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チック・ウエッブ楽団集 (Chick Webb Orchestra Collection) 69曲

001-A-Tisket, A-Tasket (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
002-All Over Nothing At All (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
003-Blue Lou 1934
004-Blues In My Heart 1931
005-Chew-Chew-Chew (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1939
006-Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie 1937
007-Coochi-Coochi-Coo 1939
008-Cryin' Mood 1937
009-Crying My Heart Out For You (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1936
010-Don't Be That Way 1934
011-Ella (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
012-Everybody Step (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
013-F.d.r Jones (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
014-Go Harlem 1936
015-Gotta Pebble In My Shoe (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
016-Harlem Congo 1937
017-Have Mercy 1939
018-Heart Of Mine (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
019-Holiday In Harlem 1937
020-I Can't Stop Loving You (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
021-I Found My Yellow Basket (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
022-I Got A Guy (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
023-I Got Rhythm
024-I Let A Tear Fall In The River (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
025-I Love Each Move You Make (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
026-I Want To Be Happy 1937
027-I Was Doing All Right (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
028-I'll Chase The Blues Away 1935
029-I'm Just A Jitterbug (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
030-I'm Up A Tree 1939

031-If Dreams Come True 1937
032-If It Ain't Love (V=Charles Linton) 1934
033-If You Ever Should Leave (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
034-In The Groove At The Grove 1939
035-It's Foxy (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
036-It's Slumbertime Along The Swanee 1939
037-It's Wonderful (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
038-Just A Simple Melody (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
039-Keepin' Out Of Mischevus 1936
040-Little White Lies 1939
041-Liza 1938
042-Love And Kisses 1935
043-Macpherson Is Rehearsin' (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
044-Midnight In A Madhouse 1937
045-My Heart Belongs To Daddy (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1939
046-Oh Johnny, Oh (V=Ella Fitzgerald)
047-On The Sunny Side Of The Street (V=Taft Jordan)
048-One Side Of Me 1939
049-Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
050-Rhythm And Romance 1935

051-Rock It For Me (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
052-Rusty Hinge 1937
053-Sing Me A Swing Song (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1936
054-Spinnin The Webb 1938
055-Squeeze Me 1937
056-Sugar Pie 1939
057-Sweet Sue Just You (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
058-Tain't What You Do (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1939
059-That Naughty Waltz 1937
060-That Rhythm Man 1934
061-That Was My Heart 1939
062-The Darktown Strutters ball (V=Ella Fitzgerald)
063-The Dipsy Doodle (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
064-True (V=Taft Jordan) 1934
065-Wacky Dust (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1938
066-When I Get Low I Get High 1936
067-Who Ya Hunchin'? 1938
068-You Showed Me The Way (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1937
069-You'll Have To Swing It (V=Ella Fitzgerald) 1936