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テディ・ウィルソン集 (Teddy Wilson Collection) 180曲
合計収録時間: 8時間59分36秒

001-A Sunbonnet Blue And A Little Straw Hat (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
002-A-tisket, A-tasket 1938
003-After You've Gone
004-Ain't Misbehavin' 1937
005-Alice Blue Gown 1938
006-All My Life (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1936
007-April In My Heart
008-As Time Goes By
009-Bess You Is My Woman
010-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 1937
011-Big Apple
012-Blow Me Down (Tp=Charlie Shavers)
013-Blues 1945
014-Blues In C Sharp Minor 1936
015-Blues Too 1945
016-Body And Soul 1944
017-Booly-ja-ja 1939
018-Breakin' In A New Pair Of Shoes 1936
019-Bugle Call Rag 1945
020-But Not For Me 1940
021-Carelessly (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
022-China Boy 1941
023-Christopher Columbus 1936
024-Cocoanut Grove 1940
025-Coquette 1939
026-Crying My Soul Out For You 1940
027-Dizzy Spells (Benny Goodman Quartet) 1938
028-Don't Blame Me 1937
029-Don't Worry 'bout Me (V=Sarah Vaughn) 1946
030-Early Session Hop 1939

031-Easy Living (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
032-Easy To Love (V=Billie Holiday) 1936
033-Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
034-Embraceable You 1940
035-Every Now And Then 1935
036-Every Time We Say Goodbye (V=Maxine Sullivan) 1945
037-Everybody's Laughing 1938
038-Exactly Like You 1939
039-Fine And Dandy 1937
040-Flying Home (Benny Goodman Sextet) 1941
041-Foolin' Myself (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
042-Get Out Of Town
043-Hallelujah! 1939
044-He Ain't Got Rhythm (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
045-Hello My Darling 1938
046-Here It Is Tomorrow Again 1938
047-Honeysuckle Rose 1937
048-How High The Moon 1948
049-I Can't Get Started
050-I Can't Give You Anything But Love (V=Billie Holiday) 1936
051-I Cried For You (V=Billie Holiday) 1936
052-I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze 1936
053-I Found A Dream 1935
054-I Know All That You Know 1941
055-I Must Have That Man ! (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
056-I Surrender Dear 1945
057-I Want To Be Happy (V=Sarah Vaughn) 1946
058-I Wished On The Moon (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
059-I'll Dream Tonight
060-I'll Get By (V=Billie Holiday) 1937

061-I'll Never Be The Same (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
062-I'll Never Fail You 1938
063-I'll See You In My Dreams 1938
064-I've Got The World On A String
065-If Dreams Come True (V=Billie Holiday) 1938
066-If I Were You 1938
067-If You Were Mine (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
068-In The Mood 1940
069-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (V=Billie Holiday) 1942
070-It's Easy To Blame The Weather 1939
071-It's Like Reaching For The Moon 1936
072-It's Swell Of You 1937
073-Jim (V=Billie Holiday) 1941
074-Jumpin' For Joy 1939
075-Jumpin' On The Blacks And White 1939
076-Jungle Love 1938
077-Just For You Blues 1945
078-Just Like A Butterfly
079-Just One Of Those Things
080-Just You, Just Me 1945
081-Lady Of Mystery 1939
082-Laugh And Call It Love
083-Let's Dream In The Moonlight 1938
084-Life Begins When You're In Love (V=Billie Holiday) 1936
085-Little Things That Mean So Much 1939
086-Liza 1939
087-Loch Lomond 1938
088-Long Ago And Far Away
089-Love Grown On The White Oak Tree 1939
090-Mandy Is Two (V=Billie Holiday) 1942

091-Mary Had A Little Lamb 1936
092-Mean To Me 1937
093-Melody In F 1939
094-Memories Of You 1945
095-Miss Brown To You (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
097-Moon Faced And Starry Eyed (V=Sarah Vaughn) 1946
098-Moon Ray 1939
099-Moonlight On The Ganges 1946
100-More Than You Know 1939
101-My First Impression Of You (V=Billie Holiday) 1938
102-My Last Affair 1937
103-My Man (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
104-My Melancholy Baby 1936
105-Now It Can Be Told 1938
106-Oh, Lady Be Good 1940
107-Old Fashioned Love (V=Eddy Howard) 1940
108-On The Bumpy Road To Love (V=Nan Wynn) 1938
109-On Treasure Island 1935
110-Pennies From Heaven (V=Billie Holiday) 1936
111-Penthouse Serenade (V=Sarah Vaughn) 1946
112-Practice Makes Perfect (V=Billie Holiday) 1940
113-Prisoner Of Love 1941
114-Remember Me 1937
115-Rhythm In My Nursery Rhyme 1936
116-Right Or Wrong (I'm With You) 1936
117-Rosetta 1935
118-Runnin' Wild 1945
119-Russian Lullaby
120-Sailin' 1936

121-Say It With A Kiss 1938
122-Scrap Your Fat (V=Mildred Bailey)
123-Sentimental And Melancholy 1937
124-Seventy One (71) 1940
125-Sing, Baby Sing 1936
126-Smoke gets in your Eyes
127-Some Other Spring 1939
128-Somebody Loves Me 1934
129-Something I Dreamed Last Night
130-Stompin' at the Savoy
131-Strange Interlude
132-Sugar 1939
133-Sugar Plum 1935
134-Sunny Morning
135-Sweet And Simple 1934
136-Sweet Lorraine 1939
137-Tea For Two 1937
138-That Old Feeling 1938
139-That's Life I Guess 1936
140-The Mood That I'm In 1937
141-The Sheik Of Araby
142-The Way You Look Tonight 1936
143-Them There Eyes 1941
144-There's A Lull In My Life 1937
145-These 'n That 'n Those (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
146-These Foolish Things (V=Billie Holiday) 1936
147-They Say 1938
148-This Heart Of Mine (V=Maxine Sullivan) 1945
149-This Is The Moment 1939
150-This Year's Kisses (V=Billie Holiday) 1937

151-Tiger Rag 1938
152-Time After Time (V=Sarah Vaughn) 1946
153-Too Good To Be True 1936
154-Twenty Four Hours A Day (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
155-Warming Up 1936
156-Wham 1939
157-What A Little Moonlight Can Do (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
158-What A Night What A Moon What A Girl 1935
159-What Shall I Say 1939
160-When A Woman Loves A Man (V=Billie Holiday) 1938
161-When You And I Were Young, Maggie 1939
162-When You're Smiling (V=Billie Holiday) 1938
163-Where The Lazy River Goes By 1936
165-Who Loves You 1936
166-Why Begin Again 1939
167-Why Do I Lie To Myself About You 1936
168-Why Shouldn't I?
169-Why Was I Born (V=Billie Holiday) 1937
170-With Thee I Swing 1936
171-Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
172-You Came To My Rescue 1936
173-You Can't Stop Me From Dreamin' 1937
174-You Go To My Head
175-You Let Me Down (V=Billie Holiday) 1935
176-You Showed Me The Way (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
177-You Turned The Tables On Me 1936
178-You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me 1938
179-You're My Desire 1937
180-You're So Desirable 1938