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ヴィック・ダモーン集 (Vic Damone Collection) 52曲

001-A Love Affair
002-A Village In Peru (Richard Hayman Orch) 1953
003-Again (Glenn Osser's Orch) 1949
004-An Affair To Remember
005-And This Is My Beloved (Ann Blythe)
006-April In Portugal (David Carroll's Orch) 1953
007-Breaking My Heart
008-Calla Calla (George Bassman's Orch) 1951
009-Can Anyone Explain? (Ralph Martiere's Orch) 1950
010-Daddy's Little Girl
011-Ebb Tide (Richard Hayman Orch) 1953
012-Eternally (Richard Hayman Orch, Composed By Charlie Chaplin) 1953
013-Ghost Riders In The Sky
014-God's Country (Glenn Osser's Orch) 1950
015-Have I Told You Lately That I Vove You
016-Here In My Heart 1952
017-I Have But One Heart (Jerry Gray's Orch) 1947
018-I Kiss Your Hand, Madame
019-I Really Don't Want To Know
020-If (George Siravo's Orch) 1951
021-It's Magic 1948
022-Jump Through The Ring (George Bassman's Orch) 1952
023-Just Say I Love Her (Ronnie Selby's Orch) 1950
024-Longing For You
025-Music By The Angels (George Siravo's Orch) 1951
026-My Bolero (Glenn Osser's Orch) 1949
027-My Heart Cries For You (George Siravo's Orch) 1951
028-My Truly, Truly Fair (George Bassman's Orch) 1951
029-On The Street Where You Live 1956
030-Por Favor 1955

032-Rosanne (Norman Leyden's Orch) 1952
033-Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart (Eric Robinson Orch) 1948
034-Serenade In The Moonlight
035-Sitting By The Window (Glenn Osser's Orch) 1950
036-Sugar (David Carroll's Orch) 1953
037-Take My Heart (Norman Leyden's Orch) 1952
038-Tell Me You Love Me (George Siravo's Orch) 1951
039-The Breeze And I (Jack Halloran Singers, David Carroll's Orch) 1954
040-The Four Winds And The Seven Seas (Glenn Osser's Orch) 1949
041-The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful 1950
042-The Sparrow Sings (Jack Halloran Singers, David Carroll's Orch) 1954
043-Theres A Fool Such As I
044-Think I'll Go Away
045-This Is The Moment
046-Three Coins In The Fountain
047-Tzena, Tzena, Tzena (Ronnie Selby's Orch) 1950
048-Vagabond Shoes 1950
049-War And Peace 1956
050-Why Was I Born? (Glenn Osser's Orch) 1949
051-You Do (Jerry Gray's Orch) 1947
052-You're Breaking My Heart (Glenn Osser's Orch) 1949