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ハリー・ロイ楽団集 (Harry Roy & His Orchestra Collection) 110曲
合計収録時間: 5時間22分57秒

001-12th Street Rag
002-A Hot Time In The Old Town
003-A Tisket A Tasket 1939
004-Alexanders Ragtime Band
005-Barrel House Boogie
006-Be Careful, It's My Heart (V=Marjorie Kingsley) 1942
007-Better Think Twice
008-Bobby Sock Bounce
009-Bugle Call Rag 1933
010-Canadian Capers
011-Chatanooga Choo Choo 1942
012-Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayr 1943
013-Contented 1933
014-Cuban Pete 1935
015-Don't Get Around Much Any More
016-Eeny Meeny Miney Mo (Tap-dancing & V=Dinah Miller) 1936
017-Elmer's Tune
018-Fox Trot Medley 1935
019-God Bless You, Mr. Chamberlain 1939
020-Goody Goody
021-Green Eyes (V=Marjorie Kingsley) 1942
022-Happy As The Day Is Long 1933
023-Heat Wave
024-Hey Little Hen
025-Hi Ho
026-Hot Lips
027-Humpty Dumpty Heart 1942
028-Hurricane Harry 1933
029-I Can't Give You Anything But Love 1946
030-I'm gonna kiss myself, Goodbye

031-I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo 1942
032-It Had To Be You 1944
033-It's Funny To Everyone But Me 1940
034-It's No Use, I'm In Love
035-It's Only A Paper Moon
036-It's The Animal In Me 1934
037-King Porter Stomp
038-Kiss Me Hello 1947
039-La Cucaracha 1935
040-Leicester Square Rag
041-Let Yourself Go 1936
042-Let’s Be Buddies 1941
043-Mama, Don't Want No Rice, Peas Or Coconut Oil
044-Mama, I Wonna Make Rhythm 1938
045-Mammy Bong 1935
046-Man Of My Dreams
047-Me, Myself And I
048-Music Makes Me 1933
049-My Girl's Pussy (1931
050-Nice People
051-Nobody's Sweetheart
052-Oh! Monah 1932
053-Oh! You Sweet Thing 1935
054-Okay Toots
055-Oooh Boom
056-Pennsylvania 65000
057-Pennsylvania Polka (V=Nagory Kingsley) 1942
058-Pistol Packin' Mama
059-Red Pepper 1935
060-Red Sails In The Sunset 1935

061-Remember Me
062-Rock And Roll
063-Roll Along Covered Wagon
064-Rosita (V=Johnny Burns)
065-Run Rabbit Run
066-Sand In My Shoes (V=Marjorie Kingsley) 1941
067-Say It (V=Ivor Moreton) 1934
068-Sha Sha 1939
069-Shake Down The Stars
070-She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor (V=Bill Currie)
071-Since Black Minnie's Got The Blues 1936
072-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1934
073-Somebody Stole My Gal
074-Someday Monday Always
075-Something Different (V=Harry Roy) 1934
076-Song Of Happiness
077-South American Joe 1935
078-Steppin' Out At Midnight 1946
079-Struttin' In The Strand
080-Sweet Little Sweetheart
081-Swingy little Thingy
082-Temptation Rag 1935
083-Tha Boogie Woogie Piggy 1941
084-Thank's To Love
085-That Lovely Weenend
086-The Continental
087-The Lady Who Didn't Believe In Love 1943
088-The Queen Was In The Parlor
089-The Roy Rag 1934
090-The World Will Sing Again (V=Betty Driver)

091-There's A New Day Coming 1933
092-They Can't Black Out The Moon (V=Wendy Claire) 1941
093-This Is The Army, Mr. Jones
094-Tiger Rag
095-Top Hat White Tie And Tails
096-Troublesome Trumpet 1934
097-Tumbling Tumbleweeds
098-Two Trumpet Toot 1935
099-Valentina 1935
100-What A Difference A Day Made 1934
101-What A Little Moonlight Can Do 1934
102-When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South 1936
103-When A St. Louis Woman Comes Down To New Orleans 1934
104-Whistle While You Work 1938
105-Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me
106-Without Love 1936
107-Without That Certain Thing 1933
108-You Are My Sunshine
109-You Gotta Know How To Dance
110-You're A Heavenly Thing 1935