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ビッグ・ジョー・ターナー集 (Big Joe Turner Collection) 61曲

001-Adam Bit The Apple
002-After My Laughter Came the Tears
003-Around The Clock
004-Blues Jumped the Rabbit
005-Can't Read Can't Write Blues
006-Carolina Shout
007-Chains Of Love 1965
008-Cherry Red
009-Chewed Up Glass
010-Christmas Date Boogie 1948
011-Cimarron St. Breakdown
012-Cloud Fifteen
013-Cocka Doodle Do
014-Doggin' the Blues Low down Dog 1945
015-Early One Morning
016-Feel Like Ballin Tonight
017-Feelin' Happy
018-For Growin Up
019-Fuzzy Wuzzy Honey
020-Goin' To Chicago
021-Hang It On The Wall
022-Hide Seek 1966
023-Honeysuckle Rose
024-Howlin' Winds
025-I Can't Give You Anything But Love 1940
026-I Got A Gal 1944
027-I Got My Discharge Papers
028-I Hear You Knockin'
029-I Kicked The Front Door In
030-I Know You Love Me

031-I'm Still in the Dark
032-Juke Joint Blues
033-Jumpin' Tonight (Midnight-Rockin) Blues
034-Lipstick Powder and Paint
035-Love Roller Coaster
036-Low Down Dirty Shame
037-Low Down Dog 1965
038-Mardi Gras Boogie
039-Midnight Special
040-Milk And Butter BLues
041-My Little Honeydripper
042-Night Time is the Right Time
043-Nobody in Mind
044-Oh Well Oh Well
045-Oke She Moke She Pop
046-Ooo Ouch Stop
048-Rocks In My Bed
049-Roll 'Em Pete 1938
050-Roll me baby
051-Saint Louis Blues
052-Shake Rattle And Roll
053-Somebody's got to go
054-Stormy Monday
055-Story to Tell
056-Tell Me Pretty Baby
057-The Chicken and the Hawk
058-Two Loves Have I
059-Watch That Jive
060-Wee Baby Blues 1965
061-Wine-O Baby Boogie