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アール・ハインズ集 (Earl Hines Collection) 101曲

Earl Hines And His Orchestra

001-1932_Blue drag
002-1932_Deep forest
003-1932_I love you because I love you (Instrumental)
004-1932_I love you because I love you (Vocal Version)
005-1932_Love me tonight
006-1932_Sensational mood
008-1933_I want a lot of love
009-1933_Maybe I'm to blame
010-1933_Why must we part
014-1934_Maple leaf rag
016-1934_Swingin' down
017-1934_We found romance
018-1934_You're the one of my dreams
019-1935_Disappointed in love
020-1935_Japanese sandman
021-1937_Rhythm sundae
022-1938_Goodnight, sweet dreams, goodnight
023-1938_Jack climbed a beanstalk (V=Ray Nance)
024-1938_Jezebel (V=Ida Mae Johnson)
025-1938_Please be kind (V=Ida James)
026-1938_Solid mama
027-1938_Tippin' at the terrace
028-1939_After all I've been to you
029-1939_Father steps in

031-1939_Grand terrace shuffle
032-1939_Lightly and politely (V=Laura Rucker)
033-1939_Me and columbus
034-1939_Ridin' and jivin'
035-1939_Riff medley
036-1939_X y z
037-1940_Ann (V=Billy Eckstine, Leroy Harris)
038-1940_Blue because of you (V=Billy Eckstine, Leroy Harris)
039-1940_Boogie woogie on St. Louis blues
040-1940_Call me happy
041-1940_Comin' in home
042-1940_Deep forest
043-1940_Easy rhythm
044-1940_Everything depends on you (V=Billy Eckstine, Madeline Greene)
045-1940_I'm falling for you (V=Billy Eckstine)
046-1940_In swamp lands
047-1940_Jelly, jelly (V=Billy Eckstine, Madeline Greene)
048-1940_My heart beats for you (V=Billy Eckstine)
049-1940_Number 19
050-1940_Tantalizing a cuban (V=Billy Eckstine, Leroy Harris)
051-1940_Topsy turvy (V=Billy Eckstine, Leroy Harris)
052-1940_Wait 'til it happens to you (V=Billy Eckstine, Leroy Harris)
053-1940_You can depend on me (V=Billy Eckstine, Leroy Harris)
054-1941_I got it bad and that ain't good (V=Billy Eckstine, Madeline Greene)
055-1941_I never dreamt (V=Madeline Greene, The Three Varieties)
056-1941_It had to be you (V=Madeline Greene, The Three Varieties)
057-1941_Jersey bounce
058-1941_Julia (V=Billy Eckstine)
059-1941_Sally, won't you come back? (V=Madeline Greene, The Three Varieties)
060-1941_Somehow (V=Billy Eckstine)

061-1941_South side
062-1941_Straight to love (V=Billy Eckstine)
063-1941_Swingin' on C
064-1941_The boy with the wistful eyes (V=Madeline Greene, The Three Varieties)
065-1941_The earl
066-1941_The father jumps
067-1941_The jitney man (V=Billy Eckstine)
068-1941_Up jumped the devil
069-1941_Water boy (V=Billy Eckstine)
070-1941_Windy city jive
071-1941_Yellow fire
072-1941_You don't know what love is (V=Billy Eckstine)
073-1942_Second balcony jump
074-1942_She'll always remember (V=Madeline Greene, The Three Varieties)
075-1942_Skylark (V=Billy Eckstine)
076-1942_Stormy monday blues (V=Billy Eckstine)
077-1945_Furlough blues
079-1950_When I dream of you
080-1950_You can depend on me

Earl Hines Solo, Trio & Sextet

001-Solo-1928_A monday date
002-Solo-1933_57 varieties
004-Solo-1940_Body and soul
005-Solo-1941_My melancholy baby
006-Solo-1941_On the sunny side of the street
007-Solo-1950_Deed I do
009-Solo-1950_I hadn't anyone till you
010-Solo-1950_These foolish things
011-Solo-1950_Velvet moon
012-Trio-1944_Honeysuckle rose
013-Trio-1944_I've got a feeling I'm falling
014-Trio-1944_My fate is in your hands
015-Trio-1944_Squeeze me
016-Sextet-1944_Blues on my weary mind (V=Betty Roche)
017-Sextet-1944_Design for jivin' (V=Betty Roche)
018-Sextet-1944_I love my lovin' lover (V=Betty Roche)
019-Sextet-1944_I'll get by (V=Betty Roche)
020-Sextet-1944_Life with fatha (V=Betty Roche)
021-Sextet-1944_Trouble, trouble (V=Betty Roche)

Earl Hines (p), Al Casey (el-g), Oscar Pettiford (b)
Ray Nance (tp), Flip Phillips (ts), Earl Hines (p), Al Casey (el-g), Oscar Pettiford (b), Sid Catlett (dm)