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ジャック・ペイン&ヒズ・バンド集 (Jack Payne & His Band Collection) 59曲
合計収録時間: 2時間57分36秒

001-After The Broadcast (V=Billy Scott Coomber) 1932
002-Ain't That The Way It Goes
003-Airman!, Airman!, Don't Put The Wind Up Me 1930
004-Ali Baba’s Camel 1931
005-Blue Is The Night (V=Jack Payne) 1930
006-Blues In My Heart (V=Billy Scott Coomber) 1932
007-Choo Choo 1931
008-Dear, Dear (V=Jack Payne) 1930
009-Did You Ever See A Dream Walking 1933
010-Down By The Old Front Gate (V=Jack Payne, Bob Busby, Bob Manning) 1928
011-Down Sunnyside Lane 1931
012-Entrance Of The Little Fauns 1931
013-Exactly Like You (V=Jack Payne) 1930
014-Fire Fire Fire (V=Jack Payne) 1930
015-Free 1936
016-Happy Go Lucky You (V=Jack Payne, Bob Busby, Bob Manning) 1932
017-Harmonica Harry (V=Jack Payne, Bob Busby, Bob Manning) 1930
018-High High High Up In The Hills (V=Jack Payne) 1927
019-Honeymoon Hotel (V=Billy Scott Coomber)
020-Hot Coffee (V=Billy Scott Coomber) 1932
021-I Faw Down An’ Go Boom (V=Jack Payne, Bob Busby, Bob Manning) 1929
022-I Like A Little Girl Like That (V=Jack Payne) 1929
023-I'll Do My Best To Make You Happy
024-I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling 1929
025-If I Ever Lost You 1931
026-It's An Old Spanish Custom
027-Just Imagine (V=Val Rosing)
028-Laughing At The Rain 1931
029-Let The People Sing (V=Billy Scott Coomber) 1940
030-Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep 1932

031-Love For Sale
032-Medley From The Love Parade 1929
033-Moonshine Is Better Than Sunshine (V=Jack Payne) 1930
034-More Than You Know 1930
035-Mr. And Mrs Is The Name (V=Billy Scott Coomber) 1935
036-Muckin' About The Garden 1929
037-My Baby Just Cares For Me 1930
038-Now That You're Gone (V=Les Allen) 1932
039-On A Steamer Coming Over 1933
040-One Alone 1927
041-Over The Garden Wall 1930
042-Riding On A Camel 1929
043-Round The Marble Arch (V=Leslie Holmes) 1932
044-Say It Isn't So 1932
045-Say It With Music
046-Say Oui Cherie 1930
047-She's A Gorgeous Thing
048-Since Tommy Atkins Taught The Chinese How To Charleston 1927
049-Sing Song Girl Of Old Shanghai 1928
050-Sweep (V=Jack Payne) 1933
051-Take Your Tomorrow 1928
052-That's you Baby 1929
053-The Argument Song
054-The Turning Of The Tide 1932
055-Tiger Rag 1934
056-Trees 1932
057-We'll Gather Lilacs
058-You Too 1931
059-You're Driving Me Crazy (V=Val Rosing) 1931