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ジーン・クルーパ楽団集 (Gene Krupa & His Orchestra Collection) 225曲

001-A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 1940
002-Afraid To Say Hello 1941
003-After Looking At You 1938
004-After You've Gone 1941
005-Ain't Misbehavin' 1950
006-All This And Heaven Too 1940
007-All Those Wonderful Years 1942
008-All Through The Night 1941
009-Along The Navajo Trail 1945
010-Alreet 1941
011-Amour 1941
012-An Old Curiosity Shop 1938
013-And So Do I 1940
014-Apurksody 1938
015-Are These Really Mine 1945
016-Aren't You Kinda Glad We Did It 1946
017-At The Jazz Band Ball (G. Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band) 1950
018-Ball Of Fire 1941
019-Barrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street (V=Anita O'day) 1942
020-Birth Of Passion 1940
021-Black And Blue 1950
022-Blue Turning Grey Over You 1950
023-Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave To Me (G. Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band) 1950
024-Bolero At The Savoy 1938
025-Bonaparte's Retreat 1950
026-Boog It (V=Irene Daye) 1940
027-Boogie Blues (V=Anita O'day) 1945
028-Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (V=Irene Day) 1941
029-Bye Bye Blues 1938
030-Challenger Chop 1939

031-Chickery Chick 1945
032-Chiquita Banana 1946
033-Chop, Chop, Charlie Chan 1940
034-Cincinatti Dancing Pig 1950
035-Come Be My Love 1941
036-Copping A Plea 1941
037-Coronation Hop (Gene Krupa Sextet)
038-Cry And You Cry Alone 1945
039-Dark Eyes 1945
040-Deliver Me To Tennessee 1942
041-Disc Jockey Song 1947
042-Don't Be Surprised 1939
043-Down Argentina Way (V=Irene Daye) 1940
044-Down By The Old Mill Stream 1939
045-Drum Boogie
046-Drummer Boy 1940
047-Everybody Loves My Baby 1946
048-Fare Thee Well, Annie Laurie 1938
049-Feelin' Fancy 1940
050-Fightin' Doug Mac Arthur 1942
051-Fine's Idea (Gene Krupa Trio) 1952
052-Fish Market
053-Flamingo (V=Howard Dulany) 1941
054-Foo For Two 1939
055-Fool That I Am (V=Jack Leonard) 1941
056-Full Dress Hop 1940
057-Fun And Fancy Free 1947
058-Gene's Boogie 1947
059-Georgia On My Mind (V=Anita O'day) 1941
060-Gimme' A Little Kiss 1946

061-Got A Letter From My Kid Today 1941
062-Grandfather's Clock 1938
063-Green Eyes (V=Anita O'day) 1941
064-Ham Track 1940
065-Handful Of Keys 1950
066-Harlem On Parade (V=Anita O'day) 1942
067-Harriet (V=A O'day) 1945
068-Have You Changed 1941
069-He's Gone 1940
070-High On A Windy Hill (V=Howard Dulany) 1940
071-Hodge Podge 1939
072-Honeysuckle Rose 1950
073-Hop Skip And Jump 1945
074-How 'bout That Mess (V=I. Day) 1940
075-I Don't Want To Be Loved 1945
076-I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair 1939
077-I Hear Music 1940
078-I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music (Gene Krupa's Swing Band) 1936
079-I Love You Much Too Much 1940
080-I May Be Wrong 1947
081-I Should Care 1945
082-I Take To You (V=Anita O'day) 1941
083-I Think Of You 1941
084-I Walked In With My Eyes Wide Open 1944
085-I Want A Grown Up Man 1946
086-I Want Gold In My Pockets (G. Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band) 1950
087-I'd Know You Anywhere 1940
088-I'll Never Make The Same Mistake Again 1947
089-I'll Never Smile Again 1940
090-I'll Remember Suzanne 1944

091-I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (G. Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band) 1950
092-Indiana (Gene Krupa Trio) 1953
093-Isn't That Just Like Love 1940
094-It All Comes Back To Me Now 1940
095-It's A Good Day 1946
096-It's Just A Matter Of Opinion 1946
097-Jeepers Creepers 1938
098-Jose Gonzalez
099-Jungle Madness 1939
100-Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina (V=Anita O'day) 1941
101-Just A Little Fond Affection 1945
102-Just The Other Day 1946
103-Keep Em Flying 1941
104-Kick It (V=Anita O'day) 1941
105-Knock Me A Kiss 1942
106-Laura (Gene Krupa Trio) 1953
107-Lemon Drop (V=Frank Ross) 1949
108-Let Me Off Uptown (V=Anita O'day) 1941
109-Let's Get Away From It All 1941
110-Lightly And Politely 1938
111-Like The Fella Once Said 1940
112-Little Man With A Candy Cigar 1941
113-Liza (Gene Krupa Trio)
114-Looking For Yesterday 1940
115-Love In My Heart 1940
116-Love Lies 1940
117-Love Me As I Am 1941
118-Madam Swings It 1939
119-Make Believe Island 1940
120-Manhattan Transfer 1940

121-Maria Elena 1941
122-Massachusetts (V=Anita O'day) 1942
123-Maybe 1940
124-Me And My Melinda 1942
125-Moments In The Moonlight 1940
126-Moon Over Burma (V=Irene Daye) 1940
127-Murder He Says 1942
128-Murdy Purdy38
129-Mutiny In The Parlor (Gene Krupa's Swing Band) 1936
130-My Hands Are Tied 1939
131-My Scandinavian Baby (G. Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band) 1950
132-My Wonderful One Let's Dance 1940
133-Never Took A Lesson In My Life (V=I. Day) 1940
134-Night Of Nights 1942
135-No Name Jive 1940
136-Off And On 1951
137-Oh They're Makin' Me All Over In The Army 1940
138-Old Devil Moon 1947
139-Old, Old Castle In Scotland 1940
140-Only Forever More 1940
141-Opus No. 1 (V=Anita O'day) 1945
142-Orchids For Remembrance 1940
143-Panhandle Rag (G. Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band) 1950
144-Paradise (Gene Krupa Sextet)
145-Pass The Bounce 1941
146-Perdido (Gene Krupa Trio) 1952
147-Please Don't Play Number 6 Tonight 1947
148-Rancho Pillow 1941
149-Rendezvous In Rio 1941
150-Rhumboogie 1940

151-Rockin' Chair 1941
152-Say Si Si 1940
153-Shout I Am An American 1940
154-Side By Side 1942
155-Sierra Sue 1940
156-Similan (V=Bill Blakc) 1949
157-Sirens Serenade 1941
158-Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga 1940
159-Skylark (V=Anita O'day) 1941
160-Slow Down (V=Anita O'day) 1941
161-So Long 1940
162-Some Like It Hot 1939
163-Somebody Loves Me (Gene Krupa Trio) 1953
164-Somewhere 1940
165-St Louis Blues (Gene Krupa Trio) 1952
166-Star Burst 1947
167-Stardust (Gene Krupa Trio) 1952
168-Stompin At The Savoy (Gene Krupa Trio) 1953
169-Stop! The Red Light's On (Gene Krupa's Swing Band) 1941
170-Swanee River 1939
171-Sweet Georgia Brown 1940
172-Swing Is Here To Stay (Gene Krupa's Swing Band) 1936
173-Swingin' Doors 1950
174-Swiss Lullaby 1949
175-Ta-ra-ra-boom-der-e 1939
176-Tea For Two (V=Anita O'day) 1945
177-Tell Me With Your Kisses 1938
178-Thanks For The Boogie Ride 1941
179-That Feeling In The Moonlight 1945
180-That's My Home 1946

181-That's What You Think (V=Anita O'day) 1942
182-The Big Do 1940
183-The Caissons Go Rolling Along 1942
184-The Cowboy Serenade (V=Howard Dulany) 1941
185-The Sergeant Was Shy 1940
186-The Slow Mosquito 1946
187-The Things I Love (V=Howard Dulany) 1941
188-The Very Thought Of You
189-The Walls Keep Talking 1941
190-The World Is In My Arms (V=Howard Dulany) 1940
191-There Is No Breeze To Cool The Flame Of Love 1946
192-There'll Be Some Changes Made (V=Irene Day) 1941
193-These Things You Left (V=Howard Dulany) 1941
194-This Time The Dream's On Me 1941
195-Throwing Pebbles In The Mill Stream 1941
196-Tiger Rag 1940
197-Tonight (Perfidia) 1940
198-Tropical Magic 1941
199-Tunin' Up 1941
200-Tuxedo Junction 1940
201-Two Dreams Met (V=Howard Dulany) 1940
202-Two In Love 1941
203-Valse Tristo 1946
204-Variety Is The Spice Of Life 1939
205-Violets For Your Furs 1941
206-Wait Until My Heart Finds Out 1938
207-Walkin' The Blues (G. Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band) 1950
208-Washington And Lee Swing 1940
209-Watch Out 1949
210-Watch The Birdie 1941

211-We'll Gather Lilacs 1946
212-What's This? 1945
213-When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano 1940
214-When You Awake 1940
215-Where You Are 1941
216-Who 1940
217-Who Can I Turn To 1941
218-Why Fall In Love With A Stranger 1949
219-Yes Yes Honey 1947
220-You And Your Love 1939
221-You Are The One (V=Howard Dulany) 1940
222-You Forgot About Me 1940
223-You Taught Me To Love Again 1939
224-You Were There 1941
225-You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again 1940