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ガス・アーンハイム楽団集 (Gus Arnheim Orchestra Collection) 117曲
合計収録時間: 6時間10分05秒

001-A Love Tale Of Alsace Lorraine 1928
002-A Peach Of A Pair 1930
003-All I Want Is Just One Girl (V=Fred MacMurray) 1930
004-At Your Command (V=Donald Novis) 1931
005-Avalon Town 1929
006-Back In Your Backyard 1929
007-Blue Kentucky Moon (V=Dave Marshall) 1931
008-Broken Up Tune (V=Doris Eaton) 1929
009-By A Country Lane
010-Can't Do It Without You
011-Coffee In The Morning And Kisses In The Night 1934
012-Come Take Me (V=Dave Marshal)
013-Damfino Name 1929
014-Dancing In The Moonlight 1934
015-Dancing To Save Your Sole 1930
016-Dear, I Love You (V=Donald Novis)
017-Doin' The New York
018-Don't Say Goodnight 1934 Gus Arnheim Orchestra
019-Evening 1932
020-Everytime You Smile 1928
021-Feathering A Nest (V=Craig Leitch) 1929
022-Feelin' Good 1928
023-Fool Me Some More (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
024-Glad Rag Doll (V=Donald Novis) 1928
025-Go Home And Tell Your Mother 1930
026-Goin' To Heaven On A Mule 1934
027-Have You Got Any Castles, Baby? 1937
028-Ho Hum (V=Bing Crosby) 1931
029-How Long Will It Last 1931
030-I Can't Do Without You 1928

031-I Cried For You (Abe Lyman, V=Bing Crosby) 1936
032-I Got The Ritz From The One I Love (V=Harry Barris)
033-I Gotta Yen For You 1930
034-I Surrender Dear (V=Bing Crosby) 1931
035-I Want You 1934
036-I'll Get By 1928
037-I'm Doin' That Thing 1930
038-I'm Feathering A Nest 1929
039-I'm Feelin' Good
040-I'm Gonna Get You (V=Bing Crosby) 1931
041-I'm No Angel (V=Shirley Ross) 1933
042-I'm Through With Love (V=Loyce Whiteman)
043-If I Can't Have You 1928
044-If You Don't Want to Be Sweethearts 1933
045-It Might Have Been You 1932
046-It Must Be True (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
047-It's Love
048-It's The Darndest Thing (V=Harry Barris)
049-It's The Girl
050-Just One More Chance (V=Donald Novis) 1931
051-La Rosita 1931
052-Let's Fall In Love 1934
053-Lies 1931
054-Like Me A Little Bit Less 1934
055-Love Dreams
056-Love For Sale
057-Love In The Moonlight (V=Loyce Whiteman) 1933
058-Love is A Dream 1933
059-Love Passes Me By 1934
060-Loveable And Sweet 1929

061-Me (V=Loyce Whiteman, Dave Marshal)
062-Moan You Moaners
063-My Cabin Of Dreams (V=Jimmy Farrell) 1937
064-My Inspiration Is You 1929
065-My Troubles Are Over (V=Russ Columbo) 1929
066-Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (V=Russ Columbo)
067-Now I'm In Love 1929
068-On With The Dance (V=Jimmy Farrell)
069-One More Time (V=Bing Crosby) 1931
070-One Sweet Kiss (V=Buster Dees) 1929
071-Out Of Nowhere (V=Bing Crosby)
072-Pardon Me Pretty Baby (V=Three Ambasadores)
073-Peach Of A Pear
074-Put Your Little Arms Around Me (V=Loyce Whiteman) 1931
075-Red, Red Roses (V=Jack Smith) 1931
076-Roll On
077-Say It Again
078-She's Nobodys Sweetheart Now
079-Side By Side
080-Sing A Little Jingle (V=Jack Smith)
081-Sing Me A Baby Song 1928
082-Singin' In The Rain 1929
083-Sleepy Valley (V=Buster Bees) 1929
084-So Rare (V=Jimmy Farrell) (1937
085-Somebody Else
086-St. Louis Blues (V=Loyce Whiteman)
087-Stardust 1933
088-Stay Out Of The South 1929
090-Summer Is Over 1933

091-Suzanne 1932
092-Sweet and Lovely (V=Donald Novis) 1931
093-Sweet Georgia Brown (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
094-Sweetheart, Where Are You Tonight 1929
095-Take It From Me (V=Three Ambasadores)
096-Thanks To You (V=Bing Crosby) 1931
097-The Little Things In Life (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
098-The Night Is Young (V=Loyce Whiteman)
099-The Song I Love 1928
100-Them There Eyes (V=Bing Crosby, Rhythm boys) 1930
101-There's Nothing Too Good For My Baby (V=Eddie Cantor) 1930
102-There's Something About A Rose 1928
103-This Is Heaven 1929
104-This Is The Missis
105-Tiger Rag 1928
106-To Whisper, Dear, I Love You 1931
107-Under The Palm (V=Donald Novis)
108-Walkin' In The Moonlight
109-Waltzes 1932
110-What Is It (V=Bing Crosby, Loyce Whiteman)
111-Whistling In The Dark (V=Loyce Whiteman)
112-Why Shouldn't I (V=Loyce Whiteman) 1931
113-You Really Started Something (V=Dave Marshall, Loyce Whiteman)
114-You, That's Who 1929
115-You're Blase (V=Meri Bell) 1932
116-You're The Surest Cure For The Blues (V=Three Ambasadores)
117-You've Got Me In The Palm of Your Hand 1932