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ナット・キング・コール集 (Nat King Cole Collection) 197曲

001-A Blossom Fell 1955
002-A Boy From Texas (Nat King Cole Trio) 1948
003-A Fool Was I 1953
004-A Media Luz
005-A Pile Of Cole 1945
006-Ain't Misbehavin'
007-All For You (Nat King Cole Trio) 1943
008-All In The Game
009-Alone Too Long (Nelson Riddle Orch) 1954
010-Always You (Les Baxter & His Orchestra)
011-An Affair To Remember 1945
013-Answer Me My Love
014-Any Old Time 1945)
015-Are You Fer It? (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
016-Ask Me 1956
017-At Last
018-At The End Of A Love Affair (V=Nat King Cole, Gordon Jenkins Orch)
019-Autumn Leaves
020-Babs (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
021-Back To The Land (Lester Young) 1946
022-Bang Bang Boogie (Nat King Cole Trio) 1948
023-Because Of Rain (Les Baxter & His Orchestra) 1951
024-Because You're Mine (Nelson Riddle And His Orch) 1952
025-Besa Me Mucho
026-Blame It On My Youth (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
027-Blue Moon
028-Blues In My Shower (Nat King Cole Trio)
029-Brahams Lullaby
030-Bring Another Drink (Nat King Cole Trio) 1944

031-Call The Police (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
032-Can I Come In For A Second (Nellie Lutcher)
033-Can You Look Me In The Eyes (Nat King Cole Trio)
034-Can't I? 1953
035-Candy (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
036-Caravan (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1957
037-Come In Out Of The Rain (Nat King Cole Trio)
038-Come To Baby, Do (Nat King Cole Trio) 1945
039-Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
040-Don't Blame Me (Nat King Cole Trio) 1948
041-Don't Let It Go To Your Head (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1957
042-Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shopping (Nelson Riddle Orch) 1953
043-Dream A Little Dream Of Me 1945
044-Early Morning Blues (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
045-Easy Listening Blues (Nat King Cole Trio)
046-El Choclo 1950
047-Embraceable You 1943
048-Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again (Nat King Cole Trio)
049-Faith Can Move Mountains (Nelson Riddle Orch) 1952
051-For Sentimental Reasons (Nat King Cole Trio)
052-Forgive My Heart 1955
053-Frim Fram Sauce (Nat King Cole Trio)
054-Frosty The Snowman 1950
055-Funny 1952
056-Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 1943
057-Goodnight Irene Goodnight
058-Haji Baba (Nelson Riddle's Orch) 1954
059-Harmony (Johnny Mercer & King Cole Trio) 1947
060-Hit That Jive, Jack 1941

061-Hit The Ramp (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
062-Home 1950
063-I Almost Lost My Mind 1950
064-I Am In Love 1953
065-I Can't See For Lookin' (Nat King Cole Trio) 1944
066-I Cover The Waterfront (Lester Young) 1946
067-I Don't Know Why (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939
068-I Know That You Know (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
069-I Know What You Know (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939
070-I Like To Riff (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
071-I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
072-I Miss You So (Nat King Cole Trio)
073-I Realize Now (Nat King Cole Trio)
074-I Think You Get What I Mean (Nat King Cole Trio)
075-I Tho't You Ought To Know (Nat King Cole Trio)
076-I Want To Be Happy (Lester Young) 1946
077-I Want To Thank Your Folks (Nat King Cole Trio)
078-I Was A Little Too Lonely (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
079-I'll String Along With you (Nat King Cole Trio)
080-I'm A Shy Guy (Nat King Cole Trio)
081-I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life 1956
082-I'm In The Mood For Love (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939
083-I'm Never Satisfied 1952
084-I'm Thru With Love (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939
085-If I Give My Heart To You
086-If I May 1955
087-If Love Is Good To Me 1953
088-If You Can't Smile And Say Yes (Nat King Cole Trio) 1945
089-In The Cool Of The Evening (Nat King Cole Trio)

091-It Happens To Be Me (Nelson Riddle's Orch) 1954
092-It Is Better To Be By Yourself (Nat King Cole Trio) 1945
093-It Was So Good While It Lasted (Nat King Cole Trio) 1949
094-It's Only A Paper Moon (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
095-Jet (Joe Lipman's Orchestra) 1951
096-Jumpin' At Capitol (Nat King Cole Trio)
097-Just You, Just Me (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
098-Land Of Love (Nat King Cole Trio) 1949
099-Let There Be Love 1945
100-Little Girl (Nat King Cole Trio) 1948
101-Look What You've Done To Me (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939
102-Lost April 1948
104-Love Letters
105-Lover, Come Back To Me! (Billy May's Orch) 1953
106-Lush Life
107-Make Her Mine (Nelson Riddle's Orch) 1954
108-Man On The Little White Keys (Nat King Cole Trio) 1945
109-Meet Me At No Special Place (Nat King Cole Trio)
111-Mona Lisa (Les Baxter & His Orch) 1950
112-Moon Love
113-Mrs Santa Claus
114-My Dream Sonata 1956
115-My Foolish Heart
116-My One Sin 1955
117-Nature Boy 1948
118-Naughty Angeline (Nat King Cole Trio)
119-Never Let Me Go 1956
120-Non Dimenticar

121-Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You 1956
122-Orange Colored Sky (P,V=Nat King Cole, Stan Kenton Orch) 1950
123-Papa Loves Mambo
124-Prelude In C Sharp Minor (Nat King Cole Trio)
126-Put 'em In A Box, Tie It With A Ribbon (Nat King Cole Trio) 1948
127-Red Sails In The Sunset 1951
128-Return To Paradise 1953
129-Route 66 (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
130-Satchel Mouth Baby 1945
131-Save The Bones For Henry Jones (Johnny Mercer & King Cole Trio) 1947
132-Saving My Love For You
133-Scotchin' With The Soda (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
134-Send For Me (Billy May Orch)
135-Slow Down (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
136-Smile (Nelson Riddle's Orch) 1954
137-Solid Potato Salad (Nat King Cole Trio) 1945
138-Somebody Loves Me (Lester Young)
139-Someone You Love 1955
140-Sometimes I'm Happy (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
141-Somewhere Along The Way
143-Stop, The Red Light's On (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
144-Stormy Weather (V=Ella Fitzgerald)
145-Straighten Up And Fly Right (Nat King Cole Trio)
146-Strange (Nelson Riddle's Orch) 1953
147-Sweet Georgia Brown (Nat King Cole Trio)
148-Sweet Lorraine 1943
149-Take Me Back To Toyland 1956
150-Teach Me Tonight

152-That Sunday That Summer
153-That's All There Is To That 1956
154-That's The Beginning Of The End (Nat King Cole Trio)
155-That's What (Nat King Cole Trio)
156-The Best Man (Nat King Cole Trio)
157-The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole Trio)
158-The Lonely One (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
159-The Man I Love (Nat King Cole Trio)
160-The More I See You
161-The Party's Over
162-The Ruby And The Pearl 1952
163-The Sand And The Sea 1955
164-There Will Never Be Another You
165-These Foolish Things
166-This Can't Be Love
167-This Way Out (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939
168-This Will Make You Laugh (Nat King Cole Trio) 1941
169-Those Things Money Can't Buy (Nat King Cole Trio) 1947
170-Til The End Of Time
171-To A Wild Rose (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939
172-To Love And Be Loved
173-To The Ends Of The Earth 1956
174-Too Young To Go Steady 1956
175-Two Loves Have I (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
176-Unbelievable (Nelson Riddle Orch) 1954
178-Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Billy May's Orch) 1952
179-We're Too Young (Nat King Cole Trio)
180-What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry (Nat King Cole Trio) 1939

181-What Is There To Say (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
182-What Is This Thing Called Love (Nat King Cole Trio)
183-What'll I Do
184-When I Fall In Love (Marilyn Monroe)
185-When I Grow Too Old To Dream (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
186-When Sunny Gets Blue (V=Nat King Cole, Gordon Jenkins Orch)
187-When You Wish Upon A Star
188-Why (Nelson Riddle Orch) 1954
189-Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Nat King Cole Trio) 1949
190-You Are My Sunshine
191-You Call It Madness (Nat King Cole Trio)
192-You Can Depend On Me (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
193-You Don't Learn That In School (Nat King Cole Trio)
194-You Should Have Told Me (Nat King Cole Trio) 1946
195-You Stepped Out Of A Dream
196-You're Looking At Me (P,V=Nat King Cole) 1956
197-You're The Cream In My Coffee (Nat King Cole Trio)