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ジャック・ティーガーデン集 (Jack Teagarden Collection) 146曲

001-55th & Broadway (Bobby Hackett)
002-A Hundred Years From Today 1941
003-A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
004-A Table In The Corner 1939
005-After Awhile (Bud Freeman)
006-Afternoon In August
007-Ain't Goin' No Place (The Capitol Jazzmen) 1944
008-Ain't Misbehavin' (Louis Armstrong) 1947
009-And So Do I 1940
010-At Least You Could Say Hello 1939
011-Baby It's Cold Outside (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
012-Baby, Won't You Please Come Home (Bobby Hackett)
013-Back O'town Blues (Louis Armstrong) 1947
014-Basin Street Blues
015-Beale Street Corner (Eddy Lang) 1931
016-Big Daddy Blues (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
017-Big Eight Blues (Jack Teagarden's Big Eight) 1940
018-Big T Blues
019-Black And Blue 1941
020-Blue River
021-Blues To The Lonely 1941
022-Body And Soul (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
023-Boogie Woogie
024-Bugle Blues (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
025-Bugle Call Rag_ Ole Miss (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
026-Can't We Talk It Over 1940
027-Casanova's Lament (The Capitol Jazzmen) 1943
028-Chicks Is Wonderful 1941
029-China Boy (Benny Goodman)
030-Chinatown, My Chinatown

031-Clambake In B-flat (The Capitol Jazzmen) 1943
032-Dark Eyes 1941
033-Deep Harlem Blues Hotsy Totsy (Bix Beiderbecke, Joe Venuti) 1930
034-Dixieland One-Step
035-Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (Louis Armstrong) 1947
036-Everybody Loves My Baby (Bobby Hackett)
037-Fare Thee Well To Harlem
038-Fatima's Drummer Boy 1940
039-Fine And Dandy (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
040-Hawaii Sang Me To Sleep 1939
041-How High The Moon (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
042-I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Louis Armstrong) 1947
043-I Got The Ritz From The One I Love 1931
044-I Hear Bluebirds 1940
045-I Just Couldn't Take It, Baby (V=Jack Teagarden) 1933
046-I Surrender Dear (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
047-I Swung The Election 1939
048-I Wanna Hat With Cherries 1939
049-I Want A Big Butter And Egg Man (Bobby Hackett)
050-I'll Remember 1939
051-I'll Try (Bobby Hackett)
052-I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (The Capitol Jazzmen) 1943
053-I'm Takin' My Time With You 1939
055-I've Got 'it' 1933
056-If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight 1944
057-If What You Say Is True 1939
058-In My Solitude
059-Indiana (Bobby Hackett)
060-Indiana (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951

061-It's A Hundred To One, I'm In Love 1939
062-Jack-Armstrong Blues (Louis Armstrong) 1947
063-Junk Man 1934
064-Just You, Just Me (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
065-Love For Sale 1940
066-Love Lies
067-Love Me 1930
068-Loveless Love (V=Jack Teagarden) 1931
069-Lover Come Back To Me (Bobby Hackett)
070-Muskrat Ramble (Louis Armstrong) 1947
071-My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
072-My Monday Date (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
073-New Orleans Function (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
074-Night On The Shalimar (V=Jack Teagarden) 1940
075-Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 1941
076-Now I Lay Me Down To Dream 1940
077-Ol' Pappy 1934
078-Old Rocking Chair (Louis Armstrong)
079-On Revival Day 1939
080-On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Louis Armstrong) 1947
081-Panama (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
082-Peaceful Valley
083-Peg O' My Heart 1939
084-Pennies From Heaven (Louis Armstrong) 1947
085-Pitchin' A Bit Short 1944
086-Plantation Moods 1930
087-Prelude In C Sharp Minor (Rachmaninoff) 1941
088-Red Wing 1939
089-River Home (V=Jack Teagarden) 1940
090-Rockin' Chair 1931

091-Royal Garden Blues (Louis Armstrong) 1947
092-Russian Lullaby (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
093-S Wonderful (Bobby Hackett)
094-Save It, Pretty Mama (Louis Armstrong) 1947
095-Shake Your Hips 1933
096-Shine (Jack Teagarden's Big Eight) 1940
097-So Many Times 1939
098-Solitude (The Capitol Jazzmen) 1943
099-Somebody loves Me (Eddie Condon, Sidney Bechet)
100-Someday Sweetheart (The Capitol Jazzmen) 1944
101-Someone Stole Gabriels Horn
102-Somewhere A Voice Is Calling 1939
103-Son Of The Sun
104-Sophisticated Lady
105-St. James Infirmary (Jack Teagarden's Big Eight) 1940
106-St. Louis Blues 1936
107-Star Dust (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
108-Stars Fell On Alabama (Jack Teagarden) 1934
109-Stompin At The Savoy (Louis Armstrong)
110-Stop Kicking My Heart Around 1939
111-Struttin' With Some Barbecue (Louis Armstrong) 1947
112-Sugar (The Capitol Jazzmen) 1944
113-Sweet Lorraine
114-Sweethearts On Parade (Louis Armstrong) 1947
115-Swingin' On Tthe Teagarden gate
116-Texas Tea Party (Benny Goodman)
117-That Old Feeling (The Capitol Jazzmen V=Peggy Lee) 1944
118-That's A Plenty (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
119-That's For Me (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
120-That's What I Like About You 1931

121-The Birth Of The Blues (V=Bing Crosby)
122-The Blues 1940
123-The Blues Have Got Me 1941
124-The Hucklebuck (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
125-The Little Man Who Wasn't There 1939
126-The Moon And The Willow Tree 1940
127-The Sheik of Araby (Benny Goodman)
128-The Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid (V=Crosby, M. Martin) 1941
129-The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (Jack Teagarden's Big Eight) 1940
130-Tiger Rag (Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong)
132-Twelfth Street Rag (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1950
133-Two Tickets To Georgia (Ben Pollack)
134-United We Swing 1939
135-Unless (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
136-Wait Till I Catch You In My Dream 1940
137-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
138-Wham 1940
139-When It's Sleepy Time Down South (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
140-When The Saints Go Marching In
141-When Your Lover Has Gone (Bobby Hackett, Eddie Condon)
142-Wolverine Blues 1939
143-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (Emmet Ray)
144-You Can Depend On Me (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951
145-You Rascal You 1931
146-You're The Apple Of My Eye (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars) 1951