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ルー・ストーン楽団集 (Lew Stone & His Band Collection) 72曲

001-All Ashore (V=Al Bowlly)
002-All Of Me (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
003-Anything Goes (V=The Radio Three) 1935
004-As Long As I Live (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
005-Auf Wiedersehen My Dear (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
006-Aunt Hagar's Blues
007-Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
008-Blue Jazz 1933
009-Blue Prelude (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
010-By The Fireside (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
011-Can't We Talk It Over (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
012-Cheek To Cheek
013-Coffee In The Morning (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
014-Dark Clouds (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
015-Down And Out Blues (V=Al Bowlly, Sid Colin) 1938
016-Easy Come Easy Go (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
017-Emaline (V=Nat Gonella) 1934
018-Everyone Should Have A Sweetheart (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
019-Experiment (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
020-Garden Of Weed
021-Georgia's Gotta Moon (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
022-Goodnight Vienna (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
023-Gosh, I must Be Falling In Love (V=Al Bowlly)
024-Hand In Hand (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
025-Have You Ever Been In Heaven (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
026-How Could We Be Wrong (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
027-I Can't Write The Words (V=Al Bowlly)
028-I Love You Truly (V=Al Bowlly)
029-I Won't Tell A Soul (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
030-Isle Of Capri 1935

031-Isn't It Heavenly (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
032-It's Easy To Remember
033-It's Psychological (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
034-Just Humming Along (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
035-Little Lady Make Believe (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
036-Little Nell
037-Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie (V=Tiny Winters) 1935
038-Looking For A little Bit Of Blue (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
039-Mama I Wanna make Rhytham (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
040-Mauna Loa (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
041-Milenberg Joys 1934
042-Music, Maestro, Please (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
043-My Woman (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
044-My Wubba Dolly (V=Celia Lipton) 1940
045-O.K.- Medley (V=Al Bowlly)
046-Riptide (V=Al Bowlly)
047-Seein' Is Believin' (V=Sam Browne)
048-She Wore A Little Jacket Of Blue
049-She's A Latin From Manhattan
050-Stars Fell On Alabama 1934

051-Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty
052-That's A Plenty
053-The Bouncing Ball 1935
054-The Girl In The Alice Blue Gown (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
055-The Language of Love (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
056-The Moon Remembered But You Forgot (V=Sam Browne) 1939
057-The World Is So Small (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
058-There's Something Wrong With The Weather
059-Ti Pi Tin Waltz (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
060-Till The Lights Of London Shine Again
061-Ups And Downs 1936
062-When They Sound The Last All Clear 1941
063-When's It Coming Round To Me 1934
064-White Jazz 1933
065-Who'll Buy An Old Gold Ring (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
066-Why Waste Your Tears (V=Al Bowlly) 1932
067-Wings Over The Navy
068-Winter Wonderland
069-You Couldn't Be Cuter (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
070-You're A Sweetheart (V=Al Bowlly) 1938
071-You're My Thrill (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
072-Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 1935