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ジミー・デュランテ集 (Jimmy Durante Collection) 40曲
合計収録時間: 2時間00分04秒

002-Any State In The Forty-Eight Is Great (Betty Garrett) 1948
003-As Ready As I'll Ever Be (Sophie Tucker)
004-As Time Goes By
005-Bill Bailey
006-Blackstrap Molasses (Danny Kaye, Jane Wyman, Groucho Marx) 1951
007-Can Broadway Do Without Me?
008-Chicabee-ch-ch (Bing Crosby)
009-Dandy Sandy
010-Frosty The Snowman 1958
011-Hello, Young Lovers
012-Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
013-How D'ye Do And Shake Hands (D. Kaye, J. Wyman, G. Marx) 1951
014-I Want To Be (Bing Crosby) 1944
015-I'll Be Seeing You
016-I'll See You In My Dreams
017-If I Had You
018-Inka Dinka Doo (1934
019-Make Someone Happy (Gordon Jenkins Orch)
020-Margarette O'Brien 1946

021-My Gals' Got 'IT' 1945
022-Never In A Million Years (Bing Crosby) 1937
023-Oombriano 1946
024-Quickstep (Danny Kaye)
025-Real Piano Player Player (Al Jolson)
026-Rufus, Rassus, Mr Johnson Brown 1951
027-September Song
029-Song Comes From The Heart (Helen Trebel) 1953
030-Start Off Each Day With A Song (Bing Crosby)
031-The Blue Bird Of Happiness
032-The Day I Read A Book 1947
033-The Glory Of Love
034-The Pussy Cat Song (Betty Garrett) 1948
035-The Song'S Gotta Come From The Heart (Al Jolsen)
036-Try A Little Tenderness
037-Umbriago 1944
038-You Are Woman, I Am Man (Ethel Merman)
039-You Made Me Love You
040-Young At Heart