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ボブ・エバリー集 (Bob Eberly Collection) 55曲
合計収録時間: 2時間51分42秒

001-All Alone And Lonely (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1941
002-All This And Heaven Too (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1940
003-Always In My Heart (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
004-Amapola (Helen O'Connell, Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1941
005-And So Do I (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1940
006-At A Perfume Counter (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1938
007-At The Cross-roads (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
008-Brazil (Helen O'Connell, Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1943
009-Build A Better Mousetrap (Helen O'Connell) 1941
010-Change Partners (Dorsey Brothers) 1938
011-Chasing Shadows (Dorsey Brothers) 1935
012-Daybreak (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
013-Deep Purple (Dorsey Brothers) 1939
014-Don't You Love Me Anymore? (Eddie Heywood Orch) 1947
015-Full Moon (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
016-Green Eyes (Helen O'Connell, Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1941
017-Hair Of Gold (Eyes Of Blue) 1948
018-Heavenly Hideaway (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
019-I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1939
020-I Get Along Without You Very Well (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1939
021-I Poured My Heart Into A Song (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1939
022-I Remember You (Dorsey Brothers) 1942
023-I Said No (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
024-I Understand (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1940
025-I'll Find You (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1943
026-I'm A Pola (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1941
027-I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin' (Dorsey Brothers Orch) 1935
028-If You Build A Better Mousetrap (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
029-It Happened In Hawaii (Helen O'Connell) 1941
030-Jim 1941 (Helen O'Connell, Jimmy Dorsey Orch)

031-Let's Get Lost (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1943
032-Manhattan Serenade (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
033-Moonlight Masquerade (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1941
034-My Devotion (Dorsey Brothers) 1942
035-My First Love (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1944
036-Not Mine (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
037-On A Little Street In Singapore (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1940
038-Our Love (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1939
039-Pennies From Heaven (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1936
040-So Many Times (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1939
041-Stairway To The Stars (Dorsey Brothers) 1939
042-Star Eyes (Dorsey Brothers) 1944
043-Tangerine (Helen O'Connell, Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
044-The Masquerade Is Over (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1939
045-There's A Faraway Look In Your Eye (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1938
046-This Is Worth Fighting For (Dorsey Brothers) 1942
047-Time Was (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1941
048-Tropical Magic (Jimmy Dorsey Orch)
049-Wasn't It You? (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1941
050-When I Dream (les Baxter Orch) 1952
051-When I Write My Song (Eddie Heywood Orch) 1947
052-When The Roses Bloom Again (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1942
053-Where Do You Keep Your Heart (Jimmy Dorsey Orch) 1940
054-You Are My Lucky Star (Dorsey Brothers Orch) 1935
055-You Are Too Beautiful (Les Baxter Orch) 1953