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チャーリー・バーネット集 (Charlie Barnet Orchestra Collection) 187曲

001-A Lover Is Blue (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
002-A New Moon And An Old Serenade 1939
003-A Star Fell Out Of Heaven 1936
004-Afraid To Say Hello 1941
005-All This And Heaven Too 1940
006-Always 1936
007-An Apple For The Teacher 1939
008-Andy's Boogie 1946
009-Asleep Or Awake (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
010-Baby, Take A Bow 1934
011-Between 18th And 19th On Chestnut St 1939
012-Blue Juice 1941
013-Boppin' 1944
014-Buckin' The Wind
015-Busy As A Bee 1940
016-But Definately 1936
017-Butterfingers (V=Helen Heath) 1934
018-Bye Bye Baby 1936
019-Castle Of Dreams 1940
020-Cement Mixer 1946
021-Charleston Alley 1941
022-Cherokee (Ray Noble) 1939
023-Chris And His Song 1937
024-Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie 1939
025-Class Will Tell (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
026-Claude Reigns
027-Comanche War Dance 1940
028-Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are 1944
029-Cross Patch (V=Charlie Barnet) 1936
030-Cu-Ba 1949

031-Cuban Boogie Woogie 1939
032-Danger In The Dark 1939
033-Dark Avenue 1940
034-Dark Bayou
035-Darktown Strutter's Ball 1946
036-Deed I Do (V=Mary Ann Mccall) 1940
037-Deep Purple 1947
038-Desert Sands
039-Did You Mean It? 1936
040-Don't Be Afraid To Tell Your Mother (V=M. Nichols) 1935
041-Drop Me Off In Harlem
042-E Bob O Lee Bob 1945
043-Early Autumn
044-East Side, West Side 1947
045-Ebony Rhapsody 1939
046-Echoes Of Harlem 1939
047-Emaline 1934
048-Empty Saddles 1936
049-Every Sunday Afternoon 1940
050-Fare Thee Well Annabelle (V=M. Nichols) 1935
051-Flying Home 1940
052-Fools Fall In Love 1940
053-For Tonight 1939
054-From Another World 1940
055-Gal From Joe's 1947
056-Girl With The Pigtails In Her Hair 1939
057-Good For Nothin' Joe 1941
058-Growling 1935
059-Gulf Coast Blues
060-Harlem Speaks 1941

061-He Walked Right In 1937
062-Heigh Ho
063-I Can't Get Started With You
064-I Don't Want To Cry Anymore 1940
065-I Get Along Without You Very Well 1939
066-I Hear A Rhapsody 1941
067-I Kinda Like You (V=Mary Ann Mccall) 1939
068-I Like To Riff
069-I Lost Another Sweetheart 1934
070-I Want You _ I Need You (V=Harry Von Zell)
071-I Wouldn't Give That For Love (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
072-I'm Keeping Those Keepsakes You Gave Me 1935
073-I'm No Angel (V=Helen Heath) 1933
074-I'm Prayin' Humble 1939
075-If You're Ever In My Arms Again 1937
076-In A Mizz 1939
077-In Your Own Little Way 1937
078-Infatuation (V=Helen Heath)
079-It Must Have Been Two Other People (vlt) 1939
080-It's A Wonderful World 1940
081-It's Love I'm After 1936
082-Jump Session 1939
083-Knockin' At The Famous Door 1939
084-Lament For A Lost Love 1939
085-Lazy Bug 1939
086-Leapin' At Lincoln Gardens
087-Lilacs In The Rain 1939
088-Little Dip
089-Little John Ordinary 1941
090-Lonesome As The Night Is Long

091-Long Ago And Far Away 1936
092-Love Grows On The White Oak Tree (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
094-Make Believe Ballroom 1936
095-Merry Go Round 1941
096-Miss Annabelle Lee 1939
097-Murder At Peyton Hall
098-My First Thrill (V=Robt Parkes) 1936
099-My Heart Keeps Crying (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
100-My Old Flame
101-Nagasaki 1935
102-Night After Night After You (V=Mary Ann Mccall) 1939
103-Night And Day 1940
104-Night Glow 1939
105-Night Song 1939
106-Nobody Knows The Trouble I'v Seen (V=kay Starr)
107-Now You Know (V=Mary Ann Mccall) 1939
108-Oguon Badagris 1939
109-Oh Miss Jaxson
110-Oh What You Said
111-On A Holiday 1935
112-Only A Rose 1939
113-Overheard In A Cocktail Lounge 1937
114-Para Vega Me Voy
115-Pompton Turnpike
116-Rainbow On The River 1936
117-Redskin Rhumba 1940
118-Reminiscinng 1940
119-Roof Top Blues 1939
120-S'posin' 1939

121-Saltin' Away My Sweet Dreams 1944
122-Scotch And Soda 1939
123-720 In The Books 1940
124-Shady Lady
125-Shame On You 1937
126-Sharecropper Blues (V=kay Starr)
127-Sing Baby Sing 1936
128-Six Lessons From Madame Lazonga 1940
129-Skyliner 1944
131-So Far, So Good (V=Mary Ann Mccall) 1940
132-Some Like It Hot 1939
133-Somebody Told Me (V=Mary Ann Mccall) 1939
134-Southern Fried 1940
135-Southland Shuffle 1940
136-Stay Up Stan The All Night Record Man 1939
137-Still The Blue Bird Sings 1939
138-Strange Enchantment (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
139-Surrealism 1937
140-Swing Street Strut 1939
141-Swingin' Down To Rio 1937
142-Take A Tip From The Whip-poor-will 1939
143-Tangleweed 'Round My Heart 1940
144-Tappin' At The Tappa 1940
145-Thank Your Stars (V=Mary Ann Mccall) 1940
146-That Old Black Magic 1942
147-That's Right, I'm Wrong (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
148-The Breeze And I 1940
149-The Count's Idea 1939
150-The Duke's Idea 1939

151-The Gal From Joe's 1939
152-The Great Lie
153-The Last Jump 1939
154-The Moose
155-The New Redskin Rhumba 1948
156-The Reverie Of A Moan 1940
157-The Right Idea 1939
158-The Wrong Idea 1939
159-Things Ain't What They Used To Be
160-This Is No Dream (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
161-This Is Our Last Night Together
162-Tin Roof Blues 1939
163-Too Good To Be True (V=Charlie Barnet) 1936
164-Two Hearts Are Better Than One (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
165-Until The Real Thing Comes Along 1936
166-Wandering Blues 1940
167-Washington Whirligig 1942
168-West End Blues 1944
169-What A Difference A Day Made 1944
170-What Is Sweeter (V=Harry Von Zell)

171-What's New 1939
172-Whatcha Know Joe? 1940
173-When Did You Leave Heaven 1936
174-When I'm With You 1936
175-When The One You Love 1945
176-When The Spirit Moves Me 1940
177-Where Can She Be (V=Judy Ellington) 1939
178-Where Is My Heart 1936
179-Where Was I? 1940
180-You Always Hurt The One You Love
181-You And Who Else? 1940
182-You Do Darndest Things 1936
183-You're Lonely And I'm Lonely 1940
184-You're Looking For Romance 1937
185-You've Got Me Out On A Limb 1940
186-You've Got Me Voodoo 1940
187-Zanesville Zohio Zzz