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フレッド・アステア集 (Fred Astaire Collection) 52曲
合計収録時間: 2時間30分09秒

001-A Fine Romance (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
002-A Foggy Day (Ray Noble Orch) 1937
003-Beginner's Luck (Johnny Green Orch) 1937
004-Bojangles Of Harlem 1936
005-Change Partners (Ray Noble Orch) 1938
006-Cheek To Cheek (Leo Reisman Orch) 1935
007-Crazy Feet 1930
008-Flying Down To Rio 1933
009-How Could You Believe Me (Jane Powell) 1951
010-I Love Louisa (Leo Reisman Orch) 1931
011-I Used To Be Colour Blind (Ray Noble Orch)
012-I Wanna Be Loved By You (Helen Kane)
013-I'd Rather Lead A Band (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
014-I'm Building Up To An Awful Let Down (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
015-I'm Old-fashioned (John Scott Trotter Orch) 1943
016-I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
017-Isn't This A Lovely Day? (Johnny Green Orch) 1935
018-It's A Lovely Day
019-Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby (Benny Goodman Orch) 1940
020-Lady Be Good
021-Let Yourself Go (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
022-Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (Johnny Green Orch) 1937
023-Let's Face The Music And Dance (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
024-Looking For A Needle In A Haystack 1934
025-Lovely To Look At
026-Me And The Ghost Upstairs 1940
027-Miss Otis Regrets
028-Music Makes Me 1933
029-My One And Only 1929
030-Never Been Kissed (Bing Crosby)

031-Never Gonna Dance (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
032-New Sun In The Sky (Leo Reisman Orch) 1931
033-Nice Work If You Can Get It (Ray Noble Orch) 1938
034-Night And Day (Leo Reisman Orch) 1932
035-No Strings (Leo Reisman Orch) 1935
036-Pick Yourself Up (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
037-Puttin' On The Ritz
038-Shall We Dance (Johnny Green Orch) 1937
039-Slap That Bass 1937
040-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Ginger Rogers)
041-The Continental (Ginger Rogers)
042-The Piccolino (Leo Reisman Orch) 1935
043-The Way You Look Tonight 1936
044-The Weekend
045-The Yam (Ray Noble Orch) 1938
046-They All Laughed (Johnny Green Orch) 1937
047-They Can't Take That Away From Me (Johnny Green Orch) 1937
048-Things Are Looking Up (Ray Noble Orch) 1937
049-Top Hat, White Tie And Tails (Johnny Green Orch) 1935
050-We Saw The Sea (Johnny Green Orch) 1936
051-White Heat (Leo Reisman Orch) 1931
052-Who Cares (Benny Goodman Orch) 1940