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ベンソン・ オーケストラ・オブ・シカゴ集 (Benson Orchestra Of Chicago) 35曲

001-Ain't We Got Fun 1921
002-Back In Hackensack New Jersey 1924
003-Copenhagen 1925
004-Do I, Do I love Her 1922
005-Don't Bring Me Posies
006-Doodle Do Do 1924
007-Forgetful Blues-1923
008-Lonesome and Blue 1923
009-Long Lost Mama 1923
010-Maybe this is Love 1928 Columbia
011-Na Jo 1921
012-No No Nora 1923
013-Oh Gee, Oh Gosh 1920
014-Oh You Little Sun Uv Er Gun 1923
015-Oh, How I Miss You Tonight 1925
016-Oklahoma Indian Jazz 1923
017-On the Alamo
018-Riverboat Shuffle 1925
019-Say It While dancing 1922
020-Shimmy 1923
021-Sobbin' Blues
022-Swanee Bluebird 1922
023-Taint' Nobodys Business If I Do 1923
024-Tea for Two 1924
025-That Lullaby Strain 1923
026-That Old Gang Of Mine 1923
027-That's Georgia 1924
028-The Cats Whiskers 1923
029-To Know You 1928
030-Toot Toot tootsie Good-Bye 1922
031-Tuck Me To Sleep In My 'Tucky Home 1921
032-Waitin' for the Evenin' Mail 1923
033-When Lights Are Low 1924
034-When Lights Are Low 1932
035-Wolverene Blues 1923