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ファッツ・ウォーラー集 (Fats Waller Collection) 152曲

001-12th Street Rag
002-18th Street Stomp 1926
003-A Little Bit Independent 1935
004-A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid 1938
005-A Thousand Dreams Of You
006-Abercrombie Had A Zombie
007-Ain't Misbehavin' (Piano=Fats Waller) 1929
008-Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
009-All My Life 1936
010-All That Meat and No Potatoes
011-Alligator Crawl (Art Tatum)
012-Armful Of Sweetness 1934
013-Baby, Oh Where Can You Be 1929
014-Beale Street blues (V=Alberta Hunter)
015-Believe It Beloved 1934
016-Big Business (Piano=Fats Waller) 1929
017-Birmingham Blues 1922
018-Black & Blue
019-Blue Because Of You 1935
020-Blue Black Bottom 1926
021-Bond Street
022-Boo Hoo 1937
023-Boogie Woogie
024-Breakin' The Ice
025-But Not For Me (V=Lee Wiley)
026-By The Light of The Silvery Moon 1942
027-Bye Bye Baby 1936
028-California Here I Come
029-Carolina Shout (Jelly Roll Morton, V=James P. Johnson)

031-Darktown Strutters Ball
032-Dem Bones (Dem Dry Bones)
033-Do Me A Favor 1934
034-Don't Let It Bother You 1934
035-Dream Man 1934
036-Fair And Square 1938
037-Fat And Greasy
038-Fats Waller Stomp 1927
039-Flat Foot Floogie
040-Georgia May 1934
041-Georgia On My Mind
042-Got No Time 1938
043-Halaluya 1938
044-Handful Of Keys (Piano=Fats Waller) 1929
045-Harlem Fuss 1929
046-Have A Little Dream On Me 1934
047-Hey! Stop Kissing My Sister
048-Hold My Hand 1938
049-Honey Hush (V=Fats Waller) 1939
050-Honeysuckle Rose (ver1)
051-Honeysuckle Rose (ver2)
052-How Can You Face Me 1934
053-I Ain't Got Nobody
054-I Can't Give You Anything But Love (V=Alberta Hunter)
055-I Got Rhythm
056-I Simply Adore You 1938
057-I Wish I Were Twins 1934
058-I Won't Believe It (Till I Hear From You) 1938
059-I'm Goin' To See My Ma (V=Alberta Hunter) 1927
060-I'm Gonna Sit Down and Write Myself A Letter

061-I'm Growing Fonder Of You 1934
062-I'm On A See Saw 1935
063-I've Got A Crush On You (V=Lee Wiley) 1939
064-If It Isn't Love 1934
065-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 1935
066-Jive 1938
067-Just A Closer Walk With Thee
068-Just Had To Do It 1938
069-Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
070-Last Night A Miracle Happened 1938
071-Lenox Avenue Blues (Church Organ Blues)
072-Let's Pretend There's A Moon 1934
073-Lookin' For Another Sweetie 1929
074-Lookin' Good But Feelin' Bad 1929
075-Loveless Love 1926
076-Lulu's Back In Town 1935
078-Mandy 1934
079-Mean To Me
080-Mighty Fine 1938
081-Monday Morning 1938
082-Moppin' And Boppin'
083-Moses 1938
084-Mulberry Bush 1938
085-Muscle Shoals Blues 1922
086-Muskrat Ramble (Louis Armstrong) 1938
087-My Very Good Friend The Milkman
088-Numb fumbling (Piano=Fats Waller) 1929
089-Oh Frenchy
090-Old Plantation 1936

091-Pardon My Love 1935
092-Rhythm And Romance 1935
093-Ridin' But Walkin' 1929
094-San Anton' 1936
095-Savannah Blues 1926
096-Seafood Mama
097-Shortnin' Bread
098-Slightly Less Than Wonderful
099-Smashing Thirds (Piano=Fats Waller) 1929
100-Smoke Dreams (V=Fats Waller) 1939
101-Someone To Watch Over Me (V=Lee Wiley)
102-Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
103-Soothin' Syrup Stomp
104-Spreadin' Rhythm Around 1935
105-Squeeze Me 1939
106-St Louis Blues
107-Sugar (V=Alberta Hunter) 1927
108-Sweet Heartache 1936
109-Sweet Sue Just You
110-Sweetie Pie 1934
111-Swing Low 1938
112-Take Me Back To The Wide Open Places 1938
114-Tea For Two (Piano Solo)
115-That Ain't Right (V=Ethel Waters)
116-That's All (Piano=Fats Waller) 1929
117-The Curse Of An Aching Heart 1935
118-The Digah's Stomp (Pipe Organ Solo) 1927
119-The Girl I Left Behind Me 1935
120-The Jitterbug Waltz

121-The Joint Is Jumpin (V=Alberta Hunter)
122-The Minor Drag 1929
123-The Moon Is Low 1938
124-The Sheik Of Araby
125-Then I'll Be Tired Of You 1934
126-There'll Be Some Changes Made 1935
127-There's Going To Be The Devil To Pay
128-This Is So Nice It Must Be Illegal
129-Tiger Rag (Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden)
131-Two Sleepy People
132-Valentine Stomp (Piano=Fats Waller) 1929
133-Waiting At End Of Road (Piano=Fats Waller)
134-Walkin' The Dog (Cab Calloway)
135-What Do You Know About Love 1938
136-What's The Matter With You 1938
137-What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You) 1935
138-What's Your Name 1938
139-When I'm Alone 1929
140-When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful 1935
141-When You Squeeze Me
142-When You're with Me
143-Whose Honey Are You 1935
144-Won't You Get Off It, Please 1929
145-You Can't Be Mine 1938
146-You Look Good To Me 1938
147-You Rascal, You! 1929
148-You Went To My Head 1938
149-You're Laughing At Me 1936
150-You're Not The Only Oyster In The Stew 1934
151-You've Been Taking Lessons In Love 1935
152-Your Feet's Too Big 1939