
057-I Love To Singa (Cab Calloway)
058-I Only Have Eyes For You
059-I Sent My Wife To The Thousand Isles 1916
060-I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dad

061-I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again (Carl Fenton Orch) 1926
062-I Wonder What's Become Of Sally 1924
063-I Wonder Why She Kept On Saying 'Si-Si-Si-Si-Senor' 1918
064-I'll Be Seeing You
065-I'll Say She Does 1918
066-I'll Stand Beneath Your Window Tonight 1922
067-I'm All Bound Round With the Mason Dixon Line 1919
068-I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
069-I'm Goin South
070-I'm Happy
071-I'm In Seventh Heaven 1929
072-I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
073-I'm Saving Up The Means To Get To New Orleans 1916
074-I'm Sitting On Top Of The World 1926
075-I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now 1919
076-If I Knew I'd Find You (Carl Fenton Orch) 1926
077-In Sweet September 1920
078-Is it True What They Say About Dixie 1936
079-Israel 1948
080-It All Depends On You (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
081-It Goes Like This
082-It's Been A Long, Long Time (Dinah Shore, Lou Brig Orch) 1948
083-Kentucky (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
084-Kol Nidre
085-Lazy 1929
086-Let Me Sing And I'm Happy 1930
087-Little Pal 1929
088-Little Sunshine 1930
089-Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)
090-Looking At You

091-Lost, A Wonderful Girl 1922
092-Lucky In The Rain (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
093-Ma & Dinah
098-Meloncoly Baby 1922
099-Mi Mi 1947
101-Morning Will Come 1923
102-Mother McCree (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
103-Mother Of Mine, I Still Have You
104-Mr. Radio Man
105-My Blushing Rosie
106-My Daisy (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
107-My Mammy
108-My Old Kentucky Home
109-My Papa Doesn't Two-Time No Time 1924
110-My Yellow Jacket Girl 1913
111-N Everything 1917
112-Never Again
113-Nothing Could Be Finer
114-O-Hi-O (O-My!-O!) 1921
115-Oh Danny Boy
116-Oh You Beautiful Doll (Lou Brig Orch) 1949
117-Old Man River
118-On The Road To Calais 1918
119-One Sweet Kiss
120-Peg 'O My Heart

121-People Will Say Were In Love (Peggy Lee, Lou Brig Orch) 1948
122-Poor Butterfly (Oscar Le Vant) 1947
123-Pray For Sunshine 1917
124-Pretty Baby
125-Pullman Porters' Parade 1913
126-Quarter To Nine
127-Ragging The Baby To Sleep 1912
128-Real Piano Player Player (Jimmy Durante)
129-Red, Red Robbin (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
130-Remember (Lou Brig Orch) 1949
131-Revival Day 1914
132-Robert E. Lee (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
133-Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
134-Rockabye Your Baby
135-Rum Tum Tiddle
136-Say It Isn't So
137-Singin' The Blues (Peggy Lee, Lou Brig Orch) 1948
138-Sister Susie's Sewing For Soldiers 1915
139-Sittin' On Top Of The World (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
140-Smiles (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
141-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
142-Snap Your Fingers 1921
143-So Long Mary (Peggy Lee, Lou Brig Orch) 1949
144-Some Beautiful Morning
145-Someone Else May Be There While I'm Gone
146-Sonny Boy
147-Steppin' Out
150-Sweet Sixteen (Lou Brig Orch) 1948

151-Tell That To The Marines 1919
152-That Haunting Melody 1912
153-That Little German Band
154-That Lovin' Traumerei
155-The Cantor
156-The One I Love Belongs To Someone Else
157-The Same Old Friends 1949
158-The Spaniard That Blighted My Life 1928
159-There's a Lump Of Sugar Down In Dixie
160-There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder 1928
161-They Didn't Believe Me (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
162-To My Mammy
163-Tomorrow Is Another Day
164-Tonight's My Night With Baby
165-Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye
166-Trouble's A Bubble (Carl Fenton Orch) 1924
167-Used To You 1929
168-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (Lou Brig Orch) 1949
169-Wedding Bells 1918
170-What Will I Do (Lou Brig Orch) 1949
171-When Day Is Done (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
172-When I Leave The World Behind 1947
173-When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
174-When The Grown-up Ladies Act Like Babies
175-When The Little Red Rose Gets The Blues 1930
176-When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along
177-When You Were Sweet Sixteen
178-Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night
179-White Christmas (Lou Brig Orch) 1948
180-Who Cares 1922

181-Who Wants A Bad Little Boy?
182-Why Can't You? 1929
183-Why Do They All Take The Night Boat To Albany
184-Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula 1916
185-Yoo Hoo 1922
186-You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet
187-You Are My Posie (Oscar Le Vant,) 1947
188-You Are Too Beautiful 1932
189-You Flew Away From The Nest
190-You Forgot To Remember
191-You Made Me Love You 1930
192-You're A Dangerous Girl 1916